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  1. please add me in i will see what i can breed have a 3rd gen PB silver to start http://dragcave.net/lineage/oWhLl on another note look what i bred today sadly i have already traded it but its toward the next stage Fiona if it helps i could change 2 coppers, i take it red are rainbow i have red egg uninfluenced and a hatch on 7 days influenced male
  2. trying to make space but think im going to be horribly locked for another day but thats what i get for hunting AP trying to complete scroll
  3. Thank you Lavinia i see a shopping list coming your way will Send PM to keep off thread
  4. please Lavinia will keep in mind i have quite a lot of 4th gen marrows with a few diff breeds but not getting much luck with getting the common eggs like whites blacks reds and embers
  5. Putting out a plea not sure if anyone could help me out with this She has Refused her mate or maybe him so now i'm looking for a replacement i really don't mind trading but don't want to have to pay something stupid for egg like some are asking, i am far from mean but the value some put on eggs is just ridiculous whether its 2nd or 8th gen, now my moan is over any help most welcome
  6. still so many to choose from so choices for this round 46 51 50 and 19 i think this will be enough for now
  7. Links sent out to Husker silver shimmer x moonstone and Pink Penk x Copper eggs from fiona Opal links sent to Airaani and Takhesis i hope i have got this right
  8. taken me nearly an hour to get this far 58 CB Copper donated by Phantom 41. 2nd gen silver x alt shadow walker donated by Fiona http://dragcave.net/lineage/zELZJ 42. 2nd gen silver x alt shadow walker donated by Fiona http://dragcave.net/lineage/4C8XF 45 2nd gen silver x alt shadow walker donated by Fiona http://dragcave.net/lineage/U9xbk thanks everyone far too many to choose from
  9. Have 3 Green Opals for the draw will carry on hunting for more getting more luck with the cave than breeding Fiona eggs on scroll have been fogged for safety, i keep getting them added to sites or ERs so much so it messed up a pair of marrows i have were added before i had time to influence them
  10. i can hold mine have given nothing i will also withdraw from the raffle, to me its only fair as i prefer to give
  11. was wondering what to name 2 headed dragons then got idea of something like this Khyber Pass Bread and Honey Whistle and Flute Dog and Bone Cows and Kisses North-n-South Frog n Toad Raspberry Tart Rabbit and Pork Skin and Blister Pat and Mick Two and Eight Pony and Trap Laugh n Joke Bread and Cheese Bottle n Glass Darby and Joan Duck and Dive Kick and Prance
  12. would like to enter will do best to get something to donate but i really have no idea what is wrong with them in 3 weeks one 2nd gen gold and one silver think rrattts is in the middle of a famine or they are all on strike
  13. i must be the most inactive of all but i do my turn in other ways i think oh i do have some elemental named dragons but prob the laziest when it comes to doing a lineage it takes me an age just to breed what i do now, even if they have been to family planning
  14. Changed mind going for white male colours go together well
  15. well i have a hard choice have got list down to 2 horse and the female ridgewing (Tan) its a hard chioce
  16. Red Copper on its way to destination
  17. A huge THANK YOU to MaximumOccupancy one of the best surprises i have had since playing it was totally unexpected and really made my day (was feeling bit down) maybe one day i can return the gift and kindness i think i may be able to find something
  18. i would like one please will wait for colours to choose on another note i have a CB Brown copper hatch trying to trade for Red Copper so if anyone can help in that department
  19. If you need anymore Graves i can add a couple i currenetly have 14 on scroll with another 4 incoming i think 14 is more than enough so the other 4 could be used in trade
  20. some names i got in last few days Ina Patch ( pumpkin) Bryde n Gloom (pair of 3rd gen marrows) Graves Tone (grave) Loj (grave) Khol (Black marrow)
  21. Has anyone got a male or female PB pumpkin hatch they could swap with me please not related to this have male and female of this line so can return same gender to you
  22. i caught this http://dragcave.net/lineage/afne2
  23. wow that looks good Fiona i need some advice i caught an egg that is no use to me but dont want to give/trade to just anyone
  24. picked up this one today marrow x red would really like to know who bred this please