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  1. Few more one on a 2 way link Offer a dummy Gone Looking for a nest Gone Looking for nest 2 Gone
  2. Few Prize up for adoption Adoptee 1 Gone No Thanks Adoptee 2 Gone No Thanks Adoptee 3 Gone Thank You please would like to know who takes
  3. This is my game at the moment so far if has locked up on new locations, stuck in house unable to go in any direction have reset many times sometimes it loads to house then do nothing now i have blank window
  4. At least i can stop freting been trying to login for last 10 mins
  5. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: rrattts Giftee: Dirtytabs Lineage LINK: NsCtn Breed: Silver Status: Accepted I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: rrattts Giftee: Argentum_Drache Lineage LINK: BvHBF Breed: Silver Status: Accepted
  6. I usually trade 3rd gen for commons, Xeno,s 2nd gen Metals but his week i got a CB Gold for a 3rd gen Gold Shimmer x Silver Lunar these offers are still out there may be a help if they are hatched and influenced
  7. I have not seen the news yet what the heck has happened?
  8. Never before on a holiday experienced the Hatcheries being so slow an egg was ERed yesteday at 3.12 days now today still not hatched a day later
  9. i may have a few spares if anyone needs to make pairs, will know more in a day or so still have a lot to come in from trades:D
  10. Today is being very kind with Golds bred a 2nd gen from Cassare and just caught one in the coast not that i should be hunting Just seen another in the coast sat there for nearly 2 mins
  11. I need: to erase an influence If you can take my egg, and teleport it back, please reply here - thanks! Really don't know what i was thinking
  12. 17/60 tries 15 hatchies 2 Adults really was hoping to get all hatchies sprites with ones i had line up excluding Drake's and Pymies but of course not to be At least it give me something to work on for the next year All Sprites top of scroll
  13. Thank You i thought it did but was not 100%
  14. Have 54 hatchies and 5 Adults to try hope get better success rate than last year Are successes going to be registered on here?
  15. Stupid Question As its been many many years since i used Earthquake, if an egg is killed does it take up a dead egg slot for 24hrs?
  16. Anyone else having issue with cave loading slow been like it for last hour and half?
  17. Apart from Silvi's Lair what other hatchery can take eggs by code?
  18. Managed to finally kill 5 of the ones i had 3 evaded at first, Thinking i was going to have to try to do some lowtime trades to get lines that evaded it suddenly occurred to me i have enough CB to switch so now evaders live happily while the unbred CBs are dead
  19. Same here seems to happen to me daily usually in the morning 10am ish Uk seems to be getting worse though
  20. Correct me if wrong but any dragon with 4 legs and wings
  21. Breed/type: Xenowyrm Age: hatchling Kill date: 10/11 Kill time Unknown (Fogged) Revive date:10/12 Revive time (ET): 2.20 am Zombies visible: yes Result: zombie Dragon link: Zombie Wyrm Breed/type: Xenowyrm Age:hatchling Kill date:10/11 Kill time Unknown (Fogged) Revive date:10/12 Revive time (ET): 2.21 am Zombies visible: yes Result: zombie Dragon link: Zombie Wyrm
  22. Is today the first for eggs to hatch ?
  23. or Maybe Sex9p just traded my lowtime hatch for this