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  1. I'm not trying to change anyone's opinions here, but I just wanted to address a couple things. Firstly, Spyro does talk in this game. You can hear him talk Sparx is back in the game, too. He's a magic item available in a toy pack. Does he look horrifyingly creepy? Perhaps, but it's still him.
  2. Have any of you seen the new Skylanders trailer? It's cheesy, but Spyro's new voice actor is actually pretty good, and the characters have good designs. It has the potential to be a really cool game if you guys would just give it a chance. Pretend it's not a Spyro game if you have to, but I don't think it's fair to judge a game before you play it. On that note: This is one of my personal favorites of the toys released so far, a griffon named Sonic Boom.
  3. I'm really not happy about the redesign Activision has given Spyro, but the idea of the game itself is actually pretty cool and I'm surprised it hasn't been done before. Also, Hans Zimmer is composing the music for Skylanders, and he's one of my favorite composers, so the score, at least, should be good. The non-Spyro characters look okay, too. So really, I think Skylanders could be a really cool game, but the inclusion of Spyro was unnecessary and probably a move to try and increase sales.
  4. Meet the Endermen. We're doomed.
  5. Double Deluxe comes with TS2 itself, Nightlife (adds cars, downtown areas, vampires), and a party pack that adds birthday cakes, wedding decorations, stuff like that. I found it at Wal-Mart, and like I said, it was around $20. I think Pets costs about that, too, and like Cavey said, there's dogs, cats, birds, and womrats. I don't think it removes any features... I haven't played in a while, either, though, so I'm not certain. As for the console version... I don't actually own any console versions, so I can't really be sure, but I think that if you want kids, you have to create them in the family creator thing. Take that with a grain of salt, though- as I said, I'm not certain. *le shrug*
  6. I think Haze has the console version, though... It's a lot more cumbersome and difficult to hack console games than PC versions. Anyway, Haze, I bought my copy of TS2 for a bit less than $20, and it was the Double Deluxe version. Pets adds... well, pets, but it also adds the ability to become a werewolf Sim. I don't think you really need an Internet connection to play it (unless you were planning on downloading a bunch of custom content), but even then I guess you could download it from your mom's laptop and then bring it to your computer with a flash drive or something...
  7. Hey, have you lot seen this? Some people are making an MLP MMO. It's still in the programming phase, but it's gonna have customizable ponies, quests, different abilities by race, and combat. There's some demos of combat and pegasus flight under the news section, if you wanna see what it'll be like.
  8. ...There was a post-credits scene? DX I MISSED IT And now I'll have to hope to see it again a bit later, or wait 'til Christmas when it hits DVD.
  9. @Switch: Have you seen NetherCraft? It adds trees, mobs, wheat, ores and such to the Nether so that once you move there, you can live quite comfortably without ever returning to the surface. I played with it for a while- built quite a cozy base and everything.
  10. Totally forgot about nicknames... I'd like the nickname to be Kazansky. The only way I could get you any of those starters would be to restart my games or hack them. If you don't mind hacked 'mons, then I can get any of those no problem. If you do... Huh. I've got a Dragonite in White (lol rhyme), maybe I could breed him? I've also got a male, shiny Trubbish I chanced across one morning, if you're interested.
  11. Ooh, CWG, would you? |D I would LOVE that. I'll have to get my Friend Code, though... Maybe I can go to the library and take their Wi-Fi. Uh, natures/IVs don't matter, all I really care about is that it's a boy. I don't know if I have anything that'll interest you in return... I could maybe breed you a Snivy or Cyndaquil or something. I'm going to bed now, so I'll have to talk with you some more on that tomorrow, I guess.
  12. I think the first game I played was either Pokemon Blue (my cousin's copy, I remember I accidentally released his Venonat trying to get it out of the PC) or Crash Bandicoot: Warped (my neighbors had a copy of it). The first game I actually owned was either Pokemon Ruby (see a pattern here?) or Scooby-Doo: Night of 100 Frights on PS2.
  13. I don't know why, but none of my DS games have ever connected to Wi-Fi successfully except Pokemon Diamond. ._. I wanna visit the DW so badly, too. Help plz? Oh oh oh, I was meaning to ask. Can you get the Unova starters in the DW? I really want an Oshawott, but there's nobody around to trade with and I have yet to buy a copy of Black version.
  14. Ooh, Mella, if you're gonna build an underwater house, maybe you should look into adding some mods like the Coral Reef Mod, or the Scuba mod. The vanilla Minecraft seafloor is relatively unspectacular- mods like these make it quite a bit more interesting.
