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  1. Thanks for the updates. Draggies will look different after seeing them look like the old version for so long Just a quick question I know the Halloween draggies won't be released until Oct.31st but has anybody heard if we are also having the traditional trick or treat goodies in collecting them like we did in years past? When would it start? Then I can be ready to grab them Thanks a lot.
  2. Caught my 2nd one and a 3rd one was too tired last night to catch anymore. Would get my 4th one in the morning. They are now mixed in with the usual eggs but still had no problem catching my 4th one at quarter to 12. Went overboard and got 4 of these ones. Have influenced them all in 2 males and 2 females. May catch some more but offer those on the departures. Got rid of my green undine. Not as many people in there today--not like it was last night over 103 at one point. Yikes. Next big rush will be Halloween. Probably too getting all our goodies to fill our baskets with along with maybe even an adventure perhaps??
  3. Got my 2nd silver at the quarter to 11 drop. This one from the alpine region. Unfortunately my umpteenth undine is another booooooooooooring green again So Ta-ta to you as well. Better luck catching the 2 silver lunar eggs than I do trying to breed my undines for a yellow one.
  4. Late getting into there didn't get one at 10:15 but did at the 10:30 and like wow its code start with a "z"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome. Weird in there to say the least one minute only 50 odd people then when it hits 10:30 it skyrockets to 103??? Got to get one more and that is my 2.
  5. If I want anymore gold ones can breed my pair for them. Got another egg so will see what happens with this one. Tried another undine to copper and got no egg. Figures.
  6. Been having no luck at getting a yellow undine so far. Bred 2 of them and get green ones Methinks I will have a better chance of getting the silver lunar eggs than trying to breed my gang for a yellow one. Will see if I have any more left to try a third time. Geesh. Had no problem getting alternate blacks or vines but these ones are stubborn uncooperative little critturs to say the least.
  7. Bred my copper and undine while waiting for Silver. Oh hum another green hatchling off to the ac you go. My 2 blues have also become adults. Try another copper and undine see what happens this time.
  8. This will be probably the first time that my draggies make it to adulthood before the next color egg drop Usually they are dropping before the hatchlings have emerged from their eggs. Both my gold and bronze have become adults. Still trying to get a yellow undine so while waiting for the silvers will try my undines and coppers again
  9. I got my 2nd one that same afternoon or evening. My 2 browns are now showing their sex. I guess next will be the silvers. So how would you know which ones are which if you wanted anymore cb ones when the silvers are finished as all 4 eggs would have the same id's?
  10. Oh oh here comes the blues!!! Noticed people had them when I was clicking on the hatchies and eggs in Dragon Fix. My 2 golds are adults and my 2 browns are hatchlings sooooooo will try to snag a couple today. Tried at quarter to 10 but didn't get any. Only around 20 or so in the Volcano region. oooo got one. Will get my 2nd one later.
  11. When it comes to Dragons I am hopelessly addicted to them. Have 2 stuffed ones that I won. Then I painted 3 of them one each year for each event. There is one that represents fire, another one represents the water and a 3rd the sky. Then I painted a smaller one. When the Caribbean festival parade was held downtown every year one fellah carried this one of a Dragon float and dressed up like one so naturally when they stopped to get their pictures taken I got mine taken with him Then I also have a beaded kit one can do of a Dragon. I did have the big red dragon but left him back at the house. So to make up for doing so won a little black and yellow one and a bigger one in purple and yellow. Fun! Fun!
  12. My 2 yellow ones are now hatchlings and my brown ones have cracks in them. Bring on the blues and the frenzied rush that goes with them in getting them I even managed to grab 2 more last night and offered them in the departure forum this morning.
  13. I found them easier to catch in the Volcano biome than that of the Alpine one. More of them. Annnnd then again they are easier to get than trying to breed for a yellow undine. Still have yet to get one with breeding them Also better than trying to grab a green manna egg. Finally did. But caught these brown ones faster than trying to grab it. If you go into the Volcano region at the top of the hour they are dropping. And there were only around 23 or so in there. I caught another 2 with no problem. Will be offering them tomorrow morning in the departure thread for anybody that doesn't have one yet.
  14. Got my 2 brown ones Finally. Was having no luck at all in the Alpine biome so switched to the Volcano one and got them. Is it me or does one find that they are dropping oftener in this biome than the Alpine one? At several times there were 3 right across. Then another one after that. It is absolutely nuts in there with over 60 and up to 70 people all trying at once to get them. I got mine when there was around 57 or so in there! In the Alpine it seems they are few and far between. So when will the blue ones drop? Any ideas?
