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  1. Have to help with gifting 2 CB Blue Zyu Hatches CB Red Xyu Hatch (Female) 2 CB yellow Zyu Hatches CB Xeno Gaia Hatch PM or mention
  2. anyone looking for a 3rd gen prize? https://dragcave.net/lineage/cJCk6 PM if you are
  3. Have a Yellow Dino egg spare PM is forum diff to scroll or offer dummy on link https://dragcave.net/teleport/e0237fddddd99aecf1180bb2858cf82a
  4. Still have a PB Alt Vine Female had to stun her as looks like no one needs but if you do PM with scroll if diff from forum GONE
  5. Someone yesterday asked about PB Alts have a PB Alt vine 2nd gen
  6. will try and breed mine for you
  7. i am happy to join will it be after the DC one?
  8. CB Silver Available if anyone needs Taken
  9. 1. rrattts 2. Cherry Garcia Thanks for raffle
  10. Huge Congrats Fiona been a long time coming well deserved
  11. if you can get in you can change it back to original
  12. I Want to Sign Up! Forum name: rrattts Scroll name: rrattts Wishlist: 1. 2nd Gen Prize 2nd Gen SA (would love one from anything Blue) 2. Any 2nd Gen PB Alt 2nd Gen Gold (List in profile) 3. CB Aeon 4.CB Tan Ridgewing 5. CB Bolt 2nd Gen Hybrids 6. Any 2nd gen metal fails 7.Any Common Hatch for freezing (Will make list in profile) Breeding abilities: Can breed almost any 2nd except Hollies and 2nd Gen Prize (Not into lineages) Catching abilities: Good at catching all eggs given time Trading abilities: Very good at trading Teleport abilities: Have enough thank you I Want to Be a Replaceme
  13. Have X5 3 male 2 female Want 2nd gen prize PM please as on a trade link for now note in sig applies
  14. Have CB Marrow Females want CB Marrow males Marrow 1 Marrow 2
  15. I took the marrow, well it was easier this time around
  16. i try to do this every year so count me in on this one
  17. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: rrattts Giftee: FAstudent12 Lineage link(s): Gz1SS Breed(s): Aeon Status: Accepted I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: FAstudent12 Giftee: rrattts Lineage link(s): l1VJY Breed(s): GOLD Status: Accepted
  18. I Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: rrattts Forum name: rrattts Birthday:September 6th Revised List: 1.2nd Gen Gold (list in profile) 2. CB Aeon 3a.CB Bolt 3b.CB Hatchling (to freeze) 4a. 4b.
  19. 1. rrattts 2. Snow and lots of it (not that we get much here)
  20. Thank You (stunned) Congrats to al the other winners as i truly never expected this and as dicussed with approval, i will be gifting the winning dragon to a long term member who has yet to get a 2nd gen prize Thank You for hosting and giving everyone a chance looking forwarding to being able to breed my hoard again in the future
  21. As your inbox is full i am posting the missing link here http://imgur.com/a/2nRu6
  22. I Bred My Dragons! Forum name: rrattts Screenshot(s): http://imgur.com/a/1npE8 Desired ticket number(s): (11) Random I Caught The Tide! Forum name: rrattts Scroll link:https://dragcave.net/user/rrattts Dragon code(s) - frozen hatchie or adult YvCw7 qtGxG dYsle uiyu8 z7MSq nUkM7 LfFJ0 GSVBK INwsB hOcaB jsQsw cYRbz vKDfC: (top of scroll last 5 will be grown before deadline) Desired ticket number(s): Random (13)