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    I usually trade 3rd gen for commons, Xeno,s 2nd gen Metals but his week i got a CB Gold for a 3rd gen Gold Shimmer x Silver Lunar blink.gif these offers are still out there smile.gif may be a help if they are hatched and influenced unsure.gif

  2. 17/60 tries 15 hatchies 2 Adults

    really was hoping to get all hatchies sprites with ones i had line up excluding Drake's and Pymies but of course not to be sad.gif


    At least it give me something to work on for the next year laugh.gif


    All Sprites top of scroll

  3. Managed to finally kill 5 rolleyes.gif of the ones i had 3 evaded at first,


    Thinking i was going to have to try to do some lowtime trades to get lines that evaded it suddenly occurred to me i have enough CB to switch rolleyes.gif so now evaders live happily while the unbred CBs are dead smile.gif

  4. Breed/type: Xenowyrm

    Age: hatchling

    Kill date: 10/11

    Kill time Unknown (Fogged)

    Revive date:10/12

    Revive time (ET): 2.20 am

    Zombies visible: yes

    Result: zombie

    Dragon link: Zombie Wyrm


    Breed/type: Xenowyrm


    Kill date:10/11

    Kill time Unknown (Fogged)

    Revive date:10/12

    Revive time (ET): 2.21 am

    Zombies visible: yes

    Result: zombie

    Dragon link: Zombie Wyrm

  5. Zombie advice: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=128136


    Zombies can be created at anytime now, but TJ has confirmed the chances are highest on Halloween.




    Anyone please feel free to check my dates.


    Yes, gravestones stay for 2 weeks. Keep in mind that killed dragons (actively not passively, like running out of time) - adults and frozen hatchies? not sure about all hatchies - aren't deleted from the cave anymore, so if you have a name you really want for a zombie, be sure you use it as a placeholder on another dragon until you have a for sure zombie.

    Thank You


    all looks good to me biggrin.gif


    Another question i killed a dragon couple of days ago for Zombie attempt it revived, can it be killed again and revived or just a one off kill?