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  1. i have missing stuff on scroll, eggs i incubated and hatched are back to eggs, sorted dragons in same place as before , ones i caught (fogs) incubated and hatched are now Gone unsure.gif was going to gift them i hope they come back at least sad.gif Teleports no longer showing,


    i know i have had a very stressful day but not to bad enough to cause memory lose/hallucinations biggrin.gif

  2. I sent you a pygmy-sized Thuwed - if that's not what they had in mind, it's okay to keep or gift anywhere else.

    Thank you biggrin.gif hopefully getting back to business not been well last couple of days sad.gif (Virus)


    Did you still need something a little Shiney?

  3. We had a 4th gen Gold dorkface in the thread, half a week ago I think? Anyways, I'll ask a friend if she can breed another.


    As far as 3rd gen Thuweds go... I can breed them, but none of them are from bluna X shallow water.

    Thank you smile.gif after speaking to Giftee i think any Thuwed would be welcome smile.gif


    Have a couple of 3rd gen prize to offer both hatched and influenced (will replace if fails)


    Gold Shimmer x Gold (Stair)

    Bronze Shimmer X Stone (Spiral)


    PM if any help smile.gif

  4. if anyone can help with a couple of breeding request i would be extremely grateful smile.gif not something i can do myself sad.gif i can offer something in exchange biggrin.gif



    1. 3rd Gen Prize

    2. CB Copper (if possible the coastal one, but I'm not that fussy)

    3. CB Xenowyrms (^^^)

    4. A 3rd Gen Thuwed (if possible, from bluna x shallow water)

    5. A 3-4th Gen Dorkface (Gold) or a mate to go with her

    6. CB Waverunner mostly... (Will accept others however)


  5. My Giftee has not accepted yet unsure.gif 2 Xenos grew up sad.gif 2 more on a link ,another is hatched on sad.gif


    My Santa has been very kind biggrin.gif I have some very welcome new additions to the cavern biggrin.gif



    i also have a 3rd gen Gold Shimmer to help someone smile.gif not the rarest of lines but from only 2nd gen shimmer from prize Lineage plus a CB Silver Egg (Hatchable)


    PM if you would like biggrin.gif

  6. My Giftee has yet to pick up sad.gif i have Pair CB Astrapi (Xeno) that grow in 6 hours if any needs to pass on (will need to be Quick pick up) or help send me a PM smile.gif

  7. Thaks ~X~ ! For the life of me I coudln't find paint. Never thought to use the search. Sometimes us oldesters need a little help. smile.gif


    Doing this doesn't show the hatchling codes for the gifts sent over. If you send eggs, those codes wont show until they hatch.


    We can take a screen shot of our action log. Would that work? Or is there another way ya'll want proof of gifts sent?

    what about screen shot of transfer link it shows code if any good unsure.gif


    somehow caught another 2 Brown Coppers

    PM if you need will send links when off CD need gone asap egglocked again rolleyes.gif


    http://dragcave.net/teleport/733911b6f67c4...4efee89634c37cf dummy egg

  8. Have 2 3rd gen checkers with Spriters Alts

    http://dragcave.net/lineage/crfyP  White X Grave

    http://dragcave.net/lineage/dPy0h  All 3 Shadow Walkers smile.gif



    have put them on 2 way to keep within the group smile.gif any old random egg will do

    White X Grave

    Deepsea X SW

    one still available smile.gif

    also have a 3rd gen Gold Tinsel X Stone http://dragcave.net/lineage/jOmAz i would prefer this one to go to someone unable to get for themselves if allowed unsure.gif


    send me PM

  9. Missed a gaia in the jungle that had only two people in it. What are the chances...

    Chance ar good to miss even with 1 person in Biome during the holiday breeding i was in the forest 1 person showing sat on a egg for 5 min turn up pops a Gold guess what i missed unsure.gif

  10. Teaches me to read things before thinking i cant participate rolleyes.gif i presumed this event was going to be in (Dec)oh well my loss sad.gif


    Willing to help with breeding/CBs not the very rares silvers and below if stuck send me a PM biggrin.gif

  11. I am a bit confused by something I'm seeing in the biomes right now (since before the hour, though I've only been hunting for the past ~25 minutes or so) - seeing something I usually don't see so much: People picking up the right-most egg until they're egg-locked. This is happening so much that the Desert and Forest were emptied of eggs with the exception of the middle and left one (those were also gone by :19).


    Is there a concerted effort being made at that in some subcommunity? If not, someone might be testing a multi-scroll bot? I wanted to report it just in case it's latter. (Though I can also imagine it's former, and will be looking through the forum to see if I can find anything like that; will edit if I do find something.)


    (Edit: I can't see the associated scroll names, but I can give codes from my browser history if a mod wants them.)

    Have seen and observed the same thing not so much the last couple of weeks (lack of space to hunt) rolleyes.gif i do know of a couple of players who will spaz click a biome before they go to bed smile.gif they have posted in a thread click refresh click refresh hoping to get a rare smile.gif i have done myself and still missed thembut not more than 5 eggs if and when i have space, which is not often rolleyes.gif i also observed a mass invasion of ER Xeno's to a scroll, just after release must of been close to 200 within the space of 4 hours yet no one was interested unsure.gif even when messaged mods about maybe foul play not even replied to messages sad.gif yet sometimes its so plain to see the patterns wink.gif but nothing done or if it is they come back and do exactly the same thing rolleyes.gif