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  1. Spessartine's seem to be dropping well i have caught 2 in the last hour which is 2 more than in the last 3 months caught another its awash with spessie's in the coast
  2. Breed over 300 Imps 95% breed Imps they are on their way to hit AP anytime now
  3. Thanks to Vhale and other donators i was totally gobsmacked to receive a message congrats to other winners but i don't think i will be making any new friends in a few days time
  4. Have opened folder again and updated 14 tickets
  5. I bred my commons! Action Log Screenshot: X5 logs Ticket Numbers Desired: 67 337 594 831 6792 if done wrong i will need some help
  6. i am going to have a wonderful time Breeding Fleshcrownes AP is going to be flooded
  7. Have some CB Xenowyrms going spare 3 Astrapi's 2 Thalassa's 1 Magia i am only dropping in randomly (decorating) so would ask if anyone wants any to send me a 2 way trade link and what egg/eggs they want
  8. Have a few CB hatchies for older milestones Harvest Ochredrake Storm Magelight Darkmist Green Opal Sunset Neotropical Sunsong water Vine Canopy will be adding as i find them or when son gets some more
  9. thank you Bookmarked for further use i think i can get to work on some AP hunting think best thing will be to post hatchies/eggs in thread for anyone to request
  10. Feeling a bit dimp here is there a page/list for milestone requests? or do i have to back track pages
  11. Have CB spessartine (Gone) and Thalassa hatch available if anyone still needing send me PM link with dummy egg on Airaani i am still looking for a Gaia not seen one in cave for days
  12. me too been like for last 25 mins took me 8 minutes to abandon an egg
  13. I have a little surprise (I hope) Some of the Xenowyrms i offered if anyone wanted have been traded for an egg need to contact couple of members before i say anymore
  14. Time to reveal who i was gifting i was 5anta to Lastalda had to do lots of juggling around but i got there in the end will also vote for life on Spirit Wardens Still offering Xeno's if anyone still needs have 4 at the moment currently on vacation as someone keeps sending low time hatchies
  15. Red or magi would be welcome here If anyone struggling with Xenowyrms i am getting them in trades let me know what you want will try and help
  16. Would also like to add thank you for the 5ecret 5anta huges thank to airanni you done good person i had was not in IRC so will wait a day or so before i reveal i still have some stragglers that will be passed out when they arrive/hatch CB Nebula on way to airanni
  17. Have spare Red Copper hatch is anyone needs for 5anta PM will be able to send link to them
  18. 26th should be ok for me i can always come in my pyjamas and a flask of coffee
  19. Huge thanks to my Santa for the newest editions i will be able to collect latest in a few hours if not in bed or before if i have some picked up before
  20. Not to thread but Someone has a Full in Box
  21. someone's been busy no wonder why i cant fine any nebs
  22. I do that fairly often especially when i have eggs for ND attempts
  23. i got those trades in the first 4 days of release now its getting very hard to trade a 3rd gen even Gold ones
  24. I have worked soaks off trading and hunting mainly in trades got some good ones early in release for 8 hatchies per 3rd gen prize not many more to get now so hoping to be able to spread some left overs around any spares i will post in thread