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  1. Actually (sadly), many well-educated religious people I know still think it's preferable to let someone die ("It's God's will") than to actively save their life by killing a fetus. And some of these people have become doctors, nurses, surgeons, all that. I mean, yeah, in an ideal world no doctor would stand by and let a woman die, but then, in an ideal world there would be no unplanned pregnancies, no rape, no murder, etc. We live in reality, not a utopia, and that's why we need laws to protect pregnant women from this kind of ridiculousness. I mean, heck, I wouldn't abolish anti-burglary laws just because I assume everyone else is a decent person who won't break into my house and steal my stuff.
  2. Oh, wow, the new eggs are gorgeous! Thanks, TJ! Best dragcave Halloween yet.
  3. Aha, finally got the last item! This was AWESOME and so well-written. Thanks, TJ, and everyone else involved with creating this cool quest! And also to those who posted chicken-finding tips in this thread.