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  1. Ouch not good last week i managed to break screen on laptop with a portable charger luckily i got it fixed within couple of days
  2. rrattts

    Z Project

    have a Z code time egg if anyone wants to do a swap when off CD
  3. Question regarding 2nd gen prize What is classed as a rare line? Number of offspring/choice of mate/only one from prize etc Would a Bronze Tinsel X Holiday only one from prize be in that category?
  4. Sorry bit late will vote YES Storm Raiders Wind UNSURE Bolt reason being to me only has the one usable element of lightning/electricity
  5. Ouch that hurts i have missed with only 1 showing in biome but have been told counter is not accurate
  6. As usual i missed it now i have a whole new mission to complete
  7. am i missing something again? not that it would be unusual
  8. Breeder's Form rrattts PM Link Happy to breed any combos Not into lineages so have very few of them All Holidays CB from 2008, Regular Sweetlings, Gold Wing Snow Angels
  9. Your confused so am i http://dragcave.net/lineage/Up6Hj hatch is still a hatch, but been traded now, maybe i should try another and see what happens Just tried on an Imperial Fleshcrowne same thing happened tried on a Gold hatch it got stunned i think it may only work on ungendered hatchlings
  10. Not sure what i have done or not done but just tried to Stun a Silver hatch 4.6 days but keep getting message Only hatchlings can be infuenced. http://imgur.com/jI32uA4
  11. Congrats Terrafreaky like others was unable to enter but made a small dent in naming about 750 only another 2000 or so to go
  12. Having exactly the same issue now back tracking on names i thought were taken to do again
  13. I donated! rrattts -> Terrafreaky: Red from Val 09 (sent) I donated! rrattts -> Aleoleo: Candelarbra From Val 09 (accepted)
  14. was going to breed some more but looking at the numbers i would give myself a migraine trying to pick ticket numbers
  15. rrattts

    Secret Santa

    i am happy to try and help you is i can
  16. I bred my commons! Action Log Screenshot: logs 11-20 Ticket Numbers Desired: 4854, 5038, 5369, 5692, 5971, 6237, 6398, 6603, 6942,7237
  17. This is the strangest one i have heard can only suggest its someone you know or dealt with in the past, you have no links to scroll in profile
  18. I bred my commons! Action Log Screenshot: link 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Ticket Numbers Desired: 654, 1173, 1727, 2348, 2518, 2973, 3336, 3681, 4072, 4407,
  19. Thank You i thought i had done something again
  20. Not sure if i have done something or site broke but unable to access EATW getting Database connection failed, i did clear history but has never happened before when i have done
  21. Well in all the years of playing i never knew that thank you the info
  22. rrattts


    Think that includes me, I'm all for out yes migrants play a big part we are a small country unable to barley cope with what we have here now, schools overcrowded, Hospitals unable to keep up with demand, lack of housing if we stay in we could be having as many as 5-10 million migrants entering over the next 5 years, the amount of money we pay to EU 350Billion a year (yes we do get some back) could be better used here Think of the future children, grandchilden having to go to schools where half the class don't speak the language having to teach them the language taking the teachers away from what they are supposed to do, no spaces at nearest schools, if goes the way like the rest of Europe with the migrants it will be tent city, its bad enough for the young trying to get onto the property ladder with lack of housing No i am not a racist by any means, i have a lot of Muslim friends as well a other nationalities , Jamaicans Russian etc but we have to look after our own before others
  23. Bit confused i have had my scroll hidden for about a week, yesterday i opened it up again with no problem, today i posted a trade (ER) hid scroll again before posting, within an hour the ER egg starts getting views, yes i know they can be add to Silvi's by code but how the heck can they be added to Valley Sherwood? as yet again i found it in there looked with auto add disabled so was not me plus my others were not in the site
  24. i will wander in and have a look have couple of slots free if i can catch anything can send in about 9-10 hours