  15. I had a hunch that TJ would release them near the end of August so went there tonight and sure enough he had in being sneaky and releasing them 2 days ago. I got my 2 goldies from the Volcano--easier to grab than last month's. Now I will sit back and wait for the rest. Speaking of the moon it was supposed to be a Supermoon according to the news but I never saw it here due to the heavy cloud cover:( I laughed at my last gold egg I caught its code begins with oj??? Orange Juice maybe??? And speaking of dragons I won a stuffed one at the Canadian National Exhibition this weekend playing the water gun games. Got him less for $20.00 and is a purple and yellow one. I got a smaller one that I won breaking balloons at our local fair in June. I call him Smokey Sunshine as he is black and yellow. Haven't thought of a name yet for my purple one. l
  16. Well I was right with my prediction in that by the time I get all my Xenos that the July release would be coming out. I am down to my last green Chronos egg and I was clicking in Dragon Fix when I noticed the new eggs so as soon as I had clicked on 29 roared over to the forum and discovered that new egglets were being released for July already!!! So got one in the Alpine and my 2nd one in the 11:30 pm drop. Learned my lesson with the Xenos.
  17. Well I seem to be having a better result at getting them. I caught my 2nd Alpine egg so moseed over to the Coast. Accidently clicked on a pink egg so when the time is up will offer it on the departures. I find in there the eggs change every 5 minutes. Nothing like playing Solitaire in one window then entering the other one where the eggs are and hitting F5 with a minute to go. They are different in here--I mean by that is when I was in the Forest and Alpine or even Volcano they could appear in the middle or on your right. In the Coast they are being sneaky as not only are they appearing in the middle but on the left side. I missed the middle one and then to my amazement in the 11:15 drop it appeared on the left side of the screen I roared over to it and clicked on it and like whoaaaaa I got it!! Amazing!!!! I now need only 1 more coast one and 1 more Jungle. No Mosquitos to deal with in the coast -- by the left and right side I meant if you are facing the monitor not with your back to it
  18. By the time I get all these xeno the new egg for July will be coming out. Deal fell through with the alpine and copper so have her getting me one from the Jungle instead. Trying to catch one from the Alpine meself. Ungrateful egg decided to appear right when I took a swig of coffee from my cup. Couldn't get it by the time I clicked on it. Will try again next drop then onto the coast.
  19. Oh man I must be dreamin! I just got my 2nd Forest Egg around 12:25-appeared in the middle this time around so when I saw that quickly zoomed over to it and clicked on it. I almost fell off the chair when it came up on my scroll as I didn't figure I would catch it. Now that I am completely bitten by mosquitos in there I will go to the Coast where there isn't any and can apply the Absorbine Jr. to the bites as I hold my nose with the other hand
  20. I am sooooooooooooo frustrated as I see them in the Forest two just now. One around quarter to 12 and then again at 12:10 and every time I click on it I get the same discouraging message. I am trading a copper cb for the 2nd alpine one. but still have to get two from the Forest, coast and Jungle. I am about ready to go for only one and then breed it for a second one. Squealing with joy as today on July 16th at the 10:35 drop I FINALLY nabbed a Chronos egg. I think I figured out what I was doing wrong I was clicking on it right away before my little cursor arrow became a hand. So I tried it and yippee I got one I am off to the Pan Am games tomorrow to see the Rhythmic Gymnastics at 10:00 am. Goes to 2 pm Is indoors thank heavens as they are calling for rain showers. Yuck. May push my luck a bit further and see if I can catch a 2nd Chronos egg from the Forest. If there were mosquitos in it I would be bitten times without number in sitting there.
  21. I have seen them in the Forest but have yet to catch one and then when they do appear it is sometime only one. I have seen more of the dino eggs, little trees and coppers than I do them. I am getting so tired of seeing the same old line about the "Sorry yadayadayada" line. In fact I am offering a cb red copper and a cheese egg that I caught with no problem in exchange for a cb one from the Forest, Jungle or Coast in the trading one. See if I can get one that way.
  22. I was slow to go and get these now I am paying for it. I have managed to catch 1 Alpine, 2 desert and 2 volcano. But am still in need of the forest one and the coast one plus 1 other Alpine. For the Alpine I will wait until it genders before I grab a second one. All of them are now hatchlings. I am finding too that the Volcano one seems to appear lot oftener than the rest as with the Alpine it gets really frustrating to be in there from quarter to 12 at night up to almost past 1 in the morning and no sign of them. Are they rare or what these other ones?
  23. Just went here to see if there were any for May only to find there was one for April that I didn't grab. So got 2 just a minute ago. Only 9 were in there. Still need one more from March's
  24. oh wow. Now that I was not expecting to see when I checked on my gang as well as to see if there were any new draggies being dropped. HAH!!! How many of you remember the cave going bananas on March 17th?? We had all roared over here to see if there were any new eggs being released on that day only to discover there were none but a green page wishing us Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
  25. At least they are looking googley-eyed at one another!!! (like star struck lovers) At one brief point I had him playing a flute to entice a female. Must have worked as there she is in all her glory.