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  1. I dunno how I always manage to do it. I keep checking for a new release every day and then, as soon as I forget and don't check for a day, there's a release. Still managed to grab 4 of each so I'm pretty happy.
  2. Hey guys, I've renamed my Red and Silver participants in the main lineage but the pair above them (the parents of my Red) remains unrenamed. @pinkgothic, if you have access to the breeder, could you please poke them? The names should be about Red dragons, if I'm not mistaken. If they have trouble making up the names, here's my suggestion: Old Red hatchlings had the same // sprite as Dark Green and Pink
  3. Our Silver baby is safely transfered to @SultrySandwich PS: oh btw, this week when I had success was the first when I completely forgot to use fertility
  4. Unbelievably enough, mine also bred Silver https://dragcave.net/lineage/djs0m I first bred, then looked here 😕 What do I do with it now?
  5. My Red/Silver pair has laid another red egg 😕
  6. i got eaten :(( but the new look of the dragons is fun!
  7. I have yet another red from red/silver. Grow, my red army, grow...
  8. I had a feeling there would be new eggs soon, so I've only been raising two Nice!
  9. My red/silver pair laid another red. Well, my red army is growing.
  10. Silver/Red pair laid another Red egg. I'm keeping it since I'm collecting and army of Reds, unless somebody really wants it.
  11. Thank you for the answers! Wow, apparently it's more complicated than I thought. Gonna check the biomes of potential mates now. And I foresee lots of attempts to breed the variation I want
  12. Am I correct to assume that Xenowyrm dragons can lay an egg of any of the Xeno variations? It is random?
  13. My red/silver pair was a zero egg fail today.
  14. Just a heads up that my red/silver pair for the main line produced no egg. I'll tell my purples to work harder pursuading them next week
  15. 4th try of boss battle has resulted in another red. Keeping it 'cos I think I need more reds. Will continue trying next week.
  16. Oh right! I haven't even thought of that Am I right to influence the baby egg female?
  17. This was my first time participating and it was so much fun to hunt for gifts for my giftee, and also to see the helpfulness and generosity of people here. It was an awesome event! Thank you very much to the mod for the hard work!
  18. Guys, I think we are missing a link in the 2-headed spiral around Bauta. Look at the pattern of the sequence of parents: there are always two main line dragons of different gender following each other, but with Bautas, there's only one! Here: 4jIE5
  19. We have a brand new fail in the general line Kjw3E Anyone wants?
  20. Put me on the waiting list please, too And congrats! Wonderful news!
  21. Aaaand we have another boss battle fail in general line. Anyone wants? udt4U
  22. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: painless_j Giftee: GalacticSketch Lineage link(s): 5SqGl Breed(s): paper Status: accepted
  23. Aaand we have our first fail in the boss battle in the general lineage Mh0zV If somebody wants it, tell me.