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  1. 3rd gen Prize on 2 way links would like to go to persons with no or couple of low gens Silver Tinsel X Hellfire (Goomy) Gone Silver Tinsel X Stripe (XFile)
  2. Silver Shimmer Stair Silver Shimmer Stair 2 clutch of 4 got 3 shimmers I take the time to breed and giveaway a Thank You would be appreciatd
  3. Bronze Shimmer Stair Gone Thank You Bronze Shimmer Stair 2 Gone Thank You i take the time to breed and giveaway a Thank You would be appreciatd
  4. And Again just woken up to Sick Olives of all things i dont even have anything worth killing, i dont do much during holidays expect pick up the mess of the AP page but will have to hide my scroll for next 24 hours or so will be will be without internet
  5. Same thing happened to me 2 days ago luckily I managed to save the egg, I only use one hatchery but found scroll added to every one I know of, really think some person needs to get a life :rolleyes On another note anyone having issue's with Firefox I can.t load a single page now I have had to use Explorer not used since the days of the dinosaurs
  6. exactly same here started again yesterday
  7. Congrats DragonWhisperLady Thanks for the random draw
  8. i have entered to thanks just a quick question what about re gifting? And No no more Neglecting Golds
  9. Are 4th gen prize worth anything these days? maybe a couple of Olive hatchies
  10. Supposed to be hunting for a winter egg and clicked a gold
  11. Just lately when going to reply to messages i hit delete, its only been happening for the last few weeks never seen the option before is it a recent addition? Sorry to those i have not replied to, it is not intentional
  12. All 3 colour Shadow Walkers looking for a home Gone your welcome
  13. Gold Checker 3rd gen (2 way) not often these produce Dummy please Gone
  14. 3rd gen Checker on 2 way i want to know where it goes place a dummy Adding another was going to do one way then seen it was a Z code someone may want 3rd Gen Prize Both gone thank You
  15. Mageia Prize kin would like to go to someone who can use it on 2 way link place a dummy
  16. Killed 5 Adults today 4 disintergrated 1 turned Zombie Reporting Zombification Attempt Breed/type: Copper Age: adult Kill date: 31 2017 Kill time (ET): 4.30 am Revive date: 31 2017 Revive time (ET): 4.30 am Zombies visible: yes Result: Zombie