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  1. Naming mine after Gundam Wing gundams! Already have Nataku (I know...but Shenlong was taken), Wing Zero, Deathscythe, Heavyarms, and Sandrock reserved on my whiptails.
  2. I have two wyverns but I keep catching royal blues in the cave! I'd love to get a third one in case these two decide they don't like each other (it happened to my stripe pair!). So I've been cave stalking like mad, no luck ): I had to trade for the two I have.
  3. I want to have a Scroll Helper! Forum Name: Keylah Scroll Name: Keylah Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/keylah Wishlist: CB/Low gen Silver, CB/2G gold (I've missed twice in the cave ): ), 2 CB blacks, CB/2G Ice, CB stripe (since my pair refused each other), CB white Preferred dragons (Which do you want first off your wishlist?): Gold, Silver, Black, Ice, Stripe Certain Helper? (Or a random one): Random Anything else?: Thanks so much for this thread!
  4. Aaaah. I got lucky on that one! I clicked the magi egg too!!