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  1. i have the same issue with my hoard
  2. Its Finally happened https://dragcave.net/progeny/IB4ws 2 years and 3 months give a week, finally a prize The elusive one
  3. i can breed you some as well just message when
  4. can some link me to the link that can find dragon by name please
  5. 6 of mine hatched sick still in fogballs 5 hours so far now sat with son watching his all S5 no sign of sickness (yet) views around 3250 fingers crossed they hatch healthy first 2 out healthy stats 3,274 697 0 and 3,310 697 1
  6. rrattts

    Z Project

    Have 2 Z code Sinii Krai Males if anyone wants to swap ? https://dragcave.net/teleport/4d8963aef21d0...707fccc5f0af3ad https://dragcave.net/teleport/f2470430fb561...bcd758bac70498d
  7. rrattts

    Z Project

    CB Z Gemshard Egg anyone?
  8. rrattts

    Z Project

    Olive Z Code Adolescent
  9. rrattts

    Z Project

    I have 2 Z code hatchlings, would class them as very rare neither of them much use to me so would like to find the perfect homes for them were they will be cherished for what they are one CB other 2nd gen, PMs welcome
  10. Have not been able to breed a 2nd gen Gold since December
  11. Had 5 prize up for trade yesterday only in EATW came back and found all sick, found scroll had been added to numerous sites luckily i caught them all in time few hours in a fog ball now fine again Someone done same thing last year i found out whoit was, still have the evidence, (well known person) it was, reported but nothing came of it
  12. I'm in please Thanks for lotto, Shame about the idiotic behaviour of some people
  13. Gold Shimmer Mistake breeding have no idea it was top of breeding list
  14. Parked in the Alpine for the 5 min drop and up pops a Gold