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  1. It depends on how individuals identify themselves, but most people I know use trans* as a blanket term for everyone who's trans-anything. Genderqueer (which usually includes agender, as you mentioned, and also androgyny, or feeling like a combo of both male and female) falls under that same umbrella academically but it seems to be splitting more into a blanket term of its own. To me trans* means anyone who's uncomfortable enough with their current physical sex to seek help for it, whether from a therapist or online or wherever. Hope that helps, sorry, it's kinda late here and I'm falling
  2. Yup, that's why I try to nab new releases right when they come out. The first drop's always slightly easier, I think. Often people who express frustration or upset over not being able to grab any new eggs end up being gifted a couple - I know it can be rough, but maybe it'd be better to communicate your feelings right off the bat instead of dissing others? I totally understand being bummed out, and I think a lot of other players do, too.
  3. Yeah, the drops are flying by. I think people are clicking indiscriminately, and with 200-odd even 100-odd people in the biome...
  4. That's my favorite April Fool's egg. Gorgeously done. My other two faves are 'This frosted glass egg has daisies inside' and 'You can see your reflection in this glassy egg.' I also love the lightning egg (the one with the same description as thunder eggs). If we could have animated hatching eggs that'd be my first choice for the one I'd like to see on the site.
  5. I enjoyed my own epic freakout moment. "BUT I'M LOCKED TOO MANY NEW EGGS AND SO BEAUTIFUL."
  6. The reference eggs are slaying me. They're all so gorgeously designed, too. Thanks, TJ and spriters!
  7. It's just a rote response really, since it's one of the few non-religiously based arguments that pops up. I feel almost sorry for the anti- side's lawyers. We saw this during the initial Prop 8 hearings too, where they failed to come up with reasonable counterarguments because none existed. What'd you all think about Justice Roberts' comment that the LGBT lobby is too powerful to need this case heard in front of SCOTUS? It seemed silly to me because if they (we, lol) really were then we'd already have equal rights.
  8. Yep, this. I've also had better luck offering on trades than getting offers - I put up a 3rd gen gold last night, looking for a metal swap or other offers, and nothin'. Today, though, I went through the trading threads and found a bloodswap I'd been looking for and it was accepted pretty quickly. Thing is, I would've taken one or two BSA hatchlings for it, or a PB blusang, but if I don't list those I usually don't get the offers. That's my problem, yup. I saw your trade too, Dawnfur, but I feel like I've had the full complement of 21 eggs and hatchlings for an eternity now.
  9. I was going to point this out (as well as the fact that most Christians no longer follow the laws in Leviticus, so the term 'abomination' is generally non-applicable), but I decided to keep my head out of that discussion. I loled muchly. Some of the comments are priceless too.
  10. I almost like the climate of change better than I like the alterations themselves. It shakes up my hunting routine just like new drops or holiday events. (I know it's not long-term feasible to keep changing drops every day, lol, but it'd be great to have it tweaked without warning every so often.)
  11. loOod Not the lineage I was AP hunting for, but since I've been on a Doctor Who kick I had to grab this one for the code.
  12. Found these: http://dragcave.net/lineage/1XsIe http://dragcave.net/lineage/cOd3i And my absolute favorite type of Blusang lineage: http://dragcave.net/lineage/sp1U7 Breeders, you've made my day.
  13. I really liked having a page full of low-times when they were all incuhatchable/ER, but since all the eggs I'm currently seeing are at 5 days 22 hours or more, it's not as convenient to grab 'em. Maybe if that portion of the cycle was eliminated whenever the AP had less than a full row of >5 day eggs to display? Or - tentatively - AP filters. Absolutely not by breed or rarity, but perhaps one for lowest time items, one for the 'one of each breed' method, and one fully randomized. Right now the AP seems to be swapping randomly or whenever enough eggs are taken from one sort style or som
  14. These are gorgeous - they remind me of hawk moths, I think, but the changes made to alter them into dragons give them a unique feel. So glad I snagged these and didn't trade them off!
  15. Ohhh wow, what gorgeous little things! They're so different from everything we have so far and I love it. That coloring, man.
  16. Huh. A little off-topic, I s'pose, but I didn't realize some people have had trouble catching Trihorns. I would've been catching and gifting if I'd known - they often sit in Alpine for as long as winters currently do. To address the real topic at hand, longer release drops sound like a decent idea, or possibly a flood of the new releases every couple hours for non-US time zones. That might help strike a balance between those who think release drops are too brief now, and those who think they're too long. I don't think it's fair to say these suggestions won't be implemented. The site
  17. Man, was that ever a surprise! Gorgeous new eggs - thanks, TJ and spriter(s)!
  18. Finally nabbed one of the CB Golds in the desert - I really think it helped that I'm so tired and I've been refreshing less frantically. One CB Silver and I'll have a pair of each, and I'll be content!
  19. Don't worry too much. They'll be super-popular at first, just like every new or seasonal dragon, but I think there'll be plenty to go around. (I've got all the pairs I need, though, Iside, so if I snag any in the first few days I'd be happy to give you a couple!) Edit: Relatedly, I think when it comes to trades, patience is a virtue. I wait on all the new releases except for the Halloweens, and I only go wild for them because I can trade for as many CBs as I can fit on my scroll.
  20. Caught this white egg today: alt Shadow Walkers everywhere! A grateful tip of my hat (since I'm actually wearing one today) to the breeder.
  21. Welp, on the forum I keep posting on the wrong trading threads, like I did again just now. I need to stop having so many tabs open. I do this all the time. Apparently I think my eyes will do the catching for me.
  22. Saw four in that last drop! I feel like some really odd birdwatcher who tries to leap on the birds the second they pop up, except there's twenty to fifty other birdwatchers all trying to do the same thing.
  23. Right now any biome that looks like it's gonna move is packed full of hunters. Plus I personally have the reflexes of a dead snail, but less so.
  24. ^ Same for me. The silver I saw tonight in the coast was the first I've seen in awhile, but I've seen 20+ blusangs over the last couple days. Must be bad luck indeed.
  25. I favor a combination of 1 and 7 (with minor sprite changes) because it seems like a reasonable compromise. From what I've seen, the goals of any raffle alterations are these, in order of priority: to alleviate pressure on the winners; to maintain the exclusivity of prize dragons; to ensure a decent population of CB prizes on the scrolls of active members; and to ease the sting for non-winners (which would also help accomplish the first goal). If not 1 and 7, I prefer 1+3+5 (which would all aid in achieving multiple stated goals), and possibly 6 as another pressure alleviation tactic.