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  1. I Want to Sign Up!
    Forum name:   rrattts
    Scroll name: rrattts
    1. 2nd Gen Prize 2nd Gen SA (would love one from anything Blue)
    2. Any 2nd Gen PB Alt 2nd Gen Gold (List in profile)
    3. CB Aeon
    4.CB Tan Ridgewing
    5. CB Bolt 2nd Gen Hybrids
    6. Any 2nd gen metal fails
    7.Any Common Hatch for freezing (Will make list in profile)
    Breeding abilities: Can breed almost any 2nd  except Hollies and 2nd Gen Prize  (Not into lineages)
    Catching abilities: Good at catching all eggs given time
    Trading abilities: Very good at trading 
    Teleport abilities: Have enough thank you
    I Want to Be a Replacement Santa!
    Forum name: rrattts 
    Scroll name: rrattts
    Breeding abilities: Any 2nd Gens, 3rd Gen prize  (not Holly or Prize) 
    Catching abilities: Very good including metals
    Trading abilities: have the means to trade if not able to catch 
    I Want to Be a Helper!
    Forum name: rrattts
    Scroll name: rrattts
    Breeding Good 3rd gen prize SA lines/Checkers 2nd gens from metals etc
    Catching abilities: Very good uncommons and rares



  2. Thank You biggrin.gif (stunned)


    Congrats to al the other winners smile.gif as i truly never expected this and as dicussed with approval, i will be gifting the winning dragon to a long term member who has yet to get a 2nd gen prize smile.gif


    Thank You for hosting and giving everyone a chance looking forwarding to being able to breed my hoard again in the future laugh.gif

  3. I Bred My Dragons!

    Forum name: rrattts

    Screenshot(s): http://imgur.com/a/1npE8

    Desired ticket number(s): (11) Random


    I Caught The Tide!

    Forum name: rrattts

    Scroll link:https://dragcave.net/user/rrattts

    Dragon code(s) - frozen hatchie or adult YvCw7 qtGxG dYsle uiyu8 z7MSq nUkM7 LfFJ0 GSVBK INwsB hOcaB jsQsw cYRbz vKDfC: (top of scroll last 5 will be grown before deadline)

    Desired ticket number(s): Random (13)

  4. For several months now, my Golds and Silvers have not been co-operating. dry.gif


    I have 31 Golds and 38 Silvers - 69 in all. And week after week, all I see is 'No Egg Has Been Produced' sad.gif


    IF I'M LUCKY, I'll get one shiny egg. 1 EGG FROM 69 TRIES!!! But most of the time - nothing. And Purple fertility doesn't make any difference.



    Repeat that week after week after week!



    *screams* sad.gif

    i have the same issue with my hoard sad.gif