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  1. Yup, that was me, too. I have two Bright Pinks, both AP grabs - I liked the AP better than the cave because I could see what I was nabbing! Oh, and the friend who got me hooked? She tried to convince me to join during the first ever Christmas release. I finally relented and gave it a shot... in January of '08. Still facepalming over the fact that I waited.
  2. I get what you're saying too, Thuban, and I think we could all agree on a few rarity levels without too much squabbling (CB metallics, low-gen hollies, NDs are in high demand and relatively hard to obtain, etc.). The middle and bottom levels would probably be the biggest issues because people value those so differently. For instance, I'd usually swap a CB blusang for a pair of second gens, because that'd make it easier to expand my breeding pool. And I'd do a 1:1 trade for one 8th even gen blusang because it could help expand my personal lineage so much. From what I understand, under this system I'd probably have to ask for a set number of 8th gens in my trading post, right? Like, five for a CB or something. I feel like that would scare people off, though, so I wouldn't have the chance to clarify behind the scenes - I could sneak the real number into my signature, but then, well, it wouldn't be too different from the unofficial declarations I have in there now. But I 100% agree that an IOU system should be forum-based. Non-forum players wouldn't really be exchanging them anyway, and any cave system might get obnoxious. SolarCat, I'm also behind your forum autocorrecting idea! Nice and simple.
  3. Congratulations to the winners! Can't wait to see the new prizes.
  4. Haha, I'd be so excited if they did end up with LOTR-related names. My father and I are huge Tolkien geeks (although of the two of us, I was the only one who appreciated the unexpected dwarfish eye candy in the new Hobbit film ). And I found some beautiful hatchlings today from my Secret Santa Emeraldmay, all wrapped up in an overturned sleigh! The PM was so marvelously written, too. Thank you, thank you! It was awesome to wake up to a message like that one. <333
  5. Sent out a second and third gift, tucked into a basket this time and bundled up to keep them warm! And I have another to pass along, but I'm hoping to find a mate for it first. We'll see! Other gifters: PM me if you need a CB nebula egg for your giftee. I keep reflex clicking these.
  6. Well, at least the cave and my trades are behaving for me, even if my breeding dragons never cooperate! First little parcel's going out to my giftee shortly. Also, if anyone needs a CB nebula, CB royal blue, or CB tsunami for their giftee, please PM me. I was offering them for trade but negotiated something else, so these ones are definitely up for gifting. And I just misclicked a purple dorsal, Flamemynx. I feel your pain. At least it's my only misclick today, so there's something.
  7. I think this is suitably on-topic: did anyone else boggle at the robotic voice in the trailers for Pacific Rim? IMDb doesn't list Ellen McLain in their official credits yet, but I'd know GLaDOS's voice anywhere - I swear she's even using the GLaDOS inflection and tone (the monotone, of course).
  8. Jealous! I always assumed that one was taken. I got 'Road to El Dorado' (for a gold with the code pggay, in case anyone gets the hilarity). Also 'Christmas Shenanigans' for my new Holly.
  9. Oh man, I love the chess theme. I'm loving some of the color-themed ones too, like the blue one and the pastel one earlier in the thread. This might be my favorite holiday event ever, although I said that about the tree and the wreath too, lol. Mine's Blusang-inspired: http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house
  10. For this Christmas, I'd love any PB Blusang. <3 Good luck, everyone, and Merry Christmas! Edit: Left to forum lag, came back to beautiful gifts from mpolo, HappyAppy, and milkaq66! Thanks so much to all three of you, and if any of you would like me to re-gift in your name I'll happily do it. I feel so lucky right now.
  11. I agree with the reversible idea. This would be more like a dragon sorting preference than anything - it wouldn't make the dragon unable to breed, it just wouldn't show that dragon under the breeding options list. Maybe this action could be available both under settings and each dragons' individual actions list, like teleport? That would make it simple both to find a dragon and isolate it, and to reverse the isolation if need be.
