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  1. im sure my vamp turned to dust
  2. How i got this i have no idea Naturist definitely will have to change the name of one of my GON
  3. i will send you as many as i can get over what i need , something between 4/6 min you still have not picked up hatchie
  4. anyone have last minute breeding request still have lots to breed
  5. Have only bred one of mine so far but full up have a 4th gen PB SW if anyone wants also a 4th Gen PB Pumpkin on scroll PM asap if you want also take requests for any breeding's
  6. you are not the only one exactly same thing happened to me
  7. it could be to do with the encyclopedia
  8. scroll link can be found on GON unbreedables on last page Zombies, golds, silvers, neglected's holidays coppers and prizes on pages 1-3 250 on per page please ignore mess for first third of page 1 (Work in Progress) i have at least 10 pairs of CB dragons (Not retired) have very few frozen
  9. one more day to try and breed something nice couple days of rest before finding a comfy spot in AP
  10. Taken thank you message sent
  11. I will be doing AP Hunting more so than Lines any interesting finds will be posted here to see if anyone wants will only hold overnight (my time) giving all you in the US time to see and request i will try and keep a list of what members are looking for and help when i can all mine are open for breeding Pumpkins,Marrows, Shadow Walkers, Lurkers and Graves i will be trying to get Halloweens from GONs if anyone comes across any on AP and don't need i would be happy to home Pink i can breed anything of your requested Holidays just need to know when
  12. Thank you i will take care of it
  13. i will be trading for 2nd gen Avatars over next week if anyone has a request i will try and help if i can
  14. i have been collecting 2nd gen avatars from Halloween's i just got my 3rd GON but young one is still trying for his first
  15. very nice surprise omg that made me laugh
  16. Out of curiosity is anyone breeding their GON's with Halloween dragons this year? if yes would any on you be interested in swapping?
  17. i think i will keep the copper i have parked on scroll no 25 please
  18. i have more than my fair share of metals yet i took a Gold to complete a pair but also to help towards total of what i set as goal yes i took it maybe for greed but on the other hand i try to gift to others nowadays with very few very much like you do to me it seems fair on the Soulpeace if no one needs or wants later i could very well offer it a roosting post For the 2nd time in a week i have a very sick egg (Cooper now fogged) last week i had 3 eggs arrive on my scroll within 5 mins they were all sick, today i took in the 2nd gen copper it was sick within 10 mins of arriving yet i had 2 ER eggs with still the same views and not moving
  19. My choices 6, 10 2 4 7 should be enough for now thank you very much everyone
  20. i could poss make room for a couple will have to offload couple of mine for the boy to hold for me
  21. CB Silver for starters will see what else i can get in next 12 hours or so after doing messages and hospital here goes CB Silver 2nd gen Gold x Magma http://dragcave.net/lineage/2uYmK CB Almandine x2 i also breed this http://dragcave.net/lineage/bPuDR but unfortunately i cant part with it
  22. found an absolute beauty on the AP 9th gen Seasonal with some starting ancestors from group members, i will hold for 24 hours if some one wants just put a dummy on link if you want egg for all seasons