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  1. Caught 2 Frills in same 5 min drop thats all i am hunting at the moment others can wait
  2. I am trying to free egg slots 2 will be taken unfortunately but hopefully i will be able to trade for new ones if we get any need to go to bed so will miss the start of the party
  3. Bred this Little Lady the other day not knowing the rarity put it up for trade for some to try and kill luckily i hide just in time
  4. yep lots of my recent 3rd gens have been going for CB Silvers never got a Gold though Thanks for replies to question will give it a go see what happens
  5. Over the years i have always considered myself a good catcher Biomes and AP but the last 3-4 months its got impossible i am even missing Dino's Metals i get now are mostly all from trades or trading up or swap hatch for egg As i am totally computer illiterate it was not until 2-3 months ago i found out how to see what colour Dorsals and Ridgewings were in cave let alone know about scripts or even what it would look like, When i have been hunting lately (have lots of spare time) metals i do see are usually fogged quicker then you can blink, go on umnamed scrolls (nothing unusual) or named hidden , i did see one yesterday day a fair few years old with 6-7 CB Metals but only silver level i would of thought being able to track the rares that drop in cave, see where they end up surely would be the easiest but then not knowing about programmes have no idea if it was possible or if it was maybe random planned mult idrop of rares to track, Also reading Olympe's post above i have never figured out this javascript thing whenever i have turned off the Cave don't work
  6. Before i even attempt to breed any are 4th gen prize worth anything? not really looking for anything special maybe a CB hatch or 2 or BSA hatch/hatchies helping some friends
  7. That is not good , i have not seen one for days not that i catch them but still like to try but today i have been away watching football (Soccer) and not the cave
  8. Looking for the person with the scroll AngelsPunishment have seen named mentioned loads on forum but want to find the person PM or post reply
  9. I am in the process of re naming all my Male Imps (800+) for a stupid mistake of one letter
  10. I have always considered myself a good catcher with a very good connection and high spec comp but still cannot catch a Gold, silvers are random caught 2 this week traded for another, not counting the ones i missed so yes they are getting gobbled up by Bots same as a lot of other rares it would be nice to see something done about it instead of saying don't happen when we all know it does, As for a metal event i don't think so, like mentioned below by Thuban years ago was impossible to give them away looks like Silvers are going that way again finding it hard to trade even for CB Commons
  11. Usually i put see profile for ones i need but even breeding my own they are not very productive most i get is 2 a week
  12. i have been trying to trade CB Silvers for 2nd gen Golds but nothing happening, in fact i rarely see 2nd gens up for trade these days
  13. Lol that would go fantastic with IMDad
  14. What about adding Vines? they to me seem to sort of go through the seasons in a round about way :unsure Summer= Full Bloom Adult spring = stage 2 Autum = Stage 1 Winter=Egg plus they are leafy and not so abundant as they once were with an added advantage of getting an Alt
  15. last one for me Number 1 trying to sort out links if anyone does not get one send me PM 2 in Foster care but i do have a replacement in case they grow up
  16. Have sent out all links so far except the ones in Foster Care Thank you everyone for donations
  17. Thank you Fiona I will have to hide scroll for few hours tomorrow so I can send silver hatch (very ER) to whoever picks other hatches should be ok for a day or so
  18. feel free to hatch/influence them if need be i will try and get same colours to maybe send as pairs
  19. I have some Xeno's to add to the box CB Thalassa X2 CB Pyro X2 CB Magia X2 CB Astrapi X2 Hatchies (Fogged) if anyone could hold an egg for me i could try for some more will post links here in case anyone can do dummy egg is fine http://dragcave.net/teleport/bfe913bfc0b74...bde5d7dcdf217dd
  20. I need: to erase an influence If you can take my egg, and teleport it back, please reply here - thanks! Thank You ewi122 your a star
  21. Have http://dragcave.net/lineage/Am0jT http://dragcave.net/lineage/LpgcV http://dragcave.net/lineage/6n9v1 http://dragcave.net/lineage/6PtoL CB Silver hatch (Fogged) will try for some Xenos via trades Golds not being very productive as usual
  22. Have no idea if this has been mentioned plus don't want to trawl through pages and pages, Regarding holidays would there be any kind of restriction on what ones you could get? otherwise if you work for say 3 months to be able to purchase a Holiday i see 99.9% going for only one breed especially at the end of year Holiday .