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  1. I had an Almandine up for trade few weeks ago, not asking for anything over the top just best of of Storm/Grey hatchies or CB Imperial hatchies, (nice and easy) smile.gif i thought asking for 25 was a good and fair trade unsure.gif but not to ones wanting it sad.gif maybe they should look at how long it will take them to catch an Almandine compared to how long to do an IOU trade without causing disruptions to their own plans smile.gif


    i have given up hunting for them now, waste of time and egg space for next to nothing

  2. I bred my commons!

    Action Log Screenshot: Album 1-5

    Ticket Numbers Desired: 67, 459,1363, 1652, 2148 #



    Have only just started breeding but getting some results


    Blue Gemshard 20 = Gems =10 Imps =6 No Egg X2 Refusal X2

    Red Gemshard 20 = Gems =6 Imps =9 No Egg X4 Refusal X1

    Green Gemshard 20 = Gems x8 Imps =11 No Egg X1 Refusal X0




  3. how many random hatchlings are worth an almandine or spessartine?

    how many CB hatchliings?


    I don't have either and I'm trying to get a grasp of what they are generally going for

    I had an Almandine for trade few weeks ago and a person who wanted asked in this Thread thinking 15 was to much sad.gif i think some people don't realize how rare they are its hard enough to see one let alone catch it, i could go days in the Alpine without seeing any yet see 6-7 Golds and yes miss them as well rolleyes.gif so if you want one i would offer as high as you think is doable for you wink.gif

  4. Can't find a trade for a 3G prize for nothing. 4 Xenos (CB), a copper (CB), 3 dinos, 2 BSA hatchies (CB pinks), a 3G Thuwed, and a bevy of common hatchies still aren't enough to trade for one. 3G prizes are becoming as expensive as CB silvers/golds/alamandines again! Ouch.


    Also can't get a PB 4G White Stripe for nothing. They all turn colored. I just want a pure white lineage. dry.gif

    i find this very strange unsure.gif Are you offering what the person is asking for, or just on ones wanting offers?

    i have had numerous 3rd gens up for trade and getting no offers rolleyes.gif some of them nice ones as well, i don't think i am asking to much in the way of CB Imperial hatchies or any line Storm hatchies, Done over a period of time so not to interfere with other persons plans smile.gif all very flexible i think, yes i do get random stuff offered that i have no need for so will decline offers smile.gif

  5. Ugh I didn't put a 2g gold on a trade for a pink pyrope when I should have, I got declined and I'm really regretting it since I'm not getting any decent offers on the 2g. What's the betting I'm going to find another one of those up for trade, I see golds up for trade more than pink pyropes but people only want 2g prizes and spriter alts for golds. ;_;

    sometimes i over pay for 2nd gen Golds smile.gif but not that many coming through trades these days sad.gif

  6. I bred my commons!

    Action Log Screenshot: Logs 16-20

    Ticket Numbers Desired: 845, 1283, 1987,3379, 8886,


    Any duplicates replace with random smile.gif



    First wave gone through next few hours away yet biggrin.gif


    Caught one of Piemaster's 2nd gens last night X Olive smile.gif pairing i do like so thank you for dropping it biggrin.gif

  7. Quick question; The breedings I enter, can they be ones that didn't produce eggs or even refused, or can only pairings that successfully produced eggs be entered?

    All breeding eggs or not biggrin.gif would be hard to check if all ones in logs produced or not blink.gif or put it this way i would not volunteer for the job laugh.gif

  8. Still wondering about this:



    I'd really like to know if I need to save some breedings for a next possible raffle or if I can just breed my whole scroll. ^^"

    As far as i know its for the raffle running at the time biggrin.gif otherwise i think we would run out of breeders blink.gif



    edit: I just see that I may have done that wrong. I went by the word list below the egg image, which starts with Black Tea ... and forgot that further up it mentioned that Black Teas aren't targeted anymore ... I guess that's 1 or 2 tickets less than anticipated? (too tired to count the purebreds now)

    If i have read right looks like they are still ok smile.gif

  10. I haven't kept precise check of the breeding results, but I've bred mine almost every week during this year, and gotten a grand total of 1 shiny from her. With a holiday pairing.


    I feel for you sad.gif i thought trying for a 3rd gen for nearly a year and still no shiny was bad but yours i cant find the words unsure.gif

  11. Have done all on my Giftee's list except one updated sheet


    1. 3rd Gen Prize X2 Bronze and Silver

    2. CB Copper (if possible the coastal one, but I'm not that fussy) Green Copper

    3. CB Xenowyrms (^^^) 1 pr of each

    4. A 3rd Gen Thuwed (if possible, from bluna x shallow water) X2 Pygmy and Red Dorsal

    5. A 3-4th Gen Dorkface (Gold) or a mate to go with her Still trying for

    6. CB Waverunner mostly... (Will accept others however) x2 CB Waverunners



    Also would like to Thank My Secret Santa THANK YOU Santa biggrin.gif


  12. I have another Xeno related question: how many could I get for two 2g golds from semi common mates (Sunsong and Black)?

    Hard to say depending on person wanting golds, if one i wanted i would go 5-6 but i can get them fairly easy others may offer 2 and find it hard work sad.gif


    i traded a 2nd gen gold for a CB Almandine but then thats what person wanted i have tried to trade 2nd Gen metals for CB Common Hatchies and get no offers at all rolleyes.gif