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  1. For the people not having much luck snagging a new egg, it is very possible that in a month this will be a cave blocker so I wouldn't fret about it too much. We have no idea how common this egg is gonna be when the hype dies down. It's entirely possible you won't be able to give them away soon enough.
  2. Your Forum name:Mazzy Your Scroll name:Mazzy The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please):8PETF Egg type:Sunset Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please):6:51pm Time of Death:7:02pm Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 9/1/1 Hatched normal. Used 6 hatcheries & finished with: 1365/91/2
  3. Is there something going on that I don't know about?? Seems a LOT of people felt like breeding their horses today!
  4. And Done! I think my favorites are the parrot and the puzzle eggs. The little red monster is fantastic too! RAWR! ... And the lightning. And the cat with the fish bowl. And the little duck, and the... lol
  5. Oh, is it the super-flashy egg that everyone is talking about in regards to that Homestuck (or is it Homestruck??)? Also, just picked up the parrot egg and the puzzle one before that - both fantastic! Great work spriters!! Thank you!
  6. Anybody have a tip for blowing these up to see the detail? In an earlier post someone mentioned the zodiac symbols on R1 S2 egg, but I can't see them jsut on the Cave page (too small) so I tried to magnify the egg in Paint but that just made it pixel-y colored blotches on a pixel-y white egg. Suggestions?
  7. My very first descrip for a Red egg found in AP (that had soft shell/inbred) And I got: Accept: Accept: Very sweet And also very well written! Accept: Accept: Lovely story and a sweet title for her at the end. Well done Accept: Thanks so much guys! I had a comment earlier mentioning that my punctuation was messed up (and soon realized Word doesn't transfer apostrophes) so thanks to that person too for pointing that out! This was so fun that I've already written a second and it has a few "accepts" too. Yay! I hope that someone who reviews it will get the reference - and mention it (maybe the others got it but didn't?). It's really not a big deal, but... I'm still really hoping someone knows it.
  8. Really enjoy the egg hunt and glad we're doing it again this year. I do wish there was a way to click on the eggs just to "view" and have them show up a little larger so that we could get a good look at the full detail of the artists' works. I love seeing (to the extent that I can make it out) the detail they put into these eggs.
  9. I had no blk alts before this so I'm excited about the change and happy to get this chance to breed a few. I don't actually see how this messes up lineages though - other than projects being on hold for a bit. If you breed an alt and don't want it, just abandon. Someone will gladly pick it up. It isn't as if you are forced to add that dragon to your lineage project. Breeding another time, when these alts are so plentiful, will give the normal blks people need to continue on whatever lineage projects they have going. It doesn't even mess up generations, etc. because the line only follows in whatever way you wish it to (with the ability to abandon any egg/hatchy that doesn't fit your pattern and try again).
  10. I (finally!) got one today and was super excited. They may be getting easier to grab, but for me, every time I saw one even recently they would poof in and out within one refresh. Also ? - if you can only have one leetle tree, is it one of each kind or just one period? I see they change with the seasons so once a new season begins can you try for a second??
  11. I dunno, the blacks do have a "faint green glow" And thanks to this post I got my first alt black ever from my blks this week! Thanks for the heads up!!
  12. ? What do you mean it already happens that way? I can't find any way to view my scroll other than with my dragons listed in a vertical line down the page. Am I missing something in 'settings'??
  13. Well thanks guys. I'll consider that "answered" - DC calls CBs F1 and so will I. And on a related but not DC note - the reason the first set of parents being called F0 is because they are the first who's offspring will have no genetic variation when mated - their pups will always be genetically identical to the parents. The reason then for the 'F0' is that, in order to create a stable genetic line that won't ever throw a mutation in the mix, you must do at least 10 back-crosses (pups mated back to parents or to each other bro/sis style) in order to ensure that genetic stability. So, when you get to that 10th set of pups, they won't be a "generation" because they will be the absolute first that can start the new line of 'variation free' offspring. They will be the Founders of this new line so they have no previous generations = F0. ~shrug~ in case you were interested. lol Oh, and of course we don't do that for humans so we'd never have an F0 grandma - we want the genes as spread out as possible for humans (or domestic animals). Plus, using the family photo as the reference, we say "a pic of three gens" (or however many are pictured) but not "a pic of first, second, and third gens" because grandma isn't the first, she's just the oldest.
  14. I'd like to suggest an alt tiled scroll option. In general, whether you are looking for breeders or BSA dragons or whatever, the more dragons you have the more tedious it is to endlessly scroll down your Scroll to find what you're looking for. I think it'd be nice if the Scroll could be viewed in tile form (like the custom sort alternative view) with just the dragon's pic and name/code. There might still be a fair bit of scrolling for those with hundreds and hundreds of dragons but even it seems like it'd be significantly easier than the current version for finding what you're looking. It would allow each turn of your mouse wheel to bring up an entire vertical row of dragons rather than just the single next dragon on the Scroll. Thanks for considering.
