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  1. Can't monsters be intelligent? What really makes a monster? And while I'm still thinking of Nintendo, I like the bulborbs from Pikmin!
  2. My room is usually what I call organized chaos. Everything looks messy, but I can find each and everything I need in my room. I have a laundry basket filled with dirty clothes under my bed, books everywhere from on my desk to the back of my bathroom toilet and random junk (rocks, shells, trash etc.) in just about every other square inch of it. I did start cleaning it so now it's not so bad, but I already can't find my phone which used to live in my pillow case as an alarm clock
  3. These are still in? Everyone I know from elementary school to high school has stopped wearing these. I don't really care about them one way or another, but I know a ton of people that cut off their circulation with these things... But now that I think of it theres not really a point in having a rubber band that has shapes when it'll be around your wrist and shapeless anyway...
  4. Eating good food, going to the movies with my friends, hanging out with my girlfriend and sleeping after an exhausting day
  5. I just finished the first book, so now I feel safe watching the first season and I'm excited by what I've seen from previews! I just started on the 2nd book and I'm hoping to fly through it, but with school and stuff now... well we'll see. But quick question, does the show hold up to the books? Or does it skip over a lot of stuff like other movies/shows based off books do?
  6. Just saw this, so I'm gonna jump on in! Since August I've read these... EDIT: This is me signing myself up basically Book Number: 1 Number Of Pages: 807 Book Title: A Game of Thrones Author: George R.R. Martin Summary: Follows the Stark family, when Eddard Stark gets asked to go south and become King Robert's Hand (The justice bringer of the king). After Ned (Eddard) becomes Hand he follows a conspiracy that got the previous Hand killed, but during this investigation his wife Catelyn captures the Queen's younger brother Tyrion which starts a war between the north and south. (It's a series so this is book 1) Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 2 Number Of Pages: 120 Book Title: The Stranger Author: Albert Camus Summary: Meursault is called to his mother's funeral where he attends and leaves without shedding a tear for the loss. When he returns to his home he starts a relationship with a woman he works with and a new friendship with a man named Raymond. When he goes to the beach with Raymond they encounter a group of Arabs who have problems with Raymond, so a fight breaks out and Meursault later shoots and kills one of the Arabs. When he goes to court, he is found guilty of murder and sentenced to die. Rating: 3/5 Book Number: 3 Number Of Pages: 202 Book Title: The Lord of the Flies Author: William Golding Summary: A group of boys land on a deserted island when their plane crashes out at sea. They start a "tribe" and elect Ralph leader and his first order is to make a signal fire on the top of the mountain. When his elected "hunters" let the fire go out the hunters' leader, Jack, starts a tribe of his own where all they focus on is fun and survival. Ralph is left alone with Piggy, the smartest and fattest boy on the island, and when the new tribe attacks them for Piggy's glasses Ralph and Piggy go to get them back. The new tribe kills Piggy and chases Ralph through the jungle until they see a boat on the other side of the island that takes them home. Rating: 4/5 So there's my start, I'm gonna shoot for 250!
  7. Gandalf, Dumbledore is cool and all, but Gandalf could beat him man to man and he's just cooler! I'm pretty sure Dumbledore couldn't go head to head with a Balrog!
  8. METROID! I love the ones from Prime... but i think Ridley is more awesome
  9. Necromorphs I believe they're called. Yeah that game is full of scary looking monsters... I've jumped outta my seat more times than I can count playing those games.
  10. Want you gone- Portal 2 (Not a band, a game. Still an awesome song)
  11. I just started reading this series and I sped through the first book. I'm in the middle of reading a clash of kings. I love them, they're 800+ pages which keep me reading forever and the characters have a lot of variety. I kinda want to know what you guys think is the best book so far in the series. I'm hoping to catch up soon, but I'm hoping they don't go downhill in quality like some series seem to.
  12. Sounds like a plan to me. I'll find the first one at the library or something and I'll read it right after A Clash of Kings
  13. I keep hearing about these warrior books... Are they really that good? I've seen them but never picked them up, maybe it's cuz im not a cat person
  14. I'm still a high schooler but I've had 2 concussions. My first was when my grandmother slammed a van door on my head as i was getting out (we didn't have automatic doors at the time). The second is just embarrassing, I was playing ultimate frisbee with my friends in the rain on one of the school soccer fields. I was racing a kid for the frisbee and ran straight into the soccer goal post
  15. I love R.A. Salvatore. He writes the Legend of Drizzt stuff in Forgotten Realms and I have more than 20 of his books! If you don't know Drizzt he's a dark elf (drow as they're also called) that used to live in the drow city of Menzoberranzan, but left once he was rejected for not fitting into the society they had down there. When he comes to the surface he meets a dwarf (Bruneor Battlehammer) a halfling (Regis) a hlaf giant (Wulfgar) and a human (Cattie Brie). All the Legend books follow their adventures from fighting pirates to killing dragons. Oh, and I like George R. R. Martin! I just started reading A Game of Thrones and it's probably one of the best books ive ever read!
  16. Id agree with wonton about the turrets, those little guys are awesome! I don't know if anyone plays Dragon Quest, but I love all the slimes to... I don't know why it's just hard to hate something that always smiles at you.
  17. My first video game was Final Fantasy on the NES when i was 4 years old. I couldn't get past Garland because I could barely read what the people wanted me to do