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  1. Hoping to have one late arrival in a few days to send as the final gift :)  think i done pretty well and hope my giftee happy as well:D


    Would like to Say Thank You to my Santa  all have settled in nicely:lol:

  2. Have

    2nd gen Golds from Pillow, Spessartine and Antarean

    CB Yellow Xyu  hatch

    CB Blue Zyu  hatch

    CB Gaia  Male

    CB Silver


    2nd Gen Silver Tinsel X Blusang  Hatch Female for stair


    would like the tinsel to go to someone with none or only a few  :)


    PM will be offline for few hours need some sleep





  3. 48 minutes ago, Jazeki said:

    If anyone could help with the following for my giftee, I would be so grateful:

    Yellow zyu (I got one from my Santa, so it has to stay on my scroll)


    2nd gen from spriter's alt

    Alt undine that is not from pb parents

    Sending you a yellow Zyu:D