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  1. Oh, I see. Thank you for explaining
  2. I've been at DC for over 10 years on and off but im not very social, so I still don't understand some things. Could anybody explain how SAs work? How and who gets them, do they exist for all the breeds or just some, etc
  3. Thanks a lot! Unlocked Bolts now too Re zombies: it's easier to click them during nighttime because there are so many kinds of zombies. Tombstones do register, but you have to check which species they were when alive etc.
  4. Thanks a lot! Finally have unlocked them all
  5. Hey, welcome back! I started in 2008 myself Had a break for a couple of years, then came back and keep playing it on and off since. The main pleasure of this game, as for me, is that it allows you to pace yourself whichever way you wish. If you want to play every day, there's stuff to do. If you want to log in once a week or even once a month for a new release, it's also fine. You can communicate with other people and trade, or you can just play on your own. Both are fine. And so on.
  6. Yay, it's back, good enough to celebrate My favourite DC fansite.
  7. Yey! Thank you so much! Normal naked Luminas unlocked Only Dark left.
  8. If somebody has electrified Bolts or Naked Luminas, could please post them?
  9. Hmm do they have encyclopedia entry already? Anyway, my pigmies aren't grown yet, but here are some tercorns: BAOSo kHzAB 6dXne mtIC3
  10. OMG this is so amazing and lolsome! You made my day
  11. Some naked Luminas: Naked 1 Naked 2 Naked 3 And a naked Dark Lumina
  12. Much appreciated! Still need 1) a few more Undead Two-Headed Eastern Zombies ( Blancblack ones). The awesome zombie spreadsheet didn't have enough of this version, regretfully. 2) Neglected egg.
  13. I've been checking forum 10 times a day recently 'cos it was high time for a new release. Checked 2 times today's morning. So of course the release has happened as soon as I went out :)) Pretty eggs!
  14. Good thing I went to catch an Undine egg )) Would have missed the release otherwise, as usual.
  15. Good luck and thank you for your hard work! This is the only site I use for DC 'cos I find it intuitive and very convenient, and the dragons grow up without any trouble.
  16. Yes, they are dropping again. Caught mine quite easily now. Soooo, does that mean they are a night-time dragon or something? Or that TJ just fixed the bug?
  17. I completely missed the release, likely because I'm on another side of the world from America. Now I've beem refreshing Forest for over an hour and I, too, haven't even see one. More than a little annoying, that.