  15. Actually, CWG, the only pickaxe capable of mining obsidian is a diamond pickaxe... So yeah, diamonds are pretty much required. :B
  16. Looked around my local forest, found no wolves. So then I got Single Player Commands 1.4 and spawned four of the beasts. I named them Balto, Jenna, Aleu, and Kodi. SO ORIGINAL
  17. I toggle between Peaceful and Easy, depending on how dark it is IRL, if I'm home alone, or if there's a building project I'm doing that I wanna finish quickly. So 1.4 is up, and of the things promised to me, only the cookies work. No stats, no achievements, sleeping in my bed didn't reset my spawnpoint, and I haven't found a single wolf yet. Maybe I'll be able to locate one today...
  18. Zekrom has a high catch rate, I caught it on my first Ultra Ball. So I'd either use it on Thundurus or save it for Kyurem or something. Maybe even save it for the Meloetta/Keldeo/Genesect events? I don't know what their catch rates are like...
  19. I used Noire's Dragon Claw to get Hydreigon's HP down some, then after Dragon Pulse fainted Noire, I sent out DJ so he could start Brick Breakin' and Hi Jump Kickin' the scales offa that thing. *nodnod* @Catty: Neato. I caught Virizion on my first Ultra Ball, I think. Or maybe it was a Dusk Ball... Either way, it was the first ball I threw. Cobalion took one SR to get, and Terrakion took like 3. DX Even then, it ate half my Ultra Balls, a fourth of my Timer Balls, and all of my Dusk Balls.
  20. ...Are Deino that hard to find? That was the first Pogey I ran into on Victory Road, and I caught it quite easily... Promptly to allow it to rot in my PC. I'd trade it to you guys, but my Wi-Fi only works with Diamond for some reason. I finally beat the main story, guys~ My team was radically underleveled, but with Winona's Shadow Ball and DJ's Brick Break/Hi Jump Kick/Faint Attack, I managed to sweep the E4 fairly easily. Catching Zekrom went smoothly (I nicknamed it Noire), N was child's play, and I beat Ghetsis on my second try. I had to go back to Victory Road to find the TM for Dragon Claw to replace Noire's Dragonbreath. After that was done, I looked up a cloning code for SS, cloned my main party from that game, then shipped the duplicates up to White. (What can I say, I don't like sending my main party forward and leaving the older game empty. ^^
  21. Guys, I feel slow. I just realized the pun behind Elgyem's name- It's pronounced LGM, like Little Green Men. Hurr. Does Beeheeyem have something similar going on? ALSO I finally rounded out my planned party by catching a Rufflet and nicknaming him Iceman. It hurt, but I replaced Lestat with him... I dunno, perhaps I'll try a 7-Pogey team for the first time ever. Training for the Opelucid Gym at the moment... Is there any way to increase the likelihood of shaking grass? I seem to have crappy luck finding/getting to it...
  22. Perhaps I'm preaching to the choir here, but there's a Larvesta egg you can get from a Ranger inside a house on Route... 16, I think? It's the route you reach by surfing west from Route 1. Not sure when/how it evolves, so maybe it's easier to go catch the Volcarona... I dunno. DX
  23. Beat Skyla last night. It was late, but I couldn't sleep because of the time change. So, at like midnight, I wandered through Mistralton Cave to where Cobalion was. My thoughts: "Lulz, I'm so unprepared. Let's save and then try to catch it for giggles." To my surprise, I managed to catch the thing on my first SR. The first time I fought it, Winona's Flame Body burnt it and subsequently fainted it. DX I SRed, got it to one HP using ineffective moves and my favor with Lady Luck, blew all my Dusk Balls on it, then caught it one my fourth or fifth Ultra Ball. I named it Mickey, but changed the name to Du Quois this morning. I'm gonna nickname Virizion Deja Vu, and Terrakion Choc. Mousse. (Choc. being short for chocolate, obviously.) Also I tried using my AR on the game yesterday, but it just white-screened and never brought up the Pokemon Company logo. Did B/W add new anti-hacking measures or something, or is it time for me to get a new AR?
  24. I only participated in the musical once, and that was with a super-fancy DJ. I got "most elegant" and a monocle for my efforts... DJ's a Scrafty now, by the way. :3 Training Lestat and my new Litwick, Winona, up to level 40 for the Mistralton Gym battle, and then I'm set to go beat Skyla up.
  25. I GOT THIS *whips out Collector's Walkthrough* Okay, Zorua does evolve into Zoroark at level 30. Elesa's Pogeys are two level 25 Emolga, and a level 27 Zebstrika. They all have Volt Switch, which is basically an Electric-type U-Turn.