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  1. I wish I could say the same with the holly egg. I have been trying since lord knows-my first post in saying that I missed one and it is almost 4:15 in the morning. All I grabbed by mistake was a cb gift wrapped egg which I can abandon in the ac maybe sometime tomorrow,
  2. Nice missed two then at 3:05 it says it is down for maintenance?? GRRRRR!!!
  3. Darn it saw one at 2:45 but didn't get it.
  4. Oh good because I don't have any CB Hollies on my scroll, None showed up at 235.
  5. I have 5 adult hollies on my scroll but none of them are cb as they are 4 generations and up. Have the 2 cbs of every xmas holiday draggie but them. So would it let me grab a cb holly egg or tell me I already have 5 on my scroll even tho they aren't cbs?
  6. none at two fifteen, Would probably have better luck catching the 2018 Xmas one tomorrow night after midnight than what I would a cb holly and after seeing the one person's comment about how it wouldn't let you nab it to go on one's scroll even tho they had no cb ones is questionable,
  7. Glad I didn't get it that isn't the Holly one as it says it has a holly leaf stuck to it,
  8. I SAW ONE AT 2- this egg fills you with holiday cheer is that the Holly one?? Clicked on it but was too slow darn it,
  9. Oh just found it but there are no eggs there,
  10. OK I just bred my striped yulebuck draggie in Candy Cane Kisses a cb to my cb vine Draggie Devils cherries and got Three EGGS! I kept one and abandoned the other 2, So how fast does it take for them to appear in the AC and be snatched up by a new owner? Where do you go to get a CB Holly? I have some on my scroll but no CB ones,
  11. If anybody needs any yulebuck dragons I will be breeding mine and tossing them up for grabs. I don't need any myself, Got lots. Your draggie would probably be a son of a cb draggie or 3rd gen, or 4th with mine.
  12. I was going to go to our church's Candlelight service only to find out it is on a Sunday and the buses don't run that day:( Sooooo may take a raincheck this year and also too I don't want to miss my program The Curse of Oak Island at 10:00. Won't make the same mistake as I did with the Halloween ones. Will be here at Midnight waiting impatiently to grab my 2 xmas draggies. Going nowhere for Xmas but my own apartment. Is there also like a holiday contest too? I think there is. I got lots of Holly Draggies. None are CB but hey I rather have a 2nd or 3rd generation one than end up with none at all
  13. More update to versions in what TV programs I watch: Heartland-Sunday nights, Impractical Jokers on OLN, Ghost Hunters on OLN, Lucifer, The Curse of Oak Island-History, The Good Doctor- Monday nights, Mayday on Discovery. Mostly into sports. Movies Independence Day, 2012, The Day after Tomorrow, Frozen, Ice Age, Ghostbusters, Men In Black, Twister, A Dog called Christmas, Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Grease, Footloose, The Karate Kid, San Andreas, Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Star Wars, Indiana Jones all the movies, Lara croft-both of them and Star Wars. Oh yes and of course Titanic and Avatar.
  14. I love Lucifer. Especially the fellah whom plays his part. I try to watch him and I always get a charge out of him when he accompanies the detective on cases. Ever since her daughter asked him at school that day what his name was and he told her and her reaction was but that's the devil and he said with this cocky smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye "Exactly!"
  15. LuvDragons

    Z Project

    I recently got a bolt dragon in the drops whom is a Z dragon and then I have a past Holiday dragon with a Z-have yet to name them.
  16. Welll I have lots to do on my list - First off get caught up in catching any of the 2016 Dragon eggs that I missed on getting. - Next get caught up in catching the Sept. Release Dragon eggs (and check to see too if I need any August ones as well) - Then try naming some of my draggies. And then after I do all that I bet TJ will be releasing the xmas ones So it will be getting two of them. Oh yeah and if I have to breed for the hybrids. Thanks Aqua Tart for reminding me. I have all the dinos and chickens and a little tree.
  17. Oh ok that's good to know for next year's Halloween. If that is the case I might do the same thing and keep 2 then put the rest in the ac. That is if I can remember to go in there at the stroke of Midnight on Oct. 31st Oh wow I just noticed that one I caught before I left to play cards has done a complete transformation when I went to put in my newest eggie on the Hatchling club. It now looks like that of a big silk cocoon that the catepillars spin before they turn into a moth. But these guys sure don't look anything like a moth:) Soooooooo cool!!!!!!
  18. Oh they are still in there. But then so is 123 people at one point. I went and played cards. HAH!!! Got there when they were already playing so had to sit out. I didn't mind as I got my stuff out that I brought and when finished sat and crocheted on my Baby blanket. You get 7 pts for sitting out. Then got home around 10:05 or so and put the stuff in the fridge--skipped watching Mayday to try and nab a 2nd omen egg. Saw about 4 of them but couldn't nab any of them then just about 2 minutes ago I got my 2nd one!!!!! YAY!!!! Have influenced it to be male so will put in the hatchling club. I was with Photobucket when it was free but the pixs I had on it I had on my computer and don't need anymore now they want you to pay soooo I told them to delete my account as I don't really need it anymore anyway. Have Facebook I can post them on now. They said that it will be deleted on the 5th of Nov. since they are closed on the weekend. Soooooo I won't need to grab two bred ones as I got 2 from the ac. Thank you everybody for doing this. So just how does one do it? Do you grab them and when the time is up abandon them then get your own, Or do you grab as many as you can and wait for DC to automatically abandon them off your scroll if you have three or over for the holiday ones??? If they do-do they let you keep two and all the rest you loose since they remove them from your scroll into the a/c?
  19. There is over 100 in there trying to all do the same thing. I will try again when I come back from playing cards. Around 10:15 or so. Have to have my supper and then leave about quarter to 7. Starts at 7:00 but I am only five minutes from where we do. I will go and gender this one and put in in Dragon dump. All 3 of my eggies now have holes in them.
  20. Jumps up and down yelling. I GOT ONE!!!!!! I GOT ONE!!!! The lag in there is AWFUL!!!!!!! Do I dare try to get a 2nd one????
  21. I have another query how the heck am I supposed to get to this 3rd party hosting update?? When I click on the url below it all I do is to go to another page on the forum? Do I have to copy it and then paste it in the url part?
  22. So when will the 2017 Halloween eggies appear in the a./c that people threw in there or abandoned?
  23. Oh found out just now I can have 7 on my page and the alemerald egg now has a big hole in it. Will not use my pinks to gender them. But when I get a second lot will do so. I only so far have 3 but they stated I could have a total of 21. Ack. I am using Dragon hatchling club to get mine to hatch. Would use Dragon fix but keep forgetting to click on them.
  24. I thought maybe I could take the trains tomorrow to the Royal Winter Fair and be home faster as the buses are slower. And it isn't the bolt egg that is Wayne it is the green one with stripes. Forget what they call it. But the adult is like a chrome green shade Oh it is an altemerald draggie. For some weird reason I missed out on quite a few 2016 eggs. So am having to catch them now in the drops. I also managed to get a bolt one and a honey drakes one. Don't want to get many more in case I get a Halloween one from the a/c So they should be appearing there tomorrow right? Tomorrow night? Tomorrow morning about 7 or so. Have to leave about 9 or so. What about Sunday? Haven't got the Sept ones either but will wait and see if Ican get a 2017 Halloween one first. So if I do get one can you breed one to a regular one and get another Halloween one? Next Oct. 30th of course as you won't get anything now.