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xtr4v.pngDoubleGoldstar5.pngIntermittently active due to RL issues.Seeking PB even gen Blusangs from lines I don't have. PM for trades. | Wishlist

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    UPDATE: I've been AWOL for a few months due to health concerns, but I might be online more often again at this point. If I owe you any dragons please do message me, or I will message you to see if you're still around. If you owe me dragons and/or tried to send me an egg, I apologize and don't worry about it - I've been gone so long that I don't remember most IOUs to me.

    Note: I am still battling chronic illness and sleep 13-15 hours per day on average, plus deal with hospital appointments during the week. If I don't get back to you right away, please do have patience; I respond to all PMs as long as I remember I have them!

    Note on Shimmerscales: I do have swap lists so if you're interested PM me. Currently have:
    3rd gen Gold x Blusang from Lung Ying Jassith (Pern1)
    4th gen Silver x metallic Gold from Kawa-no-Kami (MtQW6)

    A huge THANK YOU to everyone who's helped me with my wishlists, particularly all of you who've traded or gifted me blusangs, blacks, reds, or gender balance hatchlings! <333


    To have two CBs of each breed and gender (minus Tinsels, Shimmers, Hollies etc.), and balance genders of both lineaged and CB dragons.

    MY WISHLIST (updated 3-21-13):

    * 2nd/3rd gens from spriter's alts
    * Gold - CB Female
    * Blusang - Female CB
    * Blusangs - PB even gen
    * Blusangs x other blue dragons - especially Ice, Coastal Waverunner, Tsunami, Water, Deepsea, Skywing
    * Black - Any even gen
    * Split - Male CB x 2
    * Balloon - Male & Female CB
    * Two-Finned Bluna - Male and Female 2nd gen x 2
    * Bright-Breasted Wyvern - Male and Female CB
    * Brimstone - Male CB
    * Canopy - Male and Female CB
    * Coastal Waverunner - Male and Female CB
    * Vine - Male CB
    * Alt Vine - Female (even gen preferred)
    * Daydream - Male and Female CB (multiple; needed for lineage project)
    * Deepsea - Female CB x 2
    * Deepsea - Male CB
    * Purple Dorsal - Female CB x 2
    * Purple Dorsal - Male CB
    * Red Dorsal - Male CB
    * Electric - Female CB
    * Flamingo - Male and Female CB
    * Geode - Female 2nd gen x 2
    * Geode - Male 2nd gen
    * Day Glory - Male and Female CB
    * Night Glory - Male and Female CB
    * Magikarp- er, Shallow Water - Male and Female 2nd gen x 2
    * Fog - Male and Female CB
    * Pebble - Male and Female CB x 2
    * Spotted Greenwing - Male and Female CB x 2
    * Golden Wyvern - Female 2nd gen PB
    * Harvest - Male CB x 2
    * Hellfire - Male and Female CB
    * Horse - Male CB
    * Ice - Female (lineaged, even gen or stairstep preferred)
    * Water - Male and Female CB x 2
    * Lumina - Male CB x 2
    * Lumina - Male x 2 (lineaged, even gen or stairstep preferred)
    * Magi - Female CB
    * Mint - Male and Female CB
    * Blue Nebula - Female CB x 2
    * Red Nebula - Female CB
    * Nocturne - Male and Female CB
    * Ochredrake - Male and Female CB
    * Pink - Male x 2 (CB or lineaged)
    * Purple - Female x 4 (CB or lineaged)
    * Pygmy - Male and Female CB
    * Crimson Flare Pygmy - Female CB
    * Dark Myst Pygmy - Male and Female CB
    * Misfit Pygmy - Male and Female CB
    * Seawyrn Pygmy - Male (CB or lineaged)
    * REDS, regardless of lineage or gender
    * Purple Ridgewing - Male and Female CB
    * Tan Ridgewing - Male CB x 2
    * Tan Ridgewing - Female CB
    * Royal Blue - Male x 2 (lineaged, even gen preferred)
    * Summer - Male and Female CB x 2
    * Summer - Male and Female (lineaged, even gen preferred)
    * Autumn - Male and Female CB x 2
    * Autumn - Male and Female (lineaged, even gen preferred)
    * Skywing - Male CB
    * Spitfire - Male CB
    * Stone - Female CB
    * Stripe - Male and Female 2nd gen PB - Blue, Red, Green, Black
    * Sunrise - Male CB x 3
    * Sunset - Female CB x 2
    * Sunsong - Male CB
    * Swallowtail - Male and Female CB
    * Gold-horned Tangar - Male and Female CB
    * Thunder - Female x 2 (CB or lineaged)
    * Trihorn - Male CB
    * Tsunami - Male and Female CB
    * Tsunami - Female x 2 (lineaged, even gen preferred)
    * Turpentine - Male and Female CB x 2
    * Ultraviolet - Male and Female x 2 (even gen preferred)
    * Waterhorse - Male CB
    * Whiptail - Male and Female CB
    * White - Female x 2 (CB or lineaged, even gen preferred)

