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  1. i am but having some issues with my metals at the moment will continue trying
  2. No takers on egg so dropped to AP Another to replace it maybe someone would like http://dragcave.net/teleport/84cc8a797ea6a...5fa2afed93b78c0
  3. Taken the egg Leaving on 2 way http://dragcave.net/teleport/a89e058f43935...0f50e1610eeed07
  4. taking Son put a dummy on the red and Pink Leaving left may in the past without taking
  5. Have spent last 3 hours Dumpster Diving on and off, not even seen a Balloon will continue looking what its the latest date/time on egg?
  6. taken this one thank you
  7. have a couple of eggs/hatchies looking for homes have a 4th gen PB silver egg (bred to help someone and forgot who) a 3rd gen Gold hatch SS x Magma cant remember if i influenced though i think it hatched when i was in hosp have tried to look back in actions but have done so much messing around today nothing else showing http://dragcave.net/lineage/v3Cq6 http://dragcave.net/lineage/lsO1a
  8. hope not to late for voting (been in hospital) but i say yes to all 3 in Earth as for halloween i adore PB Pumpkins so maybe on lookout for some more wandering if anyone here can help with a 3rd gen of this lineage https://dragcave.net/lineage/O8Axj apart from that all my other halloweens are free for any requests
  9. taking Nothing yet leaving 2nd gen green copper Looks like another one mysteriously vanished 2nd gen Avatar Gone to BlackPheonix42
  10. Happy Birthday Fiona Hope its as good as mine was couple weeks ago
  11. wow congrats my poor son is still trying to get his first been trying since first day of their release maybe next week
  12. going to offer on this will breed as soon as i get space
  13. taken the Purple thank you Leaving left many over last week will see if i can breed something now an unusual Deepsea please leave something worthy to thread on a 2 way as usual Deepsea in Shadow
  14. Would anyone like this https://dragcave.net/lineage/cQ0UW shout if you do
  15. Have tried but your egg locked
  16. copper is now with your daughter was influenced female if it goes wrong get in touch as for the 4th gen on the thunder i cant help with that yet (to lazy to do lineages)
  17. Taking nothing yet Leaving 2nd gen copper hatch from gold influenced Female 3rd gen Thinder from gold EG (pretty) please leave something in return no killing biting etc On 2way so i know where they go Thunder Copper hatch
  18. Anyone wanting 2nd gen gold from Gold Wing Snow Angel ?
  19. i have breed a very nice egg i think can't believe i actually got this Beauty would like to gift it to someone who wants to continue or use in a breeding project
  20. very nice i wish at times i had the patience to do longer lines on another note anyone in this group own alt Sweetlings? i am starting another project of trying to get 2nd gen metals from dragons except prizes and holly (they would be impossible) after all this time of nearly giving most of mine away i now find i need them most of them i can do or attempt to do myself but the Alt Sweetlings i can't i am more than happy to offer to breed in return or catch something i have a Red Copper that can go at the moment if anyone could help
  21. Now back from hols (missing the sun) so done a bit of breeding have a clutch of 2nd gen golds if any one needs for milestone etc send me PM with a couple of choices Gold (F) x Magma Gold (F) x Yule Gold (F) x Thunder Gold (F) x Green Nebula Gold (M) X Vine also breed this i know they were quite rare month or so ago but have no idea if worth much now but very tempted to keep it
  22. Still on holiday (vacation) in States but have had time to do some breeding have 2nd gen yellow undines from Ice, Waterhorse and Water have another 7 eggs from metals, PB, GON hope to get a yellow or 2 from them
  23. Walking along New smyrna Beach (Florida) looks done and see's a baby Turtle looking the worse for wear (heat) takes it to water's edge to sprinkle with water to cool down, whilst seeing if anyone around with phone but luckily someone from turtle patrol was nearby to take into special care hopefully to be made well for release but the best part was finding out it was one of the rarest turtles to nest but sadly also one of the most endangered Kemp Ridley turtle