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  1. umm to finish getting 2nd gen gold pairs from eligible breeds (slowly coming along) and a huge task of 3000 IMPS (with a little help from my friends)
  2. Thuwed with a twist She has been influenced take care of her please
  3. YES i was wondering around the forest like a Drunk going every which way but the right one
  4. Given up after spending days trying to get the reindeer
  5. Been bumbling around for an hour looking for a cat ,Still not got it but now i cant do a damned thing stuck in a corner and going no where claered cache, reset, refreshed and still stuck in same location
  6. Have seen and observed the same thing not so much the last couple of weeks (lack of space to hunt) i do know of a couple of players who will spaz click a biome before they go to bed they have posted in a thread click refresh click refresh hoping to get a rare i have done myself and still missed thembut not more than 5 eggs if and when i have space, which is not often i also observed a mass invasion of ER Xeno's to a scroll, just after release must of been close to 200 within the space of 4 hours yet no one was interested even when messaged mods about maybe foul play not even replied to messages yet sometimes its so plain to see the patterns but nothing done or if it is they come back and do exactly the same thing
  7. Good Luck to all Unfortunate for me i can't enter huge thanks to all who donate your all awesome
  8. Couple of weeks ago i got a few good names Robbed Mangles Selector Guzzles Banquish Hooley (Storm) but this has to be the star Vandalised totally fitting for her as in her early days she was a GOLD
  9. Have all holidays from 2008 Vampires a male and femal paper all my 2 heads are named with cockney Slang some nice 2nd Gens but i think my CB Gold Neglected makes it unique
  10. randomly looks ok now but not been on for over an hour, looked like a connection issue but what so i know everything else was working ok except cave so not my end
  11. EATW down for me also having issues with the cave not available
  12. some 3rd gen owners are asking 1-2 hatchies think i just got lucky with 4 yesterday
  13. Have managed to do some trading in last to days with good results have some spare Halloweens if anyone needing to make pairs etc
  14. After having earlier issue's with sorting dragons, (trying to move Tombstones to end of scroll) my previously neatly organised Valentine and Halloweens now look like a scrambled soup, Tombstones are spreading out over 1st page as if i have Measles done all i can think of to rectify but the more i do the worse its getting
  15. Thanks at least i know not me for once
  16. Anyone experiencing issue's with custom sorting? just spent an hour trying to move tombstones getting Bad Gateway after hitting save and to make it worse it scattering the tombstones anywhere not where they had a start point
  17. i only caught 4 this time, i have some coming in on IOUs so not so bad may also be able to trade CB silver for a couple so may also be able to help even out pairs Not been a good week for hunting and only just managed to finish trick or treat
  18. 10 Adults = 2 Zombies 100 Hatchlings = 29 Zombies and 7 revived plus 2 in waiting bit strange all the ones from the Coast failed
  19. i am just starting to so mine all on first page
  20. I've been away all this week, only got back today so not had anytime to hunt or breed this year i do have some on scroll looking for homes @fiona if you have a spare or 2 i wont say no to a Gaia or Spirit Ward i have some trading fodder waiting on links to bring in that i can trade for extra's if you get offers for them not to worry as i have had no real plans this year
  21. Is there a limit to how many ingredients you can have? for about 5 hours of playing i don,t seem to be getting many at all (19) and none in the last hour
  22. How often are the ingredients dropping i have got 1 in over an hour jumping from Biomes and AP