  12. I'm all over soft candy, chocolate, caramel, and cake. Lol. On the savory side, I've... roasted some meat and a chicken. This is where my priorities lie!
  13. I'm in lurve too. <3_<3 If you start an official lineage I'm hopping onboard. I like Black x Gold (wish this was an actual checker lineage, but what can you do), Heartseeker x Shadow Walker, and all the checkers involved here. And for pairings that are more complement than contrast, Blusangs with any blue dragon!
  14. I might've posted before about finding this 3rd gen black from alt sweetlings... to my delight and surprise, the same person happened to be trading this one on the forum! Even luckier find now it's got a mate. And I was scroll-sitting for my (purple dorsal-hoarding) sister after she had her wisdom teeth removed on Thursday, and noticed this dorsal's lineage. Wow.
  15. Found this lovely on the AP and boggled a bit - that's the second purebred black stripe I've found in a week, and this one with all named ancestors, too! Assuming it might've been a deliberate AP gift, because man. That's pretty.
  16. What Christmas dragons do you need to catch this year? Looking for any particular lineage? Looking forward to the new holiday dragons, and to the rest of the Christmas event! Otherwise I'm good - I've got CBs of everything but Hollies, and I've got a lovely IOU for a second Holly this year! What are you planning on breeding your Christmas dragons with (If you have any)? What lineages are they? Winter Magis: No firm plans yet! I think they might look pretty with Nebulas and Winter Magis x Magis would make me laugh, but if someone wants a different second gen that's cool too. Ribbon Dancers: No firm plans here either. Maybe one with a Frill and one with a Vine, or with a Blusang since I can't resist those. Snowangels: One bred with a Heartseeker, which should be pretty! Not sure yet what kind of mate the other'll have. Yulebucks: One bred with a Black and one bred with a Winter! Hollies: He'll have a Skywing mate this year! Wow, I'm all about the exclamation points in this post. Are you planning on gifting, trading, or dumping your bred Xmas eggs in the AP? Gifting most of them, if I can. Four already have homes ready, three as gifts and one as an IOU! Otherwise I'll be scoping out the forum to see who needs/wants what. What do you think this year’s event will be? Oh man, I hope it involves decorating again. Festooning a dragon with tinsel? Awesome. But I really like the other ideas put forward in this thread, too, like Christmas cards or any other decorating event. What do you think this year’s dragon’s theme will be? What are you hoping to see in it? Uh... something... edible? A cookie or sugarplum dragon would be awesome! Or a snowflake dragon, though I'm also kind of hoping for a midwinter release with some seasonally appropriate breeds. Which is your favorite Xmas breed? ALL OF THEM. Not even kidding. I feel like a lot of love and effort goes into all the holiday dragons (okay, all the breeds, actually) and they're all so festive! What are you favorite Christmas pairings? Welp, based on my previous breedings: Yulebuck x Winter Snow Angel x Shadow Walker (which I definitely love, and those offspring tend to get fantastic names) Snow Angel x Hellfire (for the irony) Ribbon Dancer x Ridgewing and Canopy And I really like the idea of any Christmas x Valentine, though I hadn't thought of it before this year! How difficult do you think the holly hunt will be this year? I think it's always difficult as heck. There's plenty of Holly offspring out there by now, but we keep gaining new members, too! But based on what I saw last year, I think the rarity of Hollies remains about the same as it's ever been - we're limited to two apiece, so the difficulty of snagging one kind of levels out along with the number of newbies/those who don't have Hollies and actual Holly offspring produced. If that makes sense.
  17. Gotta agree with rayden54 above - there's times when I'd like this feature and times when I wouldn't. I'm sometimes quirky about which offers I accept or don't, and while I don't mind explaining I know some people would! I'd only support it if the trader could choose the option to show or hide offers with every teleport, much as we can set a teleport as a trade or a transfer. It'd be cool to have that option if the trader's only asking for a specific egg/hatchie, for instance, and then it'd be a simple matter of best offer.
