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  1. If that is what they look like as adults it looks almost like a purple spotted boa snake with legs from the neck down. And my most interesting caveborn bolt egg better be a male as its code states its name is Wayn. Minus the e. So should there be 2017 Halloween eggs tomorrow in the ac? They aren't running the go trains tomorrow due to track work but they are running the GO Buses I wonder if they would stop at the corner so I won't have to walk to the Train station to catch it and do the same coming home. Can phone them and see. I mean they have to go that way in order to get to it. So may be earlier or later. Can try in the morning and when I come home from it. What about Sunday? Any being deposited then?
  2. I can look for them Friday up until I have to go and play cards for 7 pm. Have my supper and take off around 6:45. Won't get home from it until 10:15 or so. Can look then too. Have a Halloween dragon for every year CB from the year 2008 when I first joined DC to the present. With the Hollies I managed to snag a few of them in the AC , No CB all 5th gen. and up but better than none at all:)
  3. Ok hope it is during the day or late at night like around 9 or 10 pm. Tomorrow I have to go to this seminar from 12:30 to 2:30 in the afternoon. Friday I got to go and play cards from 6:30 when I leave the apartment to around 10 or so when I come home. Sat. I am going to the Royal Winter Fair from 10 in the morning and probably won't be home until 8 or so at night. Sunday would be great--nothing going on then.
  4. I have been looking for a Halloween egg in the ac and all I can see are either black ones or the ghost ones:( I did have a bit of happiness as for some weird reason I hardly have on me any of the 2016 regular release dragons. Just got a cb Z code Bolt dragon egg in the cave. Still a Halloween one would have been nice. Still kicking myself at not going in there to get even one. I won't make that mistake with the Xmas ones. Will be waiting here at 12:00 midnight on Dec. 24th waiting for the drops. If there is anybody that can gift me one that would be much appreciated.
  5. Oh I just remembered it so put it in and it went thru. Geesh. Call it a seniors moment
  6. Ok I went to abandon this one egg as I already have 4 of them and it asked me for my password. But for the life of me I can't remember it. And they state in order for me to get a new one I have to put in the old one??? But if I knew what the old password was I wouldn't have to get a new one right??? So what if I can't remember it? How the heck am I supposed to change it if that is the case???
  7. So from what I was reading a lot of problems were evident with this release. I don't think it would have hurt JT any if to allow for the problems we were having to extend the dropping of them say up noon today or even until 1 in the morning to compensate for it. Got a shadow dragon egg from the a.c don't remember having this one on me by the description of it. I even saw one of those manna dragon eggs I could have grabbed in the ac and swapped a Halloween one for it.
  8. I can't believe I actually missed out on getting one this year. By the time I roared over to the cave it was 12:15. I don't think they are dropping now right. If that is the case I have to wait until next year when I can get one in the ac. Unless somebody can gift me one of theirs. I think I will just go sit in the corner and cry pumpkin tears. Ever since I joined up I have never forgotten to get one and yet I could have easily snagged one this morning or after 4 or even at midnight when they came out. Sniff. Sniff.
  9. Okay got two time to watch real TV Happy Valentine's Day everybody good luck. For ones whom have more than two eggs couldn't we transfer them to the ones that are looking for one as they can't catch them?
  10. Caught my second one and its code is also weird as it starts with TV?? Ok
  11. Got one after umpteen misses and the most bizarre thing is the one I caught at 12:10 its code starts with kf which happens to be my first and last name. So in reality this really is MY EGG peoples
  12. Bring on the Valentine's Day Draggies Almost forgot about getting them. Will get them at midnight since I will be busy up until 4 tomorrow. :)Will grab two.
  13. I thought I was the only one who got caught in the trees. Also can't seem to figure it out. There is no building labelled the Post Office or how I would get those letters to be mailed out. I prefer the one where you decorated your tree or house rather than this one. It just can't seem to work right for me .
  14. Lag is something else but I got my 2 eggies. And one is a "Z" egg. YAY!!!!! Now will go play that event.
  15. Let the madness begin. Remembered they start at 12 midnight. Got one just have to get one more.
  16. Slow in getting September's Dragons. So after I got my fill of the Halloween ones waited for the cave to resume with the usual drops. Got my 2 diamond eggs and have yet to get the Monarch ones. But hope to eventually. But it is better late than never. And at least there is less of a frenzy in getting them now.
  17. I remembered that today DC was dropping Halloween draggie eggs so I went in there and got my 4 with no problem. I also influenced them. I tried that game but being like the Mine Sweeper one I have absolutely no luck in winning mine sweeper and I find it is the same with this one based on the same idea. I am getting some treats but not all as I have been so busy lately. I don't think I have Sept. egg drops and I can't cb ones as long as the Halloween ones are dropping. Will try getting 2 of them once the Halloween drop has ended.
  18. Been awhile since I was in here due to a muscle problem in around and under my right arm so missed March's drop and April's. The neat thing is I am allowed 7 eggies on my scroll. Sooooo I checked with Wikpedia on where to get March's and got 2 of each egg in the sapphire's and the other one. Next was the I don't know what you would call these invisibubble dragons? Now those were a bit more challenging to get. Kept getting sorry this egg was taken. And the lag was something else even now that I have upgraded to Windows 10. But I was determined to get these 2 as they sound so cool !! And finally I got those 2 as well. So now I have to gender them all with my pinks and put them in places to hatch as well as clicking every day.
  19. Oh I figured it out now delivered everybody their stuff and party time!!! Then it says Revisit Day 1, 2, 3,4,5,6 and 7. So is that it?
  20. I got all 40 items but it now lists all the houses and who is missing or wanting something. I click on talk to the dragon but she says the same thing. Is that it? Or do I have to wait for the next day to continue and deliver all the items everybody is looking for??
  21. ACCCCCKKKKKK!!!! I almost forgot its Valentine eggie again. So roared over to the cave and got my 2 with no problem. One of them has the small z. Now I will go play the game:)
  22. Had a good laugh just now bred my holly draggie Kris Holly and got 5 eggs so kept the one with the letter k and abandoned the rest to the ac checked there as soon as I did and like they must have all gone in a blink of an eye
  23. Thanks I got out of the house went into another one but it wasn't the right one either so backtracked and entered another one. YAY found my house and Perl. I just found her then she takes off And it comes up Day complete so do I do the next one tomorrow or what as I didn't start it until today.
  24. I got my tree and she says to meet her back at the house but when I went it all she says is this bear looks angry like Rita. Am I in the wrong house or what. There is a tree in one corner but I don't know if it is mine. I never played pokemon games so I have no idea on this type of game.
  25. I mixed up a potion of sand glass and that ice one and gave to it to my royal blue dragon and now he is all sparkly Neat. Collecting my goodies too. Slow this year in doing so. Haven't bred any of my Halloween draggies yet.