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  1. 55 Tombstones and rising lowest i had gender had 157 UVs
  2. I am more than happy to offer 3rd gen prize from mine i have enough to be able to donate
  3. Tombstones are gradually appearing totally forgot about genderless adult dashes off to try and find cheese and paper
  4. Having issue's with the fogs gendering, i have has 5 now gender with less that 200 UVs i have been trying to get them from all Biomes but looking like Alpine is way out in front so if anyone wants to do some shuffling around PM
  5. 5 of mine have meet the knife (not that i looked), 2 evaded may they now live long happy lives
  6. Leeloo Breeders would this hopefully little guy be a suitable canidate For a Leeloo if yes it is up for adoption would prefer to go to somewho who will breed or have none for the Leeloo
  7. anyone still needing/want CB Green Coppers i have 2 very low time eggs that i need to let go sorry no time left to influence
  8. Thank you I dont have a Gold Tinsel x magma but i do have a shimmer that may work
  9. Ha that could well be where i got it from been a long time since i done anything like that
  10. This maybe obsolete now The kill action gives you 5 Kills so once you hit the 5 you were able to carry on killing but it always showed 5 it just took longer for the action to go back to 0 maybe a couple of months depending on how many kills you made. i'm sure this was active in the time when Vampire were given the Bite action but may of changed over the years or it could well be i have totally lost the plot and dreamed it either way it would be nice to know
  11. I traded an Almandine yesterday for CB Very ER hatchlings but then i did try for the high end as well but nothing coming Question i do have is 3-4 gen prize offspring how many very ER hatchlings (last couple of hours) would be fair number to ask for? (Planning for Halloween)
  12. In the Queue behind you i caught 2 YES 2 CB Golds within 45 mins of each other damned if i knew how its been years since i caught 2 in quick succession
  13. How Long is the Revive action available for after a kill or death?
  14. Even though it's way over my head will make a vote 1 Neutral 2. Yes 3. No 4 Neutral I know I am not much of a breeder looking at the leeloo lineage it's possible to breed 2nd gens to help others but not 3rd gens?
  15. Walks past swinging a bag of blood (whistling) end up running followed by a hoard of vampire's
  16. To me fogging is best option, i don't like hiding my scroll (Except when NDing) i spent 7 years making it what it is why hide 7 years work for some sad person/s mine has been targeted mainly when i have metal/rares for trade, or got a trade someone else wanted Fogging for trading can't come soon enough if is does? so now i fog rares influence ones i need when breed or caught, post rare trades without a link, and if someone whats to do the work of hatching my dragons etc leaves me time for something else i also have some good DC friends that sometimes help with hatch to egg swaps when they can which helps
  17. Milestone gifted! GIFTER: rrattts RECEIVER: Airaani GIFT: CB Silver MILESTONE:
  18. Late entries I bred my commons! Action Log Screenshot: Logs 10,11,12 Ticket Numbers Desired: 6963, 7457, 7763,
  19. Anyone with open milestone for CB silver?
  20. I bred my commons! Action Log Screenshot: Logs 1-9 Ticket Numbers Desired: 281, 945, 1672, 2369, 3258, 3784, 4381, 6792, 8888,
  21. i've been looking at your metals but not ones i need if i did see one i want depending what i have trade wise could be anything from CB silver to 4th gen prize, pyrals xenos etc but thats me
  22. Thanks for replies i knew something was happening even when they have been fogged for a day they started to move at 4 days
  23. I know this has been asked before which/what hatcheries auto adds eggs/hatch when they hit ER Stage? what ever it is its driving me insane not to mention messing uo trades i usually only use one after incubate but for the last couple of weeks i have noticed that eggs/hatchies that i have tried to keep lowish have hatched or grown around 4 day