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  1. Oh, I wish I had found that. The parents' names are in my mother tongue. I've been finding some really nice EGs in the AP lately. This one is my latest. And this one just grew up But I think my all time favourite AP find will be this one for being descended from my own dragons.
  2. Requester Forum Name: LadyNova What I Want: all of the Holidays. I've been away for a long time What I Can Offer: anything from my scroll, though some of my rarer ones need Holidays I don't have to cleanly continue their lineages. PM Link: PM Scroll Link Scroll
  3. My first one was Green, I grabbed the next ones, a Magi and a Purple, few days later and the fourth, Red, came along a week after that. The Red one was also my first AP nab.
  4. I mixed up a Chicken with Pygmy. I was checking the biomes, glanced at the description, thought "oh, that's just a regular Pygmy, clicked on the next biome and then realised that no, that was a Chicken egg description. Needless to say, it was gone by the time I clicked back.
  5. What should I put on the table if I want a CB Gold Wyvern?
  6. Are Shimmers only worth something if they're low gen and/or perfect lineage? I have a 6th gen Silver that's a bit messy and an 8th gen Bronze that has the stairstep reverse in the middle, I've been trying to trade them off, but even though I'm simply asking for offers, no one is interested.
  7. I have new Dragons! Forum name: LadyNova New Frozen Hatchlings: 1. wX4cd - Neotropical 2. KqDtp - Vine New Adult Dragons: none Link to sign up post: here
  8. Gift Report LadyNova -> Lenora: Soulpeace
  9. My own photo. I've has this for almost three years now.
  10. I sent sei_chan65 a Royal Crimson offering
  11. Have: 2nd gen Purple egg Want: offers PM me if interested
  12. Have: 6th gen tinselfail Water with a somewhat interesting code Want: offers PM me if interested
  13. CB Metallics. I have seen so many Golds and Silvers in the cave, but I'm always too slow to get them.
  14. Have: 6th gen purebreed even gen Terrae (not inbreed) Want: offers PM me if you're interested Gone
  15. I want to be a breeder! Forum User: LadyNova Scroll Link: Scroll PM Link: PM What are you willing to breed?: Anything on my scroll Any other requirements (no gifting/killing/biting/e.c.t)?: No killing, neglecting, biting, trading or gifting. Freezing is ok.
  16. I'd like to join in. I will make a google document once I get my first one and also update this post.
  17. Two Golds and one Silver. The Golds were gifted, the Silver I nabbed from departures thread.
  18. Quest For Freedom by Future World Music