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  1. I figured there would be new eggies this month. Hey me first time catching them from my new residence:)
  2. Mine are now adults. Oh wow what awesome looking dragons they are.
  3. I didn't get home until around 5 or so Saturday so while I waited for the Kentucky Derby to be run I tried catching some eggies I managed to catch 2 of the frost ones from the alpine but only one from the Volcano. Soooo even tho the mass drops had ended I didn't get around to trying to catch the 2nd one until quarter to 11. Which I did so now I have one pair each of the newbies. I may not be able to click on any May 7th as I am moving from my house to my apartment and it may not be until after 7 or so before I can do so. Ciao. Hello warm bedroom goodbye cold basement
  4. Well l Have been looking for newbies and when I saw the posts I zoomed over and grabbed 2 of each egg. One being a Z code egg. Place is a shambles as I am trying to pack stuff to move from my place since I was 2 in 1957!! Fun! Fun!
  5. Well this time I was late in discovering the new release. Thought I would check here first and as I suspected there were new eggs for March. This has to be the fastest yet that I garnered the newbies. Got two of each in a matter of 5 minutes. They look awesome. Used my pinks to influence them as a pair. Thanks TJ for them.
  6. Oh I just got a sunflower seed and another hibiscius!!! Sent flowers to ainisarie and rubyshoes. Got some too!! Hah now I have a computerized Jack in the pulpit one and the real mcoy behind our house that I transplanted decades ago from the woods. Have lots of real lily of the valleys too. And forget me- nots.
  7. Whoops I clicked on the box for the flower that somebody sent me stating there there was an inappropriate message and in fact there wasn't. Sorry about that. I thought it said that if you wanted to send the message back to them you click on the box. So ignore looking into it my bad.
  8. Holy Valentine's Day I went into the cave and caught one and like wow I am totally dazzled beyond belief as its code starts with the letter z!!!! I also caught a 2nd one so I got my two already. I swear that has to be the fastest catch ever. I planted my seed too. Will be busy tomorrow as I got to do chocolate dipped strawberries for the card game tonight. I guess I should say later on this morning-- then I got to get Valentine's day stuff, as well as wash my hair and finish my valentine baskets. Have 1 more to do yet before 6:00 pm. Ciao and happy valentine's day everybody. I don't have to buy any cards or won't be getting any this year (as my dad is in the hospital with dementia and risk of falling as well as he sleeps a lot during the day), mom died a year ago last month. No boyfriend just moi.
  9. Ooooh I was so hoping that he would do that like he did with the xmas ones.
  10. I didn't win of course but I wonder if anybody for their prize could choose say an Old Pink type dragon. For the Shimmers and tinsels what would have been really cool is to have them like come in red blue or green rather than that of the traditional gold, silver or bronze. Imagine a bluish shimmer or tinsel on your scroll!!! How cool would that look.
  11. Yeah I know!! I certainly have been around for them in the past 6 years they occurred maybe next year perhaps???? Will be good ol number 7 and some say 7 is supposed to be good luck. Yeah right Oh well got the Feb 14th dragon to look forward to and try to nab a couple of eggs from it. Wonder if TJ is going to allow us to keep more than two of the past V. dragons like he had done with the Xmas ones???
  12. If its only for the regular type dragon like a cb shimmer, tinsel, etc. I am not too upset by it. True I don't have a 2nd gen tinsel or shimmer yet but maybe one of these years I will, I would rather have like say a different colored tinsel draggie or shimmer as a prize (rather than a 2nd or cb regular colored one) as in years past. (pink tinsels). I guess the next event will be the Valentine draggies whom I think I would rather nab than win a 2nd or cb draggie. Have cb silver and 1 cb gold and cb coppers--even cb frills. Soooooo I wouldn't know what I would REALLY want if I did win.
  13. Yeah have better luck at catching than I do winning. Traded it for a copper. Did catch a cb silver and would like to catch a 2nd cb gold as my first one is being a pain in the $#* at getting a gold egg now. Used to in the past then he decides to go on strike. I picked up a 3rd generation silver egg and a gold tinsel egg from the AP whom are to be both females to cheer me up. Ironically the silver's code has my initials in it (kf)
  14. I didn't win anything Why am I not surprised??? Have better luck at winning Euchre card games than I do winning a prize dragon. Have been with DC for 6 years and the drought continues
  15. I know its late but Happy New Year everybody from Ontario, Canada. This year it is the Year of the Horse and I luuuuuuuuuuuv Horses Anyway watched the Tournament of Roses Parade and the hockey Winter Classic between Toronto and Detroit. Was really cool at that. Just added a coloured snow tower to my fort and repaired it. Have lots of snow leftover outside and on the game.
  16. Oh wow I now have 2 female hollies and 2 males. The one I influenced to be female and the 2nd one I didn't. I have no more room to add anything else to my snow fort. Am at level 50.
  17. With the major ice storm we got I should have lots of icicles to throw at everybody!!!! Would you believe there are still some people that don't have any power yet??????? It looks so pretty outside the way the sun shines thru the ice that has coated on the trees. There were chunks of ice in our driveway that had melted off the overhead wire when I came home from shopping today. Like wow and triple wow!!! I got up to level 50 and added gingerbread house, candy canes, coloured snow and 1 log cabin plus lit up xmas trees. Neato.
  18. Okay bred my 2nd holly to white got 4 more eggs!!! So am keeping one to give to somebody on departures and the rest go to AP!!!! Good luck everybody!! I can see everybody duking it out trying to grab one
  19. Okay so I am going to keep one for moi and abandon the rest. Maybe next year I can do so. I have another holly I can breed but the lineage is a bit more messy than this one that I got. So about 1:22 I will be releasing 3 holly eggs in the AP for anybody that wants one.
  20. ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bred my holly to gold and got 4 holly eggs!!!! So how do you work it if you want to say give one of the four to somebody else??? And I want to keep one of them as well??
  21. Had to tempt the lagmonster with my milk and cookies ice cream to make it show me if I had caught the 2nd egg or not. Must have worked as he did but first showed me all the codes then had to go into my scroll to see the 2nd one.
  22. or maybe it was the Grinch who stole the dragon cave and then realizing what he did gave it back perhaps.
  23. Wow what fun this is. Got a different error this time saying the page couldn't be displayed. But I was bound and determined to get my 2 eggies. Sooooo tried again and got in there and got the page to load. Gee no errors and clicked on the first egg and like amazing I got it. I also got a 2nd one too!!!! Sooo I think I have my two already. Have to go to a relatives for Xmas dinner tomorrow. And yes they have power on too.
  24. I am getting the same thing in database errors. Saw the eggs in there and when I tried clicking on them got database error as well. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Merrrrry Christmas everybody. I am one of the fortunate ones to have my power restored and heat here in Ontario, Canada. There are lots of people still without hydro due to a major ice storm that struck here Sunday!!! Which means no xmas turkey or dinner for them. The officials are saying they may not get their power back on until Thursday or Friday!!! Time to get some new eggies!!!