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  1. if Bluna does not find a home i will def make space as hybrids are next in line to collect Finally coming to end of all other CBs minimum of 10 pairs of each just trying for last stragglers hoping to finish before i go on Hols besides trying to get another 60 of new release (bangs head)
  2. 3rd round if any? 4, 5 ,17 think i could work on 6th gen with it also is there anyone with very few CB Green Coppers?
  3. Have tried to deliver Coppers one needs collecting and Zeldarax In Box Full Have a little lovely on mine thank you all for great donations again
  4. if not to late have the other one i was wanting to donate CB Green Copper if to late i know someone who will give it a good home
  5. so i don't hold anyone up 24 25 26 15 please was hoping to throw in a last donation but still waiting on the trade
  6. will have some donations tomorrow just trying to get last two Ice to complete my 10 Pairs avatars sound good first donation CB Red Copper and before i forget count me in
  7. Not a problem pleased you got something
  8. do you now what date hatchies coming through AP are? i have no problem camping for an hour or 2 to try and catch something
  9. faints just looking that is stunning will hope for offspring one day
  10. Yikes totally Beautiful Now not sure if Pink may be interested in a nice coded sadly non elemental female Fever http://dragcave.net/lineage/pink0 PM if you would like
  11. if it can be of help have one on way in will collect when home from work yours if still need and Fiona is happy with it
  12. Have got 10 pairs of each so well happy will put vote in for falconiform as Life
  13. Hoping not to late having read all info on both breeds i will say yes to both Frostbite life/water Falconiform Fire now a question dragons with magical abilities do they fall into elemental categories?
  14. As i am a total novice at Lineages of any sort i usually refrain from having a say in what is/not an Elemental candidate but seeing all that has been posted for Glaucus, i can only see one thing WATER so if i may i would like to say yes on Glaucus being in Lineage. now i have had a say i will be going back to sit on the fence
  15. Just like in the days of old good luck all
  16. put this down as laugh of the day it certainly made me smile
  17. thats very pretty i did send you a link for another but looks like you missed it will have to try and trade for one caught yesterday
  18. CB silver is in have traded for an egg was an uninfluenced hatch http://dragcave.net/lineage/hAR9u
  19. late arrival http://dragcave.net/lineage/o0quR
  20. pink i always need space anyways i was going to try and trade a CB silver for 2 coppers but have not seen any so i will put the silver in the draw i will try and get a higher time egg its an ER at the moment and fogged
  21. If someone can take them of my hands have http://dragcave.net/lineage/RnAyh http://dragcave.net/lineage/GpZxC (has been influenced) Pos this tinsel fail http://dragcave.net/lineage/4FCOn trying to trade for something else will post if successful
  22. i will see if i can breed anything (may need someone to hold ) but will decline entry to draw i have a small problem with space at the moment as soon as i get a free slot its filled have so many hatchies incoming i'm on verge of meltdown
  23. Found this one few days ago also has same name as code Its aBIRD
  24. a request for help i need to add two eggs to ER (sunsets) they go to ER when i am in bed 7 hours ish if someone could add scroll or codes to ERs i would appreciate the help i will influence and incubate ready will also try and get some views on them thanks