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  1. Forum name: LadyNova
    PM link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=15915
     List of Valetines I Can Breed: [/b] 
    - Past CBs starting with Radiant Angels
    - 4g Valentine x Spring checker
    - 3g Sweetling x Spring checker
    - 4g Sweetling x Silver checker
    - 3g Sweetling x Moonstone checker
    - 3g Rosebud x Spotted Greenwing checker
    - 3g Rosebud x Purple Nebula checker
    - 4g Heartseeker x Gold checker
    - 4g Heartseeker x Golden Wyvern checker
    - 3g Arsani x Gold Checker
    - 4g Arsani x Storm checker
    - 4g RA x Pyralspite checker
    - 4g RA x Desipis checker
    - 3g Heartstealing x Angered Aegis checker
    - 3g Heartstealing x Striped River checker
    - 3g Heartstealing x Mageia checker
    - 3g Mutamore x Diamondwing checker
     List of Valentine's I need: 
    - Soulstones and Floral-Crowneds of any lineage
    - Heartstealing x Mageia checkers of any gen

  2. Have to breed


    All past holiday caveborns (both of my Aegises are permanently pacified)


    Yulebuck_egg.gif 3g Yulebuck x Harvest checker

    user posted image3g Snow Angel (white) x White checker

    Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif 3g Ribbon Dancer x Heartseeker checker

    Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif 4g Ribbon Dancer x White checker

    Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif 5g Ribbon Dancer x White checker

    user posted image 3g Winter Magi x Gold checker

    user posted image 3g Wrapping Wing x Royal Crimson checker

    user posted image 3g Wrapping Wing x Mint checker

    user posted image 3g Solstice x Heartseekr checker

    user posted image 3g Solstice x Copper checker

    user posted image 3g Solstice x Ice checker

    user posted image 3g Solstice x Thalassa checker

    user posted image 3g Mistletoe x Silver checker

    user posted image 3g Aegis x Gold Lunar Herald checker

    user posted image 3g Aegis (enraged) x Heartstealer checker


    I also have various other EGs and some stairs






    Garlands and Snows. Any lineage is fine as long as it's clean and not inbred


    Please PM me for more information and trading

  3. All the dragons on my scroll have the surname Nova, a reference to my username. I also name most of them after their codes, offspring of named parents get a portmanteau of their parents' names (unless that wouldn't work out).


    Though sometimes I still don't get the names I originally wanted because, sadly, some people like to take over surnames, so there's a number of my dragons' offspring also named Nova that aren't on my scroll. I really bothers me when they do that, but it's not like I could stop them.

  4. The dorsal is about equal with a cb tan ridgewing, maybe with a cheese.

    But what are those worth? I know last time I tried to trade off a Cheese I only got offers of random messy commons. Does that mean my Dorsal is basically worthless?

    DC really needs a chart or something on trading.

  5. I joined in August 2008 and my first dragon was a Green. DC had become really popular on the dolling forum I was a part of, which helped me out a lot as I had a lot of people to turn to if I didn't know something. I didn't join the DC forums until a while later since, as I said, I already had a place to talk about the dragons.

    Most of my time here has been inactive though.