  18. I love lineaged dragons, so I'd hunt in the AP more often... if I had better reflexes! During cave drops I just have to keep my cursor in one spot and wait for the right text to show up, whereas in the AP I tend to flail (have literally chucked my mouse across the room) when something I want pops onto the page, because they always pop up where I'm not ready to click.
  19. I want to participate! Forum name: Kishing Scroll name: kishing Rank: Gold Wishlist: 1. CB Black 2. CB Blusang 3. Any PB Blusang 4. CB Nebula (preferably alt female, but I'll love it regardless 5. 2nd or 3rd even gen Tsunami 6. Any Red
  20. I'm torn on this one because I agree with elements of both posts directly above. It'd be cool to have and give potential access to others' dragons - there's a lot of mine I breed only when someone asks for something special or I want to wrangle a trade, so it'd be an efficient way not to 'waste' those breeding possibilities if someone's interested. Then too, it'd be an easy form of gifting where you'd only have to wait for one dragon to come off cooldown afterward. On the other hand, there is a certain charm to the relative solitude of the cave. I enjoy interacting with other DCers on the forum, but in the cave we don't really have a messaging system for anything, currently. Trades are set up through the forum or fan sites - they literally cannot be arranged solely through the cave - and users can be as anon as they want thanks to scroll settings. Can't speak for TJ here, but I do think that kind of user interaction within the cave itself would be an immense change even if it's an opt-in kind of thing. Then again, I was here both before and after BSAs came along, particularly Teleport, and that wasn't the end of the world lol.
  21. Part of the problem is, 'traditional morals and values' means something very different to some of us. 'Tradition' gets thrown in my face all the time when people say I shouldn't exist, or I shouldn't love who I love. Often 'traditional values' or 'family values' means 'anti-gay,' so you might reconsider your use of that phrase. And my elders are often the people who throw 'tradition' in my face, or try to claim I'm an evil person because I don't believe in their God, or any. I'm still polite to them because I was raised well (non-religiously, but to be a good human being), but I do lose some respect for them. On the sex and abortion issues, please do consider reading this: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/lovejoyfemini...e-movement.html I won't say much more about that because we have another thread for abortion, but in a nutshell, liberal policies actually save more unborn lives - in actual practice, not in a perfect world. If your goal is truly to lower the number of abortions, then you've really got to be for social programs, sex ed, birth control, and decent healthcare.
  22. Been lurking on this thread, and I'd like to ask for a clarification here: which 'traditional' morals and values? It's already been pointed out that at the time when the US was founded, slavery was pretty much a tradition here, and remained that way well into the next century. And up until the middle of the twentieth century, we still had segregated schools, lynchings, etc. Plus we had pretty much no domestic violence laws in place, no laws against marital sexual assault, gay people had to stay in the closet or they were often murdered, ostracized, assaulted... I know your language has been respectful, Kat, and I do appreciate civil discussion. It's just that (either you or the secessionists) implying we should return to those 'traditional morals and values' kind of hurts regardless, for those of us who don't have to fear for our lives or safety anymore thanks to a lot of the 'non-traditional morals.'
  23. This sounds like a cool idea. Magi link (one of ten): http://dragcave.net/lineage/Wmua
  24. Just FYI on the free speech/censorship issue - free speech in the US refers only to government censorship. Web sites, forums, services, etc. have the right to ban anyone, for any reason, anytime, as long as they're not government controlled. The only exceptions cover, for instance, yelling 'Fire!' in a crowded theater or other blatant forms of incitement. The terms of service on a site generally cover this issue, though I know how many people read those. So yeah, while there's questions over the morality of and user backlash against censorship, it's not really a free speech problem, at least not for US-based companies. Just a heads up on that count!
  25. First day's story is gorgeous. <3 I love this year's event so far. I think my favorite dressed-up dragons are the Pillows and Skywings, plus the male vampires because they made me giggle.