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  1. was wondering what to name 2 headed dragons then got idea of something like this laugh.gif


    Khyber Pass

    Bread and Honey

    Whistle and Flute

    Dog and Bone

    Cows and Kisses


    Frog n Toad

    Raspberry Tart

    Rabbit and Pork

    Skin and Blister

    Pat and Mick

    Two and Eight

    Pony and Trap

    Laugh n Joke

    Bread and Cheese

    Bottle n Glass

    Darby and Joan

    Duck and Dive

    Kick and Prance

  2. would like to enter smile.gif will do best to get something to donate but i really have no idea what is wrong with them in 3 weeks one 2nd gen gold and one silver ohmy.gif think rrattts is in the middle of a famine sad.gif or they are all on strike laugh.gif

  3. i must be the most inactive of all unsure.gif but i do my turn in other ways i think wink.gif oh i do have some elemental named dragons but prob the laziest when it comes to doing a lineage ohmy.gif it takes me an age just to breed what i do now, even if they have been to family planning laugh.gif

  4. A huge THANK YOU to MaximumOccupancy one of the best surprises i have had since playing biggrin.gif it was totally unexpected and really made my day (was feeling bit down) maybe one day i can return the gift and kindness biggrin.gif i think i may be able to find something wink.gif

  5. I'm hoping to end up with 5 breeding pairs. I could end up with 4 breeding pairs and two or three males. I don't know until those last two gender. I have 11, but I'm trying to trade the 11th one to aangs-sister for a 2nd gen from her alts. Which I will try to trade to someone else for a 2nd gen bronze tinsel to mate with this. I'm also trying to find a trade for a cb red copper to send to goslander, who will then mate Abby to the resulting adult male, to make a 2nd gen red copper mate for her.


    And now I need to find a trade for a 2nd gen silver tinsel egg from a male tinsel to make a mate for this beauty.



    *head spins* lol. Lots of pairs to figure out.

    If you need anymore Graves i can add a couple i currenetly have 14 on scroll with another 4 incoming i think 14 is more than enough so the other 4 could be used in trade biggrin.gif

  6. congrats on the GON laugh.gif they certainly take some getting sad.gif


    i'm willing to breed any past halloween dragons if requested have all of them, but some marrows are already taken on the down side i am down to 5 egg slots sad.gif full up with fogballls and hatchies laugh.gif


    hopefully will catch some of you later tonight smile.gif (or rather some unforgiving hour for me) laugh.gif

  7. Hmm. The link isn't taking me to a trade link. Maybe I missed it. If you get another one you're willing to trade away I will always be willing to trade 2nd gens from my Shadow Walker alts for cb coppers.

    oh dear unsure.gif lol i thought the group needed coppers for something or another from what i have seen in trade posts link for one in previous post will fail i got an offer was to good to refuse 2 Cb browns and a 4th gen shimmer but i still have another spare which can be seen as a little fog ball laugh.gif

    only because i have recently had 2 coppers gaining way to many views far to quickly sad.gif an instance was i had 2 eggs into er with exactly same views at start both added same time to same ERs yet the copper before hatching had nearly 2000 (2 thousand) more views than the Opal plus opal took another 45 mins after to hatch