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  1. think this one is letting everyone know http://dragcave.net/lineage/IMDad
  2. my vote is yes still very strongly being pulled towards life but then i'm possibly reading to much into it and not heeding to definitions so will have to go for Wind
  3. in a funny sort of way that looks good if i was a EG breeder i would try it myself
  4. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: rrattts for friend Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: highbury this one can take a pounding has highest HP i have seen yet over 2500 will throw when supplies replenish Gotcha! Scroll name: rrattts Threw a Icicle at: Iside Kitty137 and Waldmensch
  5. Have missed every single holly clicked on AP so much for being a good hunter
  6. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name:paddy-bwoi Hit me with it!!! Scroll name:oldbones posting for my sons both still very low doing what i can when snow is available Gotcha! Scroll name:paddy-bwoi and oldbones Threw a snow-ball at:Legry Coryn02
  7. Gotcha! Scroll name: oldbones Threw a snow-ball at: Hellodaydream
  8. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name:paddy-bwoi would help if i knew scroll name Hit me with it!!! Scroll name:oldbones posting for my sons both still very low doing what i can when snow is available boys can hit back will post when they do
  9. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name:rrattts still low level need to get some more snow
  10. before i offer them in trades anyone needing or looking for 2nd gen yules most mates available except prize
  11. Thank you all for a fun night especially Lavinia with the near bottomless sack heartfelt thanks to to my 5ecret 5anta some very nice pinks have taken up residency in the rathole now for the more serious business of Holly hunting
  12. a quick question if gifting or offering shimmers (like in a draw) do they have to be elementals? sorry for being a bit dumb on this
  13. i have been on the list since before they had a list and still waiting think i will still be waiting in another 3 years
  14. i have my 5ecret 5anta list some items i can work on and get very soon but the ones i was hoping to be able to gift may take me longer than the SS period in this case would it be possible to give them an IOU for the gift i intend to pass on? not that i cant get its if the dragons want to be generous
  15. i have 4 2nd gen metals on scroll all currently up for trade 2 elemental golds x magma other 2 non elements gold x frill and gold x snow angel (solid wing) if anyone here needs for milestones or anything else send me PM with a dummy egg I hope this is not the good week for breeding before another drought sets in not when i need them to give some shinny eggs
  16. I will be cat A providing my mean lot give eggs otherwise will have to resort to Beg, Steal or Borrow as for times evenings and weekends (UK)
  17. That is not very impressive going in the same direction as Dinosaurs on another note my plans look like expensive failures coppers came out wrong colour deepseas refused, the replacement was related cant believe the waste of 20 rare/uncommons plus 4 new thinks will be better off going 2nd gens again
  18. 5ecret 5anta have no idea how it works but will join as for passing judgement for elemental i will leave that to the experts Fiona how many male silver tinsels are in existence? or still active if anyone knows this
  19. Ivory Nalyua is a very old player way back in the days when metals were common but i have not seen her online for a long time Roekard i am not going to accept a gift only because i found some magi's on AP looks like they once belonged to you
  20. need quick reply is the group still needing PB alt vine?
  21. lol Fiona i was looking for names like that i did manage to get a couple on holding dragons like Rehabbed, Blitzed and Tanked (meaning drunk) free to have if you want and Hello Roekerd
  22. next round will be 5 6 7 or 8 im sure one of them should be left thanking you all once again Zelda Message box full tried to send link if you can send me a dummy egg will do asap will be travelling for next couple of hours
  23. Thank you everyone going to choose 13 14 if one genders male i will def take
  24. As for name can only come up with this at the moment Addicted To i have on holder if needed fingers and toes are crossed they like each other