  15. Hmm... then hopefully a few more people will weigh in because if it's just 'whatever an individual gamer wants to do' then I guess I can do it either way and they are both correct for the purposes of this game.
  16. Been away from DC for a while and I see that Penk had several children so I'm not sure how big of a deal this is but I really like it. 7th gen silver from Penk (stairstep): http://dragcave.net/lineage/qpjCD
  17. Okay, great, thanks! I don't much care if people do it right or "wrong" in the game, I just want to make sure I do it per the way the rest of the gamers do it so that I won't be saying "no this is a first generation dragon" and the tradee is telling me "no, you promised me a CB egg when you said 'first gen' and now you're trying to give me a bred egg" kinda thing.
  18. I was perusing the trading threads, clicking on various eggs, and I noticed that many people label their generations incorrectly so I'm wondering if it's just done differently for DC or if people really think that's how you label "generations" (so that I can do it "correctly per the DC way")? So - CB parents are NOT truly "first generation", they are Cave Born. In real life, we would label the specimens "F0" because they are the start, not a "generation" in the line. A "generation" by definition, must come FROM WITHIN the line. So the FIRST egg from CB parents is NOT "2nd gen" it's actually FIRST generation. But that's the way it's done in real life and so maybe not in this game. And there in lies my question - in Dragon Cave, is the adding of a generation/calling the parents "first generation" instead of F0, the way it's supposed to be done here in DC or is it just that someone didn't know how to properly label gens and it caught on OR do some people label first egg from cave born parents 1st gen as is the correct format per real life labeling and some don't? If people are doing it both ways then I'll just adopt the correct way of labeling generations (CB parents = F0 and first egg is F1, etc on down the line), but if everyone has adopted this other way of labeling generations then regardless of what I know to be correct, if that's the accepted format her on DC, then I'd just follow the crowd so as not to cause confusion, especially where trading is concerned. Any clarity on this would be appreciated. TXS!
  19. Mazzy

    Silvi's Lair

    Is something going on with Silvi's? I keep getting this error: Sorry but I couldn't find any eggs or hatchlings that could be added to the site. So either there are none on your scroll (hidden can't be added this way), the scrollname isn't correct or the connection to Dragon Cave failed. And I see there are several grown up dragons on the site so I'm guessing there's an actual problem happening??
  20. @penguin - on any page in THE CAVE (scroll, AP, etc). I haven't gotten them all yet but so far I really like the one with the leetle tree (or whatever seedling) just coming to life out of the egg(soil).
  21. I"m not a big breeder - don't ever do it honestly - but I figured I'd try to breed my few metallics to see if I could get an egg to gift (I have CBs or low gens so work out well for gifting ) but not a one of them were successful. Boo.
  22. I've seen these banners around and wondered what the "breeding oath" was. Finally took the time to check it out. But unfortunately I can only be a supporter right now as I breed specfically to gift on TGT, and if I breed a rare, and the result is a common, I don't keep that egg. I still consider myself a supporter though, as #1. I try to only breed my rares with commons that are ALSO listed on TGT as someone wanting them (most of the time though they want a hatchling and I'm not willing to hold an egg for 6+ days for someone just to see if it genders the way they want it to - hold it yourself if you want a certain gender!! (<-- a pet peeve of mine ), #2. I grab from the AP too for the purposes of gifting - usually gendered hatchlings, but also eggs that someone has listed they wanted, #3. I NEVER breed just for breeding's sake, and #4. I NEVER participate in mass breeds as I find them to be a completely defeating of the purpose they are going for - if you mass breed then there will actually be less of said dragon dropping in the cave and not everyone wants your lineaged dragons; a fair amount of people want CBs and mass breeding takes away rather than adds to those dragons people want most. So hopefully all those things above make me a 'supporter'. I added the banner to my signature so if I am incorrect in my assumption (of being a supporter) then someone please speak up and tell me and I'll take the banner off. TXS Mazzy
  23. I don't remember the forth, but I can tell you that I grabbed four hatchlings instead. The first was a little black. I couldn't sleep, it was the middle of the night, and I read a black's descrip about hunting at night so I named him "Kozepan" which means 'dead of night'. Second was Catopsis - a vine. Catopsis is the genus name of one of the carnivorous plants. Third was a Magi. I named him "Kuberos" because I had already run completely out of 'clever ideas' for names and kuberos is the name of a computer system at work. lol I've completely forgotten what I managed to nab forth. What ever hatchling happened to pop up on the AP that I was fast enough to catch.
  24. I voted "yes, a couple times" but I've only actually done it once so far. I have a vine with a code that basically spelled "guyz" (I don't know what the code is right off hand and DC is down right now) and I thought of "disguise" due to the dragon being plant-like so I named it "Guise" I jsut got a frill with code R8AR which to me is like "radar" and with those frills on it's head being like a satellite dish I think I may name that one Radar.