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  1. May I please be removed from all lists, as I am uncertain of how focused on the cave I can be for the forseeable future.
  2. Phew! Just grabbed #60. Had dozed off earlier and forgot to set my alarm. Happy Easter to all!
  3. I'm sad, I missed going back for the flowers after the bucket
  4. the event glitched? The screen is just grayscale in the square Edit: Nvm, switched to chrome and now it works. Silly IE. Oh, and LOVE THE GAME!! Dragomon!!
  5. I want to sign up! Forum name: ScnBrain_2008 Scroll name: ScnBrain Wishlist: 1.CB Gold or 2nd gen from ANY spriter alt 2.Alt Black 3.Chrono Xeno 4.Reds 5.Surprise! 6.Any thing besides water walker! Breeding abilities: CB of all Holidays except Holly, Alt Valentine 2010, Penk Tinsel line (can make 4th gen babies), can make 4th gen gold shimmer, can make 4th gen silver shimmer, can make 2nd gen metals Catching abilities: Fairly good at catching, can't grab metals, but pretty good with xenos, trios, etc. Trading abilities: Will do my best
  6. I can't even load my own dragon scroll. The eggs do look beautiful though. And 0/5 revives this year, oh well, No shiny zombies for me.
  7. Is the lag killing anybody else?
  8. Sparkly!!!!!! http://dragcave.net/lineage/iARnC My FAVORITE DINO!!! http://dragcave.net/lineage/3ZTb
  9. Are ingredients on a timer like the ToT items? Or random generation on each page?
  10. Nah, they aren't stuck, they are just shy and don't want to come out and be with their friends.
  11. Ugh...maintenance Edit: And now, finally, i'm maxed out. 5 CB Silver LH (3 from alp, 1 from des, 1 from vol) plus 1 CB Gold LH and 1 CB Chrono. Back to bed I go!
  12. The 5 min drops are lasting like 10 seconds. Lol. I managed 3 at the 9 pm flood then took a nap. Woke up about 20 minutes ago and manged to catch my second one from the alpine. So now it's just trying to catch another 1 before work.
  13. Got a cb pair, need 2 more sets to finish for the night
  14. Andd....no flood at 8pm. maybe 8:30 or 9, if tj has to 'start' anything
  15. less than 120 seconds....2 minutes....1/30th of an hour...
  16. 4 minutes...and I couldn't help myself, I snagged a CB Chrono while I was biome hopping around.
  17. Oh no...see one of the last seasonal eggs of summer....good trade fodder.... NO! Must resist!
  18. *Lowers my face mask, raises my scroll and dragon-catching net.* WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO HOARD, SALUTE THE CAVE!!!
  19. *Puts out coffee, donuts and a stereo playing the theme from Jaws* Alright, good to go, 18 minutes....
  20. While I would like eggs from all the biomes, I think I'm gonna just focus on one biome this round. And so hope it's mega-drop
  21. Soo...less than 30 minutes. Any predictions on how much lag the cave is gonna have? Or if we eager owners are gonna break the cave?
  22. Grabbed one gold yesterday and one last gold tonight, to give me 5 cbm and 5 cbf. got 3 cbm and 2cbf of the bronze and blues. And plan to load up on silvers this release. The golds and silvers will be the ones I hoard. Bronzes won't be as high on my list. And the blues will fall right in the middle.
  23. Don't know if you are still gathering egg data or not, but here you go. Time: 06:50 PM Dragon Cave Time (DC) Date: 15 September 2015 Moon Phases: I. Aurax (Gold Moon): Waxing Crescent II. Cirion (Blue Moon): Waning Crescent Lunar Heralds: B. I bred a Bronze Lunar Herald egg. Lineage Link