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  1. I am sitting here still in a daze as I went originally in the coast at the 11 drop to catch an elusive cb copper. Seeing nothing I went into the alpine and lo and behold there was the saying for a cb gold egg so smirking I clicked on it and omg I actually caught it!!!!!! EEEEEEK!!! Sat there in shock at seeing it on my scroll. You want to hear something really eerie. The last time I caught a cb gold in the drops was on Sept. 21, 2008. And now same date, same month and 5 years later I catch another one. I mean I saw them in there but never really tried to get one. Well I did but missed it. I don't know why so many people would want one if my Golden Embers is any indication he isn't breeding worth a darn. Likes getting green vine eggs or a guardian egg and just last week no interest. I think it is catching as none of my coppers wanted to give me copper eggs either. Soooooo I imagine I will be trading it for a cb green copper. Heck I may even try to get another one Or do you think I can only catch them on Sept. 21st?
  2. I am still sitting here in shock!!! Remember when I said I couldn't catch golds well I will take that back. As in the 11 drop I saw the familiar description in the alpine and clicked on it. Sat there in shock at seeing it going up onto my scroll!! It is the first cb gold that I caught since geesh now this is really weird, are you ready for this on Sept. 21, 2008 I caught a cb one and now on the same month, same date I catch another one!!! So my query is what should I ask for it--cb green copper? Or a bit more like a pink or orange magi egg or just the copper. Thanks
  3. Oh my GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't get copper but CB GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring on the green copper man
  4. Well I think my Gold Embers is something else. True he has got golds in the past but lately he just refuses to do so. Name : Gold Embers Breed : Gold Mate/s : CB Vine, CB Guardian Fail to produce : All Vine eggs-none even being alternate or last time showed no interest. Name : Not just one but all 8 of them!!!! Breed : 2 2nd gen.red-2nd gen-2 browns, 2 2nd gen greens, 1 cb red, 1 cb brown coppers Mate/s : with the above in different colors Why I would want a green cb one is beyond me Fail to produce : No Egg or No interest.
  5. I picked up this pink egg from the AP what should I ask for it?? http://dragcave.net/lineage/tmO8h
  6. I don't need any of them--summer, spring, winter or fall. Have a boatload of them There may be some cb ones I can pick up from the AP to like trade for cb pinks or magis. Or combined for shimmers and tinsels.
  7. Upset and frustrated especially when it was that 7 days event. Couldn't grab any of the copper eggs. Had I known the fiasco involved with these would have gotten these ones first.
  8. What about cb tan ridgewings??? Not too sure what to ask for it. I said 4th gen. shimmer egg. Is that comparable?? As for cb green opals I don't need anymore have them coming out of my ears Still it would be nice for them to appear more than what they are now. I can remember when they would drop fairly regularly in the forest. Now I don't hardly see any. Oh and what should I ask for this combination if I was to repeat it by using lilyflower and my gold shimmer Mystical? I also have lily's full sister in Marigold. http://dragcave.net/lineage/eg0no
  9. I know what you mean pinkgothic I have offered 2 cb blusangs, a paper, even a dino and an Ice but there were no takers. The only way one might be sure of getting one is by getting a brown copper or a red copper and swapping it for green. I didn't get anywhere offering the blusangs, along with about 6 other cbs but as soon as I nabbed a cb brown copper egg and wanted a red one in exchange I received an answer within hours. Before it was even over the cooldown. I think sad as it might be the only surefire way one can ever hope to get a copper is by trying to catch one themselves or another color to swap for it. To get on that list for somebody to get you one is also a lost cause as it is always filled. Or to try and trade for one with any thing else but copper or gold forget it. I could even go the shimmer route but I don't have any 3rd or 2nds on me.
  10. I noticed a drastic change with the green opals when in the forest. I used to see quite a few of them in the drops say the first few months of their being released. In fact I even managed to grab one myself. Now I just don't see them there anymore. So where did they all go???? The blue ones I see in the Alpine or the other biome. And as for the coppers I for one would love to see them increased a bit more. Say like appear in every hour about 1 or 2. Not the way they are appearing now. So these people that are wanting say for a cb copper a 2nd generation shimmer or a gold egg-cb egg what are their chances of actually getting what they want?? What happens if their offer isn't met?? So how many blusangs say would one need to trade for a cb copper if like you say the golds and the silvers aren't that plentiful or we have them but they don't seem to be breeding worth a darn. And nobody it seems wants to breed us 2nd gen. shimmers unless we come up with a copper or a gold /silver egg. Sounds like a vicious circle to me.
