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  1. I'm back to get some Halloween eggs.  Dealing with a pulled muscle in my back/side and even though I knew they would be dropping after midnight my side was aching too bad to do so.  Went to bed , had a hot shower and tried getting some at 7 in the morning.  First couldn't see any. at 7 and thought ok.  Then clicked on the Volcano biome and there they were. Sooooo grabbed my two.  I am so far behind in this as there are a lot of new eggs I missed out on.  Hah how do you fix an egg??  Happy Halloween.  This will be only one of two treats I will be getting today. Calling for a pile of rain tonight. Get no kids where I live anyway. 

  2. I am no good at playing these type of games.  Soooooo I just will nab the new eggs instead.   I got my 2 already. Merry Xmas everybody.  I went to our church's candlelight service only thing I boobed on was not bringing any money for the donation.  But then the last time I went to it they didn't collect any money from anybody. If go to it next year will know to do so. Had money on me but forgot to bring my change purse with me. Good luck in nabbing your xmas eggies. Will post mine with a hatchery site the day after. Pretty eggies at that.

  3. Oh don't mention Candy Corns Ripan I was into our drugstore today and they had this plastic container of them marked down so I picked up one. Have yet to open them. Maybe....was going to say tomorrow but it is already Oct. 31st!!!  :D    So maybe like after lunch I will go into them.   I love Candy corn. Good thing they only come out once a year. 

  4. HAHAH  I will take that last sentence back :D  I went into there just now and on the first click got my 2nd one. So I am happy.  Can breed for the rest. Thanks DC!!! Happy Halloween everybody.  Hope I am more successful with the other one that is to take place at 6 pm tonight with model horses orrrr my best offer is my best offer. :)  I get spider horsie if I do. 

  5. Having better luck getting the Halloween goodies than I do them.  I mean how do they expect you to catch any when only 3 show up at once and then nothing .  What happened to the mass drops??? Would expect more than just 3 to show up at quarter to and top of the hour :(

  6. I had no luck playing the game however I was more successful in getting 2 cb hollies and 2 of the new Xmas draggies which meant more to me than playing the game.  Also too my muscle in my right arm was flaring up so that I couldn't stay on it for very long. I now have caveborns of all the Xmas draggies!!! YAY. Have all the Valentine ones too. So just need to catch the 2018 releases when they are to make their debut Feb. 14th.

  7. All but one of my eggs have hatched.  Due to my pulled mscle in my right shoulder I keep getting it flaring up so had to put them in Dragon dump. Will try Dragon fix see how I fare out. I am not going anywhere. Interesting little xmas hatchie so far. My two hollies have also hatched as well as my xmas wrap? dragon-red and green one, 

  8. I have tried 3 puzzles and no luck and when I get two pieces up and try to right click on it to rotate it it comes up with box asking if I want to select everything or print it or inspect element.  I am going to have to wave my white flag and say forget my trying to do this one,  I preferred the decorating one to this as there no way I can rotate the piece correctly to fit it in there,

  9. Merry Xmas everybody!!!  Got my 2 eggs already!!!   I am trying to solve this bleep, bleep puzzle in medium maybe should do it in easy.  Too bad it is not like that of a jigsaw one I am good at them,  Will be busy tomorrow even though I am celebrating xmas by my lonesome. Have to open presents, put my turkey breast in the crockpot for 11 so it will be ready for 6 and meet ladies for coffee at 10. Can't have it due to the pills I am on for my shoulder muscle. Sooooo will have hot chocolate instead got lots of nummy flavors to choose from in the packets.  Will phone drug store 26th to see what they say regarding it,  

  10. Wow there is hardly anybody present in the caves when the new eggies dropped, In fact I already got one of them.  I am seeing if it is at all possible to get a Z coded one,   This was a cinch grabbing them compared to the craziness that was in the Holiday biome for past xmas ones,  Oh btw Merry Xmas everybody!!!

  11. Checked my scroll for egg limits and since I have a gold trophy I can I imagine get 7 eggs and I only have 3,   Sooo I have more than enough room to grab 2  of the xmas caveborn ones for 2018 at midnight.   I remember when the holly ones first came out but I had no luck in getting one from the drops or either that I missed out on that year as I didn"t join DC until the year after, I did manage to grab several of them in the ac but they were all 4 generations or up. Sooooo I now have my 2 CBs and I now have every CB Xmas dragon that was released on my scroll!!!!  YAY!!

  12. I think DC has been into the rum and egg nog for sure.  I went into the 5to 2 drops and there was a holly egg and I clicked on it and guess what happened?? I got it and there was none of this weird saying I already had 2 of this dragon. Was surprised to get it seeing that it said on the twenty two one that I couldn't get it. Make up your mind now which is it. At any rate despite the weird incident I officially got my 2 CB hollies, Never a dull moment with them honestly. 

  13. What the $%& is going on with DC???  I click on the holly egg and it said I had my limit of 2 for this one. Like yeah right. I looked on my scroll and I only have 1 egg, The other one is a cb xmas wrap one not a holly.  And the rest of the hollies are 4generations and up,  Throws bucket of water at DC. 


    I checked just now and the only cb is the egg I just got.  All the rest of the Adults are 4 generations and up.  So where does it get a 2nd one from? 


  14. Checked my scroll and got my answer I only had one of the so called is it Giftwrap one.  My 2nd one is a son of my CB!!! Soooooo maybe I will keep it :)


    May dump my Candy Cane yulebuck one in the AC--its parents are both cbs.  Mother is a vine,  I have enough of them on my scroll.  That way I can nab 2 of the 2018 eggs when the drops start after midnight.


    Saw Holly egg but couldn't get it despite clicking on it, Lag is so-so. Just missed another one. Have no luck in getting them if they appear in the middle or on the opposite side.  Abandoned my yulebuck eggie to anybody that is looking for a 2nd generation one, :)