    I'm not actively seeking tinsels, but if you'd like to swap or offer a line I don't have or a lower gen in trade that's fine. Perfect stairs or spirals preferred!

    Tinsels I HAVE (all stairs unless indicated otherwise):
    AGYI x Red (5th gen)
    Living in Sin x Sunsong (6th gen)
    Gold Epica x Vine (9th gen)
    Gold Epica random line (8th gen)
    Living in Sin mixed breed wave (10th gen)

    Penk x Pink (7th gen)
    Inextrica x Blue Nebula (7th gen)
    Inextrica x Black (7th gen)
    Polak Czysto x Marrow spiral (7th gen)
    Polak Czysto x Magi (8th gen)
    CHA0S x White (8th gen)
    Erno x Stripe (10th gen)
    Inextrica x mixed stair (9th gen)
    Penk x Marrow (gender borked at the end; 8th gen)
    Abby x Purple Nebula (borked/mixed at the end; 9th gen)

    Galletian Victory x Alt Nebula wave (4th gen)
    Aht6 x Black (4th gen)
    Cayvyn x Ribbon Dancer (4th gen)
    Galletian Victory x Alt Nebula wave (5th gen)
    Brazen Zalvaris x Harvest (5th gen)
    Cayvyn x Shadow Walker (5th gen)
    Darkrose x White (borked a little at the end; 5th gen)
    Aht6 x White (6th gen)
    F-bomb x Vine (6th gen)
    San Victorus x Hellfire (7th gen)
    ARMY x Hellfire (9th gen)
    F-bomb x Vine spiral (13th gen)
    Deadline, faux 4th gen
    Cayvyn x random mixed long lineage (11th gen)
    Alcoholic x mixed stair + Gold Epica line (12th gen)



    I don't breed... anything on my scroll, really, unless I'm working on my Black or Blusang lineage, I'm looking to trade, or if it's requested. If you would like me to breed one of my metallics or tinsels for you, please PM - I will breed the longer-lineaged or inbred metallics for free, and just about all my tinsels.

    Will generally gift or bloodswap PB Blacks and Blusangs as well. These are the only dragons that have set breeding pairs most of the time, but if you want a different mate for any, just ask.


    chryse -> 5th gen gold Shimmer x Blusang (for swap!)
    Lazurite -> 5th gen bronze Shimmer x Hellfire
    Valeth -> CB Silver! - DONE! :D
    tjekan -> Shimmer swap!
    bonvoyage -> 4th gen gold shimmer from Blusangs! - last breed attempt 6/2
    Daiyachiri -> MagixSweetling common offspring
    Iside -> 2nd gen PygmyxPumpkin (from male PumpkinxPygmy)
    jiyuu -> Snow Angel/Stripe, Yulebuck/Stripe 2nd gen (possible Sweetling/Moonstone also)
    yamhana -> Bronze tinsel w/green neb
    mirume (wishlist; will breed as I can!) ->
    Cavern Lurker x Purple Dorsal (purple dorsal offspring)
    Blusang x Ice - even gen or Stairstep
    Olive x Pebble - even gen
    Brimstone/Gold x Winter Magi - even gen
    PB Nebula - even gen
    Stripe x Marrow - black stripe