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  1. It's not just lagging, it is down. And now it is up. Okay, little red egg, I am on it.
  2. Love my Valentine Leetle Tree, very cute.
  3. I am too tired to look up exactly where I am at, just know it is over 50 flails at this point. Really??? Two years almost, and no GoN. How is that even possible?
  4. Holy Shiz Bang, these are gorgeous!!
  5. I would at least like to have the ability to summon every week. It is maddening to have to wait two weeks just to be told "your luck sucketh mightily." I would like to get it over with sooner.
  6. 2012 is a bust as well. Your magma, thunder, and ice dragons attempt to use their power to summon an egg, but they are not successful. For the 50th time. Lovely. What a pointless, stupid function. 19 months with no results, really?? Why are my odds getting worse instead of better with more GoNs on people's scrolls? Makes no sense, and at this point I am just plain damned mad.
  7. Oh wow! Love love love the adults, very nice!!
  8. I do freeze Halloween dragons because they do not have limits on number. For the ones limited to 2 per scroll I never freeze, because that would reduce the number of breedable adults I have, and I like to share.
  9. You do know they can only hold one egg, and that is only IF they do not have 2 already, right? The eggs from multi-clutches auto abandon, they can't be held and traded, so no one is hoarding them.
  10. I have been shocked by the number of Holly eggs I have seen on the AP this year. I haven't been able to catch any, mind you, there is a lot of competition, but there have been more eggs than I have seen in previous years.
  11. Everyone's wreaths are beautiful and some quite clever. I am glad TJ is doing a random drawings for prizes this year, it would be really hard to pick. My wreath
  12. The two I have bred so far have both produced clutches of 4.
  13. I am really loving looking my scroll over and seeing all the holiday dressed dragons. Very cool!
  14. All I know is that if I make it to two years without even getting one, there is something seriously wrong. Why would anyone continue to play a game that requires years to get one dragon? It doesn't make sense.
  15. Your magma, thunder, and ice dragons attempt to use their power to summon an egg, but they are not successful. For the 48th time. The level of annoyance at this point is really beyond what one should experience from a game. I am going to stop using this function for a few months. The odds are the same.
  16. Got a pair of hatchies to go with my adults, so pretty darn happy. Was hoping for a stage1 hatchy as well, but ran out of kills getting the others. Goal for next year....!
  17. This. Sigh. I know this is normal, but really? Now?? Shoot. *Kicks a rock* On a positive note, I did manage to catch a few before I was so rudely interrupted. I am very curious to see the Sprite. I always stay away from any of the concept pages because I love to be surprised.
  18. Not as bad, since they are all that drops for the most part. You don't have to try and pick them out of an AP full of other eggs. Zero hours is coming.....2h/40 minutes.
  19. This was really clever and fun, thank you to everyone who put in time and effort on this, what a talented and creative group!
  20. I would have to say Guardian of Nature, followed by Holly.
  21. As I suspected, there is really only a very small margin of success. It is a function designed to fail most of the time.
  22. I don't have a favorite yet, but I am wondering why the Desert is empty like ALL the time?? Was empty last night, and again today. What up?
  23. Collector/hoarder/breeder....yes.