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  1. Luli

    Silvi's Lair

    It hasn't been working for me since yesterday either
  2. Ooh, I saw that thread but I didn't really get it, tbh. Thanks! Also thank you @HeatherMarie and @olympe for the extra info!!
  3. Hey! I couldn't find an answer or missed it but...the encyclopedia is not showing all the dragons I've seen, why is that? I own a lot of the blurred ones. Thank you in advance for your help!
  4. I tried to be a smartass and not double check my green hatchling, so I abandoned it. Then I realized it was the alt dark green I wanted, SO STUPID, UGH.
  5. It would be easier, but still incredibly hard, it won't be easy because it's easier! Some of the comments on this thread talk about it like those who support it are asking for GoNs to become common or uncommon or rare or even very rare. By halving the waiting time, the change won't be that dramatic, they won't stop being extremely rare. Doubling the opportunities won't double the chances, if you have a 1% chance of getting a GoN, by being able to summon one twice as often, you won't have a 2% chance. It'll still be a 1% chance every single time you try, you won't get any luckier for having a second chance every fortnight.
  6. Yes, that's what I meant. You would have double as many opportunities to summon a GoN. I thought chance = opportunity, my bad if that's grammatically incorrect (foreign speaker here, woops)
  7. Okay, so reducing the cooldown time would double the chances of getting a GoN. Instead of it taking two years to successfully summon one, it would take one, per say. Does that *really* make a huge difference? No. I don't see why people are getting up in arms about the time being reduced, they wouldn't become easy to get, yes, easier, but still incredibly hard. Reducing the time would just help a little with the frustration everyone feels when they've been waiting two weeks to try again and then see it all fails in a second of the page loading. Having to wait years to get one honestly seems to be a little excessive, a game stops being fun when you spend more time stressing out than enjoying it. I've been a member for a long time now, but I've gone and come several times as a product of frustration for various reasons.
  8. I had a feeling my trio was going to be successful this time, but nope. Ugh
  9. Has the success rate been bumped for today only or is this permanent? My trios won't be ready until the 23rd, eep.
  10. Luli

    Egg Drop Soup

    I get the coding too, but when you click on the usual "Close [x]" button the page goes back to normal and I can add my eggs. It should be fixed though, something's not right!
  11. I just caught quite a few for myself, if anyone needs help, send me a message
  12. That was cool, but I completed the quest without getting the rainbow chicken...?
  13. Congratulations to the winners! I also would love to see the winning trees, just to know what DC people's taste is. I voted for a few trees, but I'm sure I didn't see them all.
  14. On your scroll's page, there's a link right above the trophies edit: ninja'd xP
  15. Bah, my tree looks cluttered, now I'm all worried :c But I did put thought into it and I'm hoping it doesn't look bad? I think it's festive and definitely not random.
  16. Oh, I just noticed the red candle I do have is from day 3...I must have missed day 6 then D:
  17. I'm missing several things from day 6 now that I take a look, I don't know why :/
  18. I'm excited about this, it's been fun decorating the tree
  19. Are these female only? Mm
  20. Are these permanent? Because the firecracker is confusing D: I'm scroll locked right now
  21. I got two green ones...but they look different o.o
  22. Um, ever since I heard they were going to be retired I've been adopting CBs like crazy, unfortunately, I got all the dragon kinds but the Frills. We had a warning telling us one date and then the date was moved, I wouldn't have minded if it had been to a later date, but all of a sudden they are gone and there was no warning about this new date. So many people were relying on the first bit of information and I'm sure they were doing their best, I don't think it's anyone's fault if they didn't get to catch one and they have all the right to be sad or mad if they didn't get the Frill they wanted, thinking they still had plenty of time and all of a sudden not having it. All of that aside, I'm really sad that I couldn't get the male Frill I needed, I was hoping that I would catch one some time this month. I really liked them, it really sucks that it was retired because of some whiny people. I'm really sorry that you went through all of that Lythiaren, it really sucks when people end up chasing you out, I wish it hadn't ended this way, but I guess I understand, I don't think you've been childish at all either :/
  23. Woo! I'm a masterr C: