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  1. tried on PC just getting tombstone logged in on phone ok then tried on a tablet ok went back to PC got login page up entered name and PW back to tombstone again
  2. same problem her working on phone and tablet but PC not
  3. 1. What's your username? rrattts 2. What's a neat animal fact you know? Mice have more bones than a human
  4. Accepted will more than likely be an adult when you see it
  5. Accepted both on your scroll as adults
  6. Have 3 2nd gens from Alt Sweets 2 X Mistletoe and other X Bright Breasted Wyven , would like them to go to Alt scroll just offer dummy on the links BBW Mistletoe 1 Mistletoe 2
  7. Have 2nd gens from Alt Sweet 2nd Gen X Mistletoe 2nd X Bright Breasted Wyvern Want any other 2nd gen Valentines Sweet Mistletoe Sweet Wyvern
  8. Go with Life as well same reason as previous comments
  9. Have 2nd gens from Alt Sweetlings 2nd X Bright Breasted Wyvern 2nd Gen X Mistletoe 2nd Gen X Mistletoe Want 2nd gen Alt swaps of 2nd gens from Val 09s 2nd X Bright Breasted Wyvern 2nd Gen X Mistletoe 2nd Gen X Mistletoe
  10. All links sent Thank You everyone, been a long time since last one but just as enjoyable
  11. Gold link sent will post ones i would like 11.
  12. Have a late arrival for the draw https://dragcave.net/lineage/RITHR
  13. Fiona i can hold and stun if still needed also have CB Green Copper (Fresh caught) https://dragcave.net/lineage/TLhc7 https://dragcave.net/lineage/uesq1 https://dragcave.net/lineage/f5SDQ
  14. Hoping to have one late arrival in a few days to send as the final gift think i done pretty well and hope my giftee happy as well Would like to Say Thank You to my Santa all have settled in nicely
  15. I'm for it , at first i read it as 21/22 and thought oh i had missed the cut, should not read things when just got off a nightshift will start hunting today shall i post donations here or send a message?
  16. Have Yellow Dino if anyone needs for gifting place dummy on link https://dragcave.net/teleport/9228029f6c1ccdaabcc9ccd0717c9f34
  17. Have 2nd gen Golds from Pillow, Spessartine and Antarean CB Yellow Xyu hatch CB Blue Zyu hatch CB Gaia Male CB Silver and 2nd Gen Silver Tinsel X Blusang Hatch Female for stair would like the tinsel to go to someone with none or only a few PM will be offline for few hours need some sleep
  18. 2nd Gen golds from Spessatine, Pillow and Antarean if anyone needs PM please
  19. Have 2nd Gen prize avilable to help with a gift PM please Gone to Velvet_paw hope your giftee like it