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  1. i have also not been able to catch one over last 2 days but i suppose it don't helps when you get a 7-10 sec lag on every 5 min drop and worse on the hour and this has only just started again in the last couple of days
  2. its going to take a lot longer than i would like i have all CB in 10 pairs oh why did i have to do something like this going to keep me busy for next year me thinks
  3. Oh i hope they don't disappear to fast i need to get 120 of them and at this moment of time i am the proud owner of one
  4. working fine for me any idea when ARs will be up and running? or what other experimenters are using as a back up have been offline for a week due to no internet with house move
  5. Still unsure if i qualify for 5ummer 5ecret 5anta as no one answered i know i don't do lineages or register dragons, some i do name i do try to contribute in other ways even if i do get it wrong sometimes Not able to do much at the moment my internet is hit and miss signal very poor can take over an hour to get online so sorry if i have not replied to anyone
  6. would like to register but not sure of category i would say surfer for gifting I will be happy to attempt making some NDs (gave one away today) but may not all be within time frame of event i just hope not everyone asks for one
  7. I bred my commons! Action Log Screenshot: Log 7Log 8Log 9 Ticket Numbers Desired: 86 841
  8. I bred my commons! Action Log Screenshot: Log 4 Log 5 Log 6 Ticket Numbers Desired: 6963 542,
  9. I bred my commons! Action Log Screenshot: Log 1Log 2Log 3 Ticket Numbers Desired: 1992 1963 6792 had some interesting results bred all mine with Imperial Fleshsrownes X Blue Banded 50/50 with Cassares 90% of eggs were Imperials
  10. i have bred a few of mine taken screenshots but when i try posting a link it gives access to all in photobucket how can i post just the pics i need without making all my others public sorry but i am not good with computers on, off, browse the web not much more than that
  11. i should just about be settled in new home by then so i'm ok to go
  12. For me i think Imperial Fleshcrownes are a menace to breed with anything else all i get are more imperials maybe if i breed my imps i may get something worth while
  13. A little late but lots going on in RL huge congrats to Siliskor Special thanks to Nine for doing raffle
  14. 1. How about an introduction; what's your forum name? rrattts 2. What's your favorite number? 6 3. How many 2nd gen Prizes do you have? 19 4. What do you plan on doing with the egg, should you win? Add to 5th Element Lineage Group, all offspring except one to be gifted as Milestones/Glomps or traded for harder to get eggs/dragons for milestones 5. Name a word that's really fun to say out loud Bonkers
  15. that was possibly a replacement for the one i Neglected but on that issue i have not seen a gold in the cave for a few months now ones i have/had recently were from trades Not sure what has happened to Gold breeding's but in the last 2 days i have breed a pair to Whiptail pair to Undines and another pair to Whites (one got Auto'd) that's like 2 months work at the recent rate its like i am having an invasion of gold i would like to see multi-clutch make a come back with BSA especially for the harder to breed commons
  16. This has been a long time in coming i have gone from To
  17. First 2 breedings with some Golds gave me This and This was such a shock i had to check lineages usually only get something this good from mis-breed
  18. before i opt in for the Secret Mid Summer gifting do all gift have to be Elemental? not that i can't do Elemental gifts its more on receiving non Elemental
  19. maybe next time i will get it right 2 11 please