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    I am sure there are people who would take this as an opportunity to do just that. However, I seriously doubt that any player concerned with being able to trade with someone long term would do such a thing. The moderators are simply telling everyone, plainly, that they cannot help you in any way if you choose to conduct IOU trades, and that is why it cannot be officially sanctioned.
  2. You used to be able to put the code of the dragon into the abandoned page url (at the end) and then refresh madly to pick up the egg or hatchling. If someone saw it when your computer glitched, or was just plain faster, you lost out, because it would show on the AP. This was actually more of a hole in the system than an actual function of DC, which is why Teleport was brought about, to give DC an official way to trade. The ability to use the code of the egg or hatchy to pick it up from the AP was removed when Teleport was implemented. There was an entire thread about it, it is likely archived under News.
  3. Back when Guardian's of Nature were first released, you could trade them. This was also before Teleport was a function on DC. I traded 4 very rare dragons for one, and it was lost in trade. Sucked mightily!
  4. Is it ridiculous that I am ecstatic about having a 200 capacity inbox??? Well I am. Thanks TJ!!!
  5. Bodecia

    Glomp Gifting

    Have been glomped again by MaximumOccupancy for yet another of my dream dragons, thank you!
  6. Bodecia

    Glomp Gifting

    I have been glomp gifted by MaximumOccupancy for one of the critters on my "seeking and will never find list"....thank you!
  7. Lineages are necessary, at least 2 gen. lineages. to even obtain some dragons. There are breeds that don't come in CB, lol, so this is kinda of where it started for me. I later got more into lineages because it was the only way to collect Spriter Alts, for example. I can't have a Spriter Alt in CB, but I can use them in lineages. Like others who posted, I simply found some nice lineaged eggs on the AP, and they were so cool looking that I decided to breed a few lines. They are just for me, I rarely trade them, but I really like them. When you are waiting for months between releases, you need something to do besides twiddle your thumbs, so lineage projects are a way to keep the fires stoked. I understand your frustration at not having tradeable dragons, but what is in vogue comes and goes, so just keep hunting around for what works.
  8. I am looking for a mate to this: 3rd even gen. Moonstone I would like the mate to be crossed with Rosebuds, because of course the Sweetlings are male. I would be happy to give the sire donor the first egg from this pair.
  9. "Your magma, thunder, and ice dragons attempt to use their power to summon an egg, but they are not successful." Geez I hope it doesn't take another 2 years to get my second one.....
  10. Everyone please refrain from personal type posts to this thread, and allow the thread monitors to do their job. If you have a specific issue with someone, please send a PM instead of posting here. This thread is for announcing the departures of hatchlings and the rare eggs listed in the first post. A three minute window is strongly suggested to allow players who may not be signed in to their accounts to get ready to try for your dragons. Thank you to all who use this thread, we just ask that you help us keep it functioning smoothly and cleanly by reading and following the rules.
  11. Grats, Siryuki! I also finally summoned my first GoN last week after two years of trying. I was stunned.
  12. Yup, just got the e-mail also. No clarity there, lol.
  13. ???? Did the Dino descriptions change? Not sure, since I don't have any on my scroll, but my brother has all of them, and he asked me just now about it.
  14. Heh. I finally decide to start collecting stage 1 hatchlings, and all the curled Alt Blacks have vanished. Figures, I have all I need of the standing Alts. They were common like this when I first joined, but that was 4 years ago, so this must be the ratios swinging back. Want my curled Alt, though, so dang it, level out already.
  15. *Blinks and rubs eyes, then goes to mark calender* Year 2. FINALLY!!!! Summon is NOT a lie!!! I have GoN!!! *Runs off to remove summonflail image from signature*
  16. It's not just lagging, it is down. And now it is up. Okay, little red egg, I am on it.
  17. Love my Valentine Leetle Tree, very cute.
  18. I am too tired to look up exactly where I am at, just know it is over 50 flails at this point. Really??? Two years almost, and no GoN. How is that even possible?
  19. Holy Shiz Bang, these are gorgeous!!
  20. I would at least like to have the ability to summon every week. It is maddening to have to wait two weeks just to be told "your luck sucketh mightily." I would like to get it over with sooner.
  21. 2012 is a bust as well. Your magma, thunder, and ice dragons attempt to use their power to summon an egg, but they are not successful. For the 50th time. Lovely. What a pointless, stupid function. 19 months with no results, really?? Why are my odds getting worse instead of better with more GoNs on people's scrolls? Makes no sense, and at this point I am just plain damned mad.
  22. Oh wow! Love love love the adults, very nice!!
  23. I do freeze Halloween dragons because they do not have limits on number. For the ones limited to 2 per scroll I never freeze, because that would reduce the number of breedable adults I have, and I like to share.
  24. You do know they can only hold one egg, and that is only IF they do not have 2 already, right? The eggs from multi-clutches auto abandon, they can't be held and traded, so no one is hoarding them.