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  1. I'm a bit confused, it would look like, instead of being stunned, your hatchling grew up?

    Your confused so am i laugh.gifhttp://dragcave.net/lineage/Up6Hj hatch is still a hatch, but been traded now, maybe i should try another and see what happens unsure.gif


    Just tried on an Imperial Fleshcrowne same thing happened unsure.gif tried on a Gold hatch it got stunned i think it may only work on ungendered hatchlings smile.gif

  2. Are there any known Problems with naming Dragons?

    I went to Name some, got the 'ink disappears' info, though I knew the Name was not taken. When I clicked on the Dragon, it was actually named as I wanted. Glitch?

    Having exactly the same issue rolleyes.gif now back tracking on names i thought were taken to do again smile.gif

  3. It's July and Secret Santa still has not been completed.


    I am making an offer to anyone that did not receive a gift from Secret Santa to send me their wish list and my family and I will try to at least fulfill one item on the list.

    i am happy to try and help you is i can biggrin.gif

  4. Hugeee bump , although I'm certain someone else would have posted here after awhile..


    But seriously this is getting silly. Someone is removing my scroll from ANY hatchery I use. I even tried one I've never used before , Egg drop soup, and bam, not 30 minutes later someone removed it. This is getting stressful as Im running a big IOU rn, which requires hatchies. Can't get hatchies if someone is friggen removing eggs after they get like 20 views -.-


    Whoever is doing this, if you are reading this, I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT IM ANGRY >:(



    This is the strangest one i have heard unsure.gif can only suggest its someone you know or dealt with in the past, you have no links to scroll in profile smile.gif

  5. Not sure if i have done something or site broke but unable to access EATW unsure.gif getting Database connection failed, i did clear history but has never happened before when i have done rolleyes.gif

  6. You can add egg to valley sherwood using egg code on the ER page from top menu. I believe some other sites as well. It's best to fog egg and ask for PM offers.

    Well in all the years of playing i never knew that blink.gif thank you the info smile.gif

  7. Because a vocal minority of idiots are throwing an uneducated temper tantrum.

    Think that includes me,


    I'm all for out yes migrants play a big part we are a small country unable to barley cope with what we have here now, schools overcrowded, Hospitals unable to keep up with demand, lack of housing if we stay in we could be having as many as 5-10 million migrants entering over the next 5 years, the amount of money we pay to EU 350Billion a year (yes we do get some back) could be better used here


    Think of the future children, grandchilden having to go to schools where half the class don't speak the language having to teach them the language taking the teachers away from what they are supposed to do, no spaces at nearest schools, if goes the way like the rest of Europe with the migrants it will be tent city, its bad enough for the young trying to get onto the property ladder with lack of housing sad.gif


    No i am not a racist by any means, i have a lot of Muslim friends as well a other nationalities , Jamaicans Russian etc but we have to look after our own before others

  8. Bit confused unsure.gif i have had my scroll hidden for about a week, yesterday i opened it up again with no problem, today i posted a trade (ER) hid scroll again before posting, within an hour the ER egg starts getting views, yes i know they can be add to Silvi's by code but how the heck can they be added to Valley Sherwood? as yet again i found it in there looked with auto add disabled so was not me plus my others were not in the site unsure.gif

  9. How easy are people finding it to pick up nexus dragons? I know people don't usually trade for D2Ps, but I'm not seeing a lot of nexii in the cave (I can grab when I see them, I just don't see them), so I'm willing to offer something good for some help.

    i will wander in and have a look have couple of slots free if i can catch anything can send in about 9-10 hours smile.gif

  10. Once again I find my scroll added to Valley Sherwood without my consent. I shouldn't have to hide my scroll over people who seem to think I can't take care of my scroll.

    Happening to me as well sad.gif i think its more to do with trades or mine is especially when i have low time stuff sad.gif


    one thing i cant get head around is how can a hidden scroll/dragons be added to Valley of Sherwood ? thats where i keep finding my stuff unsure.gif

  11. for 2 days running i have been in a Biome with 1 person showing as active, sitting over an egg slot on the 5 min change, an egg i am looking for pops up and i still miss when supposedly only person in there smile.gif eggs missed were a Silver and Thalassa so IMO scripters are not just on the Metals but Coppers Pyrals , Xeno's even Dino's the later i find hard getting my head around as who in right mind cant catch a Dino (Me not anymore) ohmy.gif


    Even with the ones that got scorched few week ago Golds as still being sucked up and fogged quicker than you can blink blink.gif