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  1. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: painless_j Scroll Name: painless_j Group Name: painless_j's Secret Santa 2019 group Wishlist: 1. Neglected 2. CB Green Copper, 3G from Spriter's Alt 3. Dino (any) 4. 4G from Spriter's Alt 5. Any 2G Hybrid, any CB red or pink 6. Actually, this should be my slot 2-5 because I want this much more than anything 'cept Neglected: a clean (not inbread) long-lineage (10+ gen, better even 20+) unrelated to XrYSq (The prettiness of the lineage doesn't matter.) 7. Anything with a crazy/funny lineage: rude codes ancestors, funny inbreedings, irregular SA-kins not in base. Examples here Breeding abilities: Don't have anything super-exciting 😕 Can breed 2g Gold or Silver, if they are willing; some 2g Holidays or Holiday-kins, most existing dragons 2g purebloods, 2g hybrids, all possible 2g Halloween-kins, some long-lineage pureblood reds or dragons with only green (colour) in lineage like PrMo Catching abilities: I have caught CB trios, xenos, aeons, plenty of lunars and other uncommons. Unbreedables and metals have happened, but not reliably and rarely. Trading abilities: my trading capabilities depend on what I manage to catch, but usually I can trade for trios, CB aeons/lunars, xenos and such, Teleport abilities: I have enough magi to cover my needs, I think.
  2. Was thinking I need rare zombie adults, so I should breed some fodder. Checked my eggs. 2 just hatched, 1 would hatch within an hour. So I bred how many eggs? Of course 3 😕 One went right to the AP. Not big deal of course but it's messy and could be of value only to new players or zombie makers. I prefer to release prettier dragons as a rule.
  3. Picking this one to use in sig. So pretty! Thank you!
  4. Being a slowpoke that I am, I just found this project and must say that I think it's awesome! I would like to participate at some point if I have suitable dragons. I've been plaing since 2008 but same as @pinkgothic wasn't too much into caveborns at the beginning, so I don't have many very old CB dragons. As for the current step, I have 2 male CB Silvers caught in November 2008: eRWY and YsEx Willing to rename any of my dragons. The case is worth it ETA: I also have a CB Green dragon from 2008 hjsv male CB Magi vLF7 male CB Mint from 2009 😕 BWkF female White from 2008 cjB4 male Skywing from 2008 UTZI
  5. Oh, sorry, was set to private indeed. I've changed it to public now.
  6. Anybody good at math and DC mechanics here? How many Red dragons should I have to always have an option to incubate available, assuming I have 8 egg slots filled always and the CD for a Red is 2 weeks? 34 is not enough, as I find.
  7. ktX1q ja7MK All my halloweens are gathered here, in case you need some for the awesomesauce spreadsheet
  8. Still lags pretty badly after the daily maintenance. I'm not even hunting, just trying to name new dragons, and it takes half a minute to load a dragon info page.
  9. I've been making zombies this Halloween, and I tried killing my 2-headed eastern adult (success) and then reviving it (success too, if we count as success that it came back alive, not zombie). So the question is: this newly revived dragon has the option in actions to be killed again. But will it have the option to be revived again if I kill it?
  10. 9/33 hatchlings turned (some of them doubles of course), 2 revived. 1/5 adults turned. Add that to 3 zombies I'd had, and now I have 13 total. Will try to kill and ress 5 more adults in the evening.
  11. I love the look of the eggs!
  12. Still standing. Time to sleep and see how long they will last through the night.
  13. My army is reduced in numbers but still standing.
  14. Oh I see. I missed that bit of info. Thank you!
  15. Are vampires dropping in Hallo biom? Haven't seen one yet.
  16. I'm only attached to my private superlineage The rest is replaceable, I finally started to think after a decade of playing.
  17. That's a good point re 10 kills and adult sprites. I guess I'll try it and see how it makes me feel
  18. I have a question. So, the 31th of a month has a slightly higher chance of zombie success, right? But what about the months that have 30 days? Do we skip them? I'm suddenly getting serious about expanding my zombie collection
  19. OMG so awesome. My longest lineage is on gen 47 https://dragcave.net/lineage/wi26W at the moment. If you ever gift babies from this lineage of yours, may I be on the list please? I want my humongous lineage baby to be related to a few dozen Scripts ))))
  20. There are as many ways of playing this game as there are people, and what's is unacceptable for one is fine (or even good) for another. It would be your safest bet to experiment on CB eggs 'cos this way you won't annoy anybody, but then again, if you keep playing the game trying to sidestep every sensitive player and please everybody, you would be playing for them rather than yourself. And what's the fun in that? After 11 years of playing DC on and off, all I can say is take it easy I used to watch offspring of my dragons, worry when acestors lost names, but after 10 years, half the dragons in the superlineage I've been making have lost their names 'cos people they belong to quit playing, some dragons got killed and so on. Nothing bothers me anymore. If I give an egg to somebody, it's not mine anymore, so they can do whatever they please. So, correspondingly, I think AP eggs are cool for any experiment too. If one treasures their lineage so much, they shouldn't be breading for AP. Just my 2 cents, of course.
  21. This is extrememly helpful, tyvm! Btw, does anyone know what happens if I fog a stage 2 hatchling when it has grown wings and leave it be until its 7th day is over. When I unfor it, will it die or insta grow up?
  22. A couple of each here https://dragcave.net/group/100554
  23. Yesterday (or earlier today, depending on your time zone) somebody was trading a Mint egg in public trade hub with a message along the lines of "weird lineage, want another weird thing". The egg was a very funnily inbred, long-lineage SAltkin with Ancient Greek ancestors like Agamemnon, Klitemnestra and so on. I totally laughed my bum off at it and fell in love but I don't have anything funny to offer atm. If you are that person, could you please PM me? We could arrange a fure trade or something.