  11. This is getting depressing to say the least. Feel like I want to cry as again I clicked on it and again it didn't register. When I clicked on it a 2nd time it came up sorry this egg is taken. This time it was the egg I really, really wanted in the green copper egg in the coast at 11:15. This is the pits it really is
  12. I am more addicted to the AP than I am the biomes. I find a lot of them go so slow due to the common eggs. I have found great stuff in the AP the only fun part is trying to click on it. Have gotten cbs in it as well as a 6th gen. staircase Jewel shimmer egg!!! Traded it for a gold shimmer egg that was of the Lung Ying Jassith line. Some are messy so I toss back. Have also found dino eggs, golden wyverns, 2nd gen. silver eggs in the AP. One right after the other. Also CB pinks. At least in the AP you can see those as with the Biome seeing that description could also be for a flamingo egg Spend about 30-35 minutes in the biomes then from there the AP.
  13. I saw one in the desert and clicked on it but as usual the click didn't register and when I reclicked it said it was taken. Figures. That was before the noon drop.
  14. So what would a cb magma go for?? Or what should I ask for it? Or what would one need to trade for a 4th gen. shimmer?? I for one would love one in gold or bronze.
  15. Here! Here! I stayed up from 2 to 3 in the morning in the coast looking for a green copper and not one appeared
  16. Well my first rare hands down is my cb gold in 2008. Now as to how I got it I think it was in the drops --DC was a lot different back then. Or it could have been in the AP, I think tho it was in the drops,
  17. Okay beside another copper and gold or silver egg what eggs should I offer for a cb green copper?? As of now I am offering 2 CB blusangs, a cb magma, a cb blue opal, a cb summer hatchy and a cb tsunami hatchling. As for a cb gold you would figure the ones that have coppers up for trade that if they can catch them with no problem why not a cb gold or silver??? Many of us don't have that kind of time to catch one let alone see it. And the shimmers how can we get a 2nd generation or 3rd gen????
  18. I was so grateful unlike a lot of you I got 5 3 of them being cb frills-one being a dorkface and 2 of the old pinks. Found that one of my golds preferred them in getting a gold egg. I can remember how plentiful they were in the AP. I joined in Sept of 2008 and my first draggie was a grey. Missed out on the Hollys but eventually managed to nab one in the AP and also got gifted one. They are not Cb but hey so long as I got 2 I don't care. The only one that is still eluding me is a CB silver--closest thing I got to it is 2-2nd gens that I snafooed from the AP as eggs. And of course the cb green copper egg Even tho they are no longer available you would think TJ could allow the ones whom do have them (cb pinks as well as frills) to be able to breed them to get bred ones and offer them to anybody that never got any. I am sure a lot of yous wouldn't care if they were 2nd gen ones right???
  19. I never saw any yesterday I spent the whole day looking for one. All I need is that elusive green. Can anybody nab one for me. I have lots of stuff to tempt you for it. I have offered 10 cbs for one and no offers. I won't be home at all today to look for any until around 7 pm or so.
  20. Go back to the 7 day event and grab the copper eggs first before the other ones.
  21. Oh wow!!!!! These draggies are so coooooool!!!!
  22. I got a cb gold and I still can't believe I actually have one. Got him in 2008 from either the drops or the AP. Back then DC was really different in how it looked. Still lots of people back then. Lots have changed since then It is the cb silver I am in need of. Have 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation ones!!! Might be able to get one thru the b-day one or the other forums or by swapping eggs. Oh and finally the first two new eggs have caught up to the copper egg in displaying their first crack. Lets see which hatchling emerges first--copper or these new ones.
  23. I noticed that too that they are taking longer to crack. There is my cb copper and it already has less views and is cracking while the new ones have nary a crack showing at 4 days and 7 hours yet they have more views than the copper egg.
  24. Tries to catch some and eat them despite this diet I am on. Borrows the chicken cannon from the Air Farce team and loads it with 3 scoops of ice cream, a banana sliced in half, add peanuts, the chocolate, carmel and strawberry syrups oh and last but not least 3 red cherries. Ready! AIM! FIRE!!!!