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  1. I'm playing it on my phone now. Site works fine on my phone. Hopefully I get them before work. EDIT: Well, through my phone I was able to get them all. Now I got to figure out why my computer is convinced that the site is insecure. But that will have to wait until after work, I'm gone.
  2. I am, and now I got to go to work. I might never even have a chance to get these eggs now. To make matters worse it's not even giving me the gateway error anymore but telling me something about privacy. Was the site hacked too?
  3. Err...Is the site down? The site is crashing so hard for me, and I got to go to work in a few minutes so this is particularly infuriating that I can't get onto the site...
  4. They are still dropping, I just saw one in the 5 min drops. I was hoping to have one of each color in case I can't get whatever color I want through breeding them at certain times. I only need one green in that case.
  5. O_O I think these dragons are my new favorite. I LOVE the blue one! btw huge thank you to Amaterasu for giving me a blue egg! At least now I have one red and one blue now. The green ones seem oddly harder to get, but it's okay as long as I can breed for that one when these two mature.
  6. Thank you so much for the red crystal hatchie SickThing! Now to hope this guy can get me the other colors.
  7. I was thinking the same thing. I managed to get one of each when they were released. Yet for some reason this release had to be the one I can't even see in the cave...
  8. Okay, this is insanity. Not to mention unfair to those who don't have stable internet. I have no hope in getting this. I only ask for one crystal, I don't care which one. And I can't even SEE them anymore, let alone click them. So I can only rely on someone gifting me one. I gotta get back to work soon anyway...
  9. Another half hour wasted looking for a single crystal. I'm hoping the other colors can be bred, because at the rate I'm going I'm never going to get one of these...
  10. I haven't seen a crystal one all night, and now I have to go to work. It's unfair to expect people to be able to get these things, especially if they have crappy internet. I have very little to offer due to the nature of living in a place where crappy internet is the only internet I have, but if anyone wants to trade something I have for one, please let me know. Otherwise I have no chance in getting any crystals. I luckily got ONE of the faint ones...
  11. I managed to get one faint egg, but I haven't seen another one since. And I haven't got even one Crystal egg despite my trying. I'm on call tonight at work so I can't just do this all night, so now I have to give in...If anyone has a spare that they would like to donate I would be grateful, as it seems that's the only way I'm going to get one of them.
  12. Okay. Three hours of non-stop refreshing is starting to get to me. And I have nothing to show for it but two eggs I misclicked and tried to remove by biting them, causing them BOTH to die. I think I'm done trying for a while. I don't know why these new ones can't be put in the front of the line or even put in every biome temporarily.
  13. Geez, there was a paper dragon in that last drop. Soon going to give up at this rate, I have IRL stuff to do...
  14. It doesn't matter to me. I'm hedging my bets on getting the other colors through breeding so it wouldn't matter which color I start off with.
  15. I didn't want to impose. I'd say they would be able to breed the other colors, as they are the same breed of dragon.
  16. I would be grateful if you could lend a hand. I only need one. I can breed for more of them then. in the meantime I will keep trying as well.
  17. I have been trying to get the crystal one. It seems at the rate I'm going I may as well give up. My internet isn't wonderful so by the time I see it, it's way too late.
  18. I didn't realize he was going to release the eggs this weekend. I even checked...I managed to get one of the kinds of eggs but so far I haven't even SEEN the other one yet...
  19. I feel like this game is going nowhere for me. I'm pretty sure it literally reset on me. But at least it gave me the badge...? I only did one day. A tad confused... EDIT: I didn't have the badge at all until about two minutes ago.
  20. I did. It unfortunately did not help. I never could wrap my head around text adventures.
  21. Could someone PM me the order of commands for the event game? I have been trying for two days and so far I'm not even part way through the first day. I know I'm 'supposed to figure it out myself' and whatnot but I have tried for days with no results. I don't even know where I am anymore.
  22. I have always hated these text adventures. I can't even get past the first few commands. I hope there's a list of what you need to put in there to get through it, because otherwise I won't be getting through the event this year...
  23. I have done both of these things. I know for a fact I have all the days finished except for today's.
  24. I can't get the last day's storyline events to start. I'm trying everything. Help!!
  25. Are the eggs not dropping anymore? I have been checking every five minutes for the past half hour and nothing.