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  1. YES PLEASE. I mean, ahem, yes, it'd be quite nice to have a memory-jogger at the top of my scroll when someone offers.
  2. ^ I agree too (with Walker, since two people ninja'd my slow self ), and I love this idea. If any spriters would be interested, it'd be neat if new little tokens would be released with every event, or just seasonally/randomly. (Spriters might have the option of putting out a matching trinket with new releases?)
  3. FtM genderqueer here, meaning I'd like to get HRT and at least one surgery (not likely given my other medical conditions, sigh), but I'd still be a pretty femme guy.
  4. I just summoned successfully using a CB male Ice while singing 'The Chosen One' song from Pokemon 2000. Will report back as to whether this technique works a second time in future.
  5. Oh man, those adults are gorgeous. <3 And for some reason I thought the lolgardenia actually had a lolface on it or something. I need to get off the internet.
  6. According to my Google search, trisexual means 'sexually attracted to men, women, and self,' but that's not how my circle of friends and acquaintances uses it. We use it just like bisexual, but with three genders - so if you're attracted to men, women, and androgynes (those who feel they bend both genders), then you're trisexual. And in keeping with the theme of the thread, I'm pansexual, but emotionally attracted mostly to women.
  7. Opt out seems like a reasonable feature for these events. A lot of people might not like or celebrate certain holidays, and they're well within their rights not to, for any reason! I was surprised to see this thread at all though, really, because this event by its very nature isn't about designing a floral arrangement, per se. A lot of DC events relate to the spirit of holiday traditions - the Christmas ones involve artistic decoration, while the Halloween one involves Trick-or-Treating (which is always random, right? I mean, when you were a kid you got what people gave you), and the Valentine events follow a similar random theme to real life Valentines. Sure, maybe someone sends you a bouquet or card and it's your least favorite color, or sends you chocolate when they don't know you're allergic to dairy. Ideally the people who care for you will give you what you want, but if not I think you (general you; I certainly do) still appreciate the sentiment! It's kind of gifters to pay attention to what you want, of course. After people's vases started filling up I did check their existing flowers and their posts to make sure the flowers would be welcome... but of course in the beginning I sent flowers I liked to everyone I'd traded or PMed with recently. Seeing this thread, I worry that some of those may have been taken the wrong way. Sorry for the tl;dr, but for me it's about balancing the positive benefits with the negative. Is it worth hurting the feelings of a newbie or an online friend/friendly acquaintance in order to have your vase exactly the way you'd like it? We have full freedom with our scrolls, the Xmas events, our cave settings - I just don't feel the need to have control over the kindly-intentioned gifts people send me, too, and unwanted flowers can be covered up by the awesome people here at the forum if need be. (On that note, Slaskia, I sent you a couple pink and purple flowers just now! If there's anything else you'd prefer do let me know.) Edit: By the way, not addressing you directly with most of that, Marie19R! I see that the suggestion's a good one; I just have issues with any implementation other than opt out entirely.
  8. Uh-oh. Usually I can leave DC alone for awhile when I'm egglocked, but now I'm addicted to flowers. Forget sleep!
  9. Awesome, thanks for the update. These eggs look almost edible - candy-related? Either way, I like the color and shading!
  10. Eh, some people don't want to spend hours Holly-hunting for a nice lineage, or don't have a fast enough connection. Right now Shimmerscales are the popular dragons of choice, but if you wait until holiday time you'll probably get plenty of offers.
  11. That would make sense either way. Of course, looking at the lineage again, it might also have been a magi fail because a bred magi would slot in there, not a silver!
  12. Found this pretty just now. I would have assumed they bred while egglocked too, but it's at 6 days 1 hour already!
  13. CB metals were still difficult to catch even when I was seeing 5-6 per drop. I managed to snag a few, but spent many hours of boredom refreshing pages with the same three eggs on them to manage that. I understand why people want to be compensated well for that time, if that makes sense.
  14. I was feeling guilty for releasing my long-lineaged Sweetling... until I nabbed this beauty from the AP. Many thanks to the breeder!
  15. Hmm. I was tentatively against this before, but reading over the thread again... I'm leaning toward tentatively for, if penned eggs count toward scroll limits, or if there's a limit of maybe two that can be penned at once. Not a fan of 'saving up,' per se, but it'd eliminate some trading forum problems to have a couple slots where eggs/hatchlings won't mature. You wouldn't have to say 'Have CB gold, looking for...' and then subtly indicate your signature that announces you're seeking a Holly IOU, lol. If someone's willing to take up one of their egg slots with trade fodder for months, more power to them, I say.
  16. Yup, same. Personally I just think a new thread should be started with a narrower focus, like "What do you think would look best bred with the new prizes?" or "How did the prize winners choose their codes?" Then any OT could fairly incur a warning, whether an edited one, posted one, or an actual warn. Edit: Also, Thuban, I agree on the edited verbal warns. I like 'em, personally (and I've gotten a couple) and I think they'd be easier/more effective on controversial threads like that one.
  17. I'm cracking up at this. If the poor baby prizes were sentient they'd think of humans as total creeps, I'm sure! And I'm late on this, but guh, the adults are beautiful. It's rare that I fall in love with every single stage of a new dragon, but these ones take the cake.
  18. Very much appreciated! I figure an even gen gold with my favorite spriter's alt in the lineage is worth a touch of inbreeding, lol. And I nabbed this one from you soon afterward, too. ;D
  19. Just nabbed this even gen gold from the AP, which is astounding given that I generally have the reflexes of a dead snail. Many thanks to the breeder of this lovely!
  20. Oh man, Mysfytt, these are gorgeous. Very excited to see new prizes so different from the tinsels - I still love the tinsel sprites, but I like to see some variety in new releases. Something else striking to ooh and ahh over! Also quite happy they look like they'll go well with blusangs. Awesome.
  21. I'm boggling because my metals haven't bred since... uh... it's been awhile. And suddenly eggs are popping out of them like candy from a broken pinata. Hey, not complaining!
  22. I agree with this so hard, you have no idea. I actually like cooldown as a catching limitation, but this would make international trades so much easier without interfering with a fundamental rule of the game.
  23. Yup, I'm in favor of this option too. It'd be much easier to set up trades during cooldown because people seem to like offering on an existing link. I like the five hour wait for the actual transfer, though, and I'm one of those quick clickers and traders. Frankly, if I could keep catching and trading eggs I'd never get anything else done. As a different tentative compromise, maybe if we had a limit on how many cooldown eggs we could teleport per hour/day/whatever? I feel like someone suggested a BSA along those lines already, but I'd prefer a limit per scroll to a typical BSA cooldown period.
  24. Caught this Tsunami earlier, just when I was thinking about breeding more purebreds. Clearly I have some awesome mindpowers.
  25. I'm cracking up at that one. I think the number makes it even better - two dragons that would be available to maybe a ten thousandth of all DC users. For me, the problem is that I'll get more than one offer that I really want to accept! I'll pretty much always take what I asked for over anything else, but because I ask for relatively easy stuff (dragons that'll actually breed most of the time) I do get a bunch of offers. It pains me to turn a bunch down when I'd love those eggs just as much.