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  1. And Again sad.gif just woken up to Sick Olives of all things blink.gif i dont even have anything worth killing, i dont do much during holidays expect pick up the mess of the AP page xd.png but will have to hide my scroll for next 24 hours or so will be will be without internet sad.gif




  2. ACTUALLY I think there is someone out there bombing now. My grandson ONLY collects Balloons (well, almost only) and I bred him two yesterday. He only uses ONE really slow hatchery - and both eggs are grossly overviewed and dead today - same thing happened to a balloon hatchie I caught for him last week. He isn't here to offend people; he doesn't trade, and these eggs were bred by me, so no angry breeder who lost them - he just chunters away quietly, and has NEVER had anything dead before in his life. And the other growing thing he has is fine.


    Why balloons ? blink.gif

    Same thing happened to me 2 days ago sad.gif luckily I managed to save the egg, I only use one hatchery but found scroll added to every one I know of, really think some person needs to get a life :rolleyes


    On another note anyone having issue's with Firefox I can.t load a single page sad.gif


    now I have had to use Explorer not used since the days of the dinosaurs rolleyes.gif

  3. Killed 5 Adults today 4 disintergrated 1 turned Zombie biggrin.gif


    Reporting Zombification Attempt

    Breed/type: Copper

    Age: adult

    Kill date: 31 2017

    Kill time (ET): 4.30 am

    Revive date: 31 2017

    Revive time (ET): 4.30 am

    Zombies visible: yes

    Result: Zombie