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  1. Well every year it is the same answer No I don't have one. Wish I did. Have tried umpteen times in trying to get one in the AP with the boring old saying that I missed it. I have all the rest of the Xmas ones. I just missed the holly one as I didn't join up until August--when the xmas yulebucks came out for that year. It is the only xmas one I am missing.
  2. Oooh I have begun decorating my wreath. My dragons look oh so coolio. Wish my gold tinsel was more co-operative as for the 2nd time no egg was produced by him. Geesh. Stubborn draggie. I also can breed my ribbon draggie for one more egg for moi. Will breed the others and release them in the ac. Still looking for that elusive holly egg.
  3. oooooooooo Cool eggs. I came down here about 9:56 and checked all the regions--no eggs sooooo figured the next drop would be 10 our time. Sure enough they appeared so after a lot of hitting the back arrow and clicking like crazy got my two ghostly guys or are they gals? Tanks TJ. Happy Halloween everybody.
  4. I can hardly wait. Due to my 6 yro Cicero up and went bye bye on me I was unable to grab those 2 past releases. However I did manage to nab 2 of the blue eggs. Also got a bronze and silver tinsel from another dragon breeder. So now that I have the new computer I am ready for those Halloween ones now that my two blues have hatched. Bring them on!!!! Will grab two only--one for a male and one for a female. Then I can resume playing catch-up with the other 3 eggies.
  5. I haven't been online in a long time due to a muscle problem in my right shoulder/back soooo I thought I would go on today and print a pattern. I also checked my hotmail and then something told me to go check out Dragcave. So I went to my scroll and then to the cave. SOOOOO you can imagine my surprise when I saw new EGGIES being dropped in tiny little devils. So I managed to grab 4 of them. Now scroll locked. Will have to register them with Dragon Fix and Egg Rescue when I get home from seeing Mom up in the Nursing Home--weather permitting of course.
  6. I just went online tonight and noticed there was talk about new eggies on FL so roared over to the 8 drop and got one of each. Then bred my female black marrow to my white Stripe in Silver and Gold and got black stripe. Soooo now I am scroll locked due to having a flamingo egg on me. Don't want to chuck it either. Can get the other two newbies another time. I guess this means no St. Patricks Day egg. But hey I rather have 3 new ones than just one. Thanks TJ!!!
  7. I got my 2 and just remembered to check TJ's to see if they were both of the same sex or different. Turns out they are both females sooooo I won't have to use my pinks
  8. Cool. I can hardly wait until they mature and start breeding so the rest of us at least can grab them in the abandoned cave. Meanwhile I have lost track in how many times I have bred my golds to my dorkfaces to try and get a dorkface gold. It seems all they can muster is regular eggs:-( Tried again today with nothing but no interest orrrr regular eggs. Geesh what an uncooperative bunch. Oh well will try my luck instead in getting valentine eggs if there are any to be released tomorrow.
  9. Finger time for me too. I was so hoping to get a holly this way. Looks like it is not to be again. I even checked my junk mail box and at first thought i had when it said Congratulations but it was from my Craft store. I was on almost every day too except the last day. Oh well back to frequenting the a cave for any that appear in it.
  10. Hah I know what my choice would be Well I have been going in every day to decorate my tree. Cool now all those sprigs at the sides have bloomed and I now have 3 presents under my tree. The reindeer I think it's that is cool. So is the rockinghorse and the snoglobe. Even a blinking one. Keep them coming TJ
  11. Okie dokie I was hoping to grab a 2nd one to keep my first one company
  12. Just a query regarding the leetle trees if I got one from last year could I get one this year??? Picked up an egg accidently from the cave sooo I was all set to try and make it a vampire one when it came up showing only my winter egg. Saying I had to wait until 3 days before I could make it one??
  13. What a comedy of errors for me yesterday. As soon as I saw there were new halloween eggs being dropped roared over to Dc to try my luck. To my frustration all I could get was the tiresome old saying sorry this egg had been taken no matter how fast I was at clicking and the lag was something else that one never knew whether they had caught one or not. I was in there from 10 right up to around 11 or so. That is when the wierdest thing occured to me and that is when my LG monitor right in the middle of the drop went click and became black!!! The little light too went out. So I had an absolute fit. I figured it had gone so when my parents came home and told them we were to go up to this store after lunch to get a new one. I had tried twice before to get it to come on but nada. So Dad came down with me and I turned on the computer so I stood there in shock when of all things the Monitor came on and stayed on!!!! We were both surprised by it. I had to start Windows normally like it told me to do in the instructions and it restarted. Monitor is working great so I don't know what caused it to do that. At any rate back into the cave I went and then the site went down temporarily so I went upstairs and got the treat bags ready for Halloween by the time I came down and hit try again it was back up and this time TJ had doubled the amount of eggs in the drop and I caught one with Firefox. I caught a 2nd one around 3 or so. Then had to make supper and watch for the kids up to 8:45 and we got not one kid. Sooooo back down I went and grabbed a hatchling in the acave to try and get a zombie. No can do. All I got was a gravestone for my efforts However I did manage to get 2 more Halloween eggs with Firefox and now I am offically scroll locked. I went and bred two of my pumpkins and got no eggs. Should have bred them to my pygmy's. Will know to do so next year. I did snafoo one pumpkin egg from the a cave tho. Will breed one of mine for the 2nd one next year to a pygmy. Thanks TJ. Next Big rush ---XMAS!!! I'm ready for it too!!! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!
  14. Well you heard of spidey sense? Well I must have Dragon Sense. As again today I decided to go on my computer and see what was going on and went online. And like wow when FL loaded they were all talking about new eggies!!! So I immediately roared over to DC and proceeded to try and catch them. I caught the green at the quick 11:20 drop and then bred my last pair of water/magi dragons for the orange egg. The other two pairings got me no interest and no egg. Had to go out for awhile but came home before the 3 drop and caught my dawn/dusk egg. Now just learnt there is supposed to be two soooo will have to get a 2nd one. Normal drops have returned darn it. Oh well I can't see him releasing them for just one day!!! I imagine they will return one just has to sit and wait for them to do so. OH!!!! Just went back into the cave and they are dropping one just has to be patient at when they do as they are intermixed with the other eggs!!!
  15. Sniff!!! Sniff!!! I got all my 38 eggies. Last one was a reddish one with a yellow scrowly pattern on it. I can't get any of the 2nd lot of mayhem eggs either as all 4 of my first batch of mayhem eggs hatched at once. Sooooo I am on a holding pattern you might say
  16. I got my first egg in the blue and black striped one before I got the basket and thought ohhhh I need something to put them in and went to my scroll and ta da there was the easter basket and inside it was that egg of course
  17. Ok now 25 and with the 25th egg it is now showing the one outside the basket rather than in it. And when I get them all I will print pixs of the basket and the eggies to put in my draggie book. Just in case something magical happens to them all after the 2 days are up.
  18. Well I have 24 now. Been playing Solitaire while I am waiting for the time that they appear. Have better luck right now at getting them than I do trying to get the stupid cards to fan.
  19. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got the swan one!!!So now have 8 so far. Came online to click on 20 eggs or more on Dragon Fix to get my newbies to hatch. When I did I saw everybody talking about getting easter eggs before I did!!! So I roared over to DC and the first one I caught was that blue and black striped one and from there I am hooked but good. Better than looking for them outside where they run the risk of melting if they were chocolate Happy Easter everybody
  20. LuvDragons

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    I bet it had something to do with my Firefox and the reload every 5 minutes application is the reason I never got the saying that I had gotten them. Anyway these new eggies are the next best thing to EASTER EGGS!!! Isn't that ironic uhh??
  21. LuvDragons

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Well I haven't been online with DC for awhile due to going crazy with tendonitis in my left rotator cuff area. I did go on it briefly to try and get a summons draggie with no luck:-( Then when I came online tonight to scan the medical recieipts for our copy for income tax I checked what was going on and saw new eggies!!! So went to DC and tried to get one at 6:30 with no luck along with quarter to 7. But wait this gets even more weirder. When the 7 drop came up I was ready and in Firefox to grab them. I kept clicking on them and couldn't figure out why i couldn't get any!!! All I did get was the message saying I missed them. So you can imagine my surprise when it came up saying I had enough eggs and that I couldn't get anymore!!!! So I looked on my scroll and almost fell off the chair as I had nabbed 2 of the purple speckly ones, one of the brown ones and one of the green spotted ones!!! So I am now scroll locked until one hatches. Is there 2 genders